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Articles from General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony (January 1, 2006)

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A Glossary of Terms Used in the Federal Budget Process. 144
Activities of the Treasury Inspector general for Tax Administration. 532
Agency Telework Methodologies: Departments of Commerce, Justice, State, the Small Business Administration, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. 528
Air Pollution: Estimated Emissions from Two New Mexicali Power Plants Are Low, but Health Impacts Are Unknown. 555
Alaska Native Villages: Recent Federal Assistance Exceeded $3 Billion, with Most Provided to Regional Nonprofits. 552
American Battle Monuments Commission: New Approach to Forecasting Exchange Rates for its Foreign Currency Fluctuation Account. 620
Amtrak Management: Systemic Problems Require Actions to Improve Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Accountability. 509
Amtrak: Improved Management and Controls over Food and Beverage Service Needed. 971
Anabolic Steroids Are Easily Purchased Without a Prescription and Present Significant Challenges to Law Enforcement Officials. 301
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Airport and Airway Trust Fund Excise Taxes. 207
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Federal Unemployment Taxes. 139
Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures: Highway Trust Fund Excise Taxes. 256
Army Corps of Engineers: History of the Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity Hurricane Protection Project. 632
Army Corps of Engineers: Improved Planning and Financial Management Should Replace Reliance on Reprogramming Actions to Manage Project Funds. 507
Army Corps of Engineers: Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity Hurricane Protection Project. 646
ATF: Thefts of Explosives from State and Local Government Storage Facilities Are Few but May Be Underreported. 491
ATF: Thefts of Explosives from State and Local Government Storage Facilities Are Few but May Be Underreported. 472
Aviation Safety: FAA Management Practices for Technical Training Mostly Effective; Further Actions Could Enhance Results. 441
Aviation Safety: FAA's Safety Oversight System Is Effective but Could Benefit from Better Evaluation of Its Programs' Performance. 469
Aviation Safety: Oversight of Foreign Code-Share Safety Program Should Be Strengthened. 524
Aviation Safety: System Safety Approach Needs Further Integration into FAA's Oversight of Airlines. 480
Aviation Security: Federal Action Needed to Strengthen Domestic Air Cargo Security. 507
Aviation Security: Federal Air Marshal Service Could Benefit from Improved Planning and Controls. 462
Aviation Security: Flight and Cabin Crew Member Security Training Strengthened, but Better Planning and Internal Controls Needed. 501
Best Practices: Better Support of Weapon System Program Managers Needed to Improve Outcomes. 590
Border Security: More Emphasis on State's Consular Safeguards Could Mitigate Visa Malfeasance Risks. 393
Border Security: Opportunities to Increase Coordination of Air and Marine Assets. 505
Border Security: Strengthened Visa Process Would Benefit from Additional Management Actions by State and DHS. 389
Border Security: Strengthened Visa Process Would Benefit from Improvements in Staffing and Information Sharing. 372
Briefing on DOD's Report on Commercial Communications Satellite Services Procurement Process. 157
Business Modernization: Some Progress Made toward Implementing GAO Recommendations Related to NASA's Integrated Financial Management Program. 377
Capitol Visitor Center: Schedule Delays Continue; Reassessment Underway. 586
Capitol Visitor Center: Status of Schedule, Fire Protection, Cost, and Related Issues. 766
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Schedule and Cost. 731
CFO Act of 1990: Driving the Transformation of Federal Financial Management. 612
Chemical Regulation: Approaches in the United States, Canada, and the European Union. 640
Chesapeake Bay Program: Improved Strategies Are Needed to Better Assess, Report, and Manage Restoration Progress. 590
Chief Information Officers: Responsibilities and Information Technology Governance at Leading Private-Sector Companies. 365
Childhood Obesity: Most Experts Identified Physical Activity and the Use of Best Practices as Key to Successful Programs. 846
Climate Change: Federal Reports on Climate Change Funding Should Be Clearer and More Complete. 528
College Textbooks: Enhanced Offerings Appear to Drive Recent Price Increases. 466
Commercial Aviation: Bankruptcy and Pension Problems Are Symptoms of Underlying Structural Issues. 516
Commercial Aviation: Initial Small Community Air Service Development Projects Have Achieved Mixed Results. 445
Commercial Aviation: Survey of Small Community Air Service Grantees and Applicants. 355
Community Policing Grants: COPS Grants Were a Modest Contributor to Declines in Crime in the 1990s. 701
Computer-Based Patient Records: VA and DOD Made Progress, but Much Work Remains to Fully Share Medical Information. 522
Contract Management: Further Action Needed to Improve Veterans Affairs Acquisition Function. 327
Crop Insurance: Actions Needed to Reduce Program's Vulnerability to Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. 553
D.C. Charter Schools: Strengthening Monitoring and Process When Schools Close Could Improve Accountability and Ease Student Transitions. 474
Data Mining: Agencies Have Taken Key Steps to Protect Privacy in Selected Efforts, but Significant Compliance Issues Remain. 357
Defense Acquisitions: Actions Needed to Ensure Adequate Funding for Operation and Sustainment of the Ballistic Missile Defense System. 575
Defense Acquisitions: Joint Forces Command's Limited Acquisition Authority. 738
Defense Health Care: DOD has Established a Chiropractic Benefit for Active Duty Personnel. 542
Defense Health Care: Health Insurance Stipend Program Expected to Cost More Than TRICARE But Could Improve Continuity of Care for Dependents of Activated Reserve Component Members. 790
Defense Logistics: Better Management and Oversight of Prepositioning Programs Needed to Reduce Risk and Improve Future Programs. 617
Defense Logistics: Better Strategic Planning Can Help Ensure DOD's Successful Implementation of Passive Radio Frequency Identification. 520
Defense Logistics: DOD Has Begun to Improve Supply Distribution Operations, but Further Actions Are Needed to Sustain These Efforts. 575
Defense Management: Actions Are Needed to Improve the Management and Oversight of the National Guard Youth Challenge Program. 613
Defense Management: Additional Actions Needed to Enhance DOD's Risk-Based Approach for Making Resource Decisions. 487
Defense Management: Assessment Should Be Done to Clarify Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office Personnel and Funding Needs. 735
Defense Management: DOD Needs to Demonstrate That Performance-Based Logistics Contracts Are Achieving Expected Benefits. 468
Defense Management: Foundational Steps Being Taken to Manage DOD Business Systems Modernization, but Much Remains to be Accomplished to Effect True Business Transformation. 670
Defense Management: Munitions Requirements and Combatant Commander's Needs Still Require Linkage. 501
Defense Procurement: Air Force Did Not Fully Evaluate Options in Waiving Berry Amendment for Selected Aircraft. 563
Defense Space Activities: Management and Guidance Performance Measures Needed to Develop Personnel. 636
Defense Trade: Enhancements to the Implementation of Exon-Florio Could Strengthen the Law's Effectiveness. 388
Defense Trade: Implementation of Exon-Florio. 463
Defense Transportation: Air Mobility Command Needs to Collect and Analyze Better Data to Assess Aircraft Utilization. 444
Defense Transportation: Opportunities Exist to Enhance the Credibility of the Current and Future Mobility Capabilities Studies. 478
Department of Energy: Additional Opportunities Exist for Reducing Laboratory Contractors' Support Costs. 409
Department of Energy: Improved Guidance, Oversight, and Planning Are Needed to Better Identify Cost-Saving Alternatives for Managing Low-Level Radioactive Waste. 476
Department of Energy: Preliminary Information on the Potential for Columbia River Contamination from the Hanford Site. 847
Department of Homeland Security: Strategic Management of Training Important for Successful Transformation. 513
Depot Maintenance: Persistent Deficiencies Limit Accuracy and Usefulness of DOD's Funding Allocation Data Reported to Congress. 469
Digital Television Transition: Issues Related to an Information Campaign Regarding the Transition. 809
District of Columbia: Financial and Program Management Improvements Needed for Tuition Assistance Grant Program. 581
DOD Acquisition Outcomes: A Case for Change. 504
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Important Progress Made in Establishing Foundational Architecture Products and Investment Management Practices, but Much Work Remains. 615
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Navy ERP Adherence to Best Business Practices Critical to Avoid Past Failures. 602
DOD Business Transformation: Preliminary Observations on the Defense Travel System. 490
DOD Personnel Clearances: Government Plan Addresses Some Longstanding Problems with DOD's Program, But Concerns Remain. 672
DOD's High-Risk Areas: High-Level Commitment and Oversight Needed for DOD Supply Chain Plan to Succeed. 622
Drug Control: Agencies Need to Plan for Likely Declines in Drug Interdiction Assets, and Develop Better Performance Measures for Transit Zone Operations. 620
Drug Control: Air Bridge Denial Program in Colombia Has Implemented New Safeguards, but Its Effect on Drug Trafficking Is Not Clear. 456
Drug Offenders: Various Factors May Limit the Impacts of Federal Laws That Provide for Denial of Selected Benefits. 618
Economic Development Administration: Remediation Activities Account for a Small Percentage of Total Brownfield Grant Funding. 415
Education's Data Management Initiative: Significant Progress Made, but Better Planning Needed to Accomplish Project Goals. 412
Elections: Federal Efforts to Improve Security and Reliability of Electronic Voting Systems Are Under Way, but Key Activities Need to Be Completed. 461
Elections: Views of Selected Local Election Officials on Managing Voter Registration and Ensuring Eligible Citizens Can Vote. 594
Electricity Restructuring: Key Challenges Remain. 501
Electronic Disability Claims Processing: SSA Is Proceeding with Its Accelerated Systems Initiative but Needs to Address Operational Issues. 414
Electronic Rulemaking: Progress Made in Developing Centralized E-Rulemaking System. 424
Electronic Waste: Strengthening the Role of the Federal Government in Encouraging Recycling and Reuse. 558
Energy Markets: Gasoline Price Trends. 554
Environmental Cleanup: Transfer of Contaminated Federal Property and Recovery of Cleanup Costs. 793
Environmental Information: Status of Federal Data Programs That Support Ecological Indicators. 502
Environmental Liabilities: EPA Should Do More to Ensure That Liable Parties Meet Their Cleanup Obligations. 611
Environmental Protection: More Complete Data and Continued Emphasis on Leak Prevention Could Improve EPA's Underground Storage Tank Program. 637
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Actions Taken, but Agency Restructuring Efforts Could Benefit from a More Systematic Consideration of Advisory Panel's Recommendations. 381
FAA Safety Inspector Training Survey Data. 210
Fair Housing: Annotated Complainant Survey. Bibliography 342
Fair Housing: HUD Needs Better Assurance That Intake and Investigation Processes Are Consistently Thorough. 406
Federal Compensation Programs: Perspectives on Four Programs. 886
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Challenges Facing the National Flood Insurance Program. 573
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Improvements Needed to Enhance Oversight and Management of the National Flood Insurance Program. 610
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Oversight and Management of the National Flood Insurance Program. 640
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program: Competition and Other Factors Linked to Wide Variation in Health Care Prices. 510
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program: Early Experience with a Consumer-Directed Health Plan. 597
Federal Pensions: Judicial Survivors' Annuities System Costs. 404
Federal Procurement: Additional Data Reporting Could Improve the Suspension and Debarment Process. 454
Federal Real Property: Reliance on Costly Leasing to Meet New Space Needs Is an Ongoing Problem. 444
Federal Rulemaking: Past Reviews and Emerging Trends Suggest Issues That Merit Congressional Attention. 571
Federal Student Loans: Challenges in Estimating Federal Subsidy Costs. 591
Federal Water Requirements: Challenges to Estimating the Cost Impact on Local Communities. 849
Federally Chartered Corporation: Financial Statement Audit Report for the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association for Fiscal Year 2003. 116
Financial Audit: Bureau of the Public Debt's Fiscal Years 2005 and 2004 Schedules of Federal Debt. 474
Financial Audit: Congressional Award Foundation's Fiscal Years 2004 and 2003 Financial Statements. 222
Financial Audit: Independent and Special Counsel Expenditures for the Six Months Ended March 31, 2005. 150
Financial Audit: IRS's Fiscal Years 2005 and 2004 Financial Statements. 553
Financial Audit: Restatements to the Department of State's Fiscal Year 2003 Financial Statements. 775
Financial Audit: Restatements to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Fiscal Year 2003 Financial Statements. 934
Financial Audit: Securities and Exchange Commission's Financial Statements for Fiscal Years 2005 and 2004. 565
Financial Audits: The Vast Majority of Executive Branch Entities Included in the Federal Budget Are Statutorily Required to Have Their Financial Statements Audited. 814
Financial Institutions: Issues Regarding the Tax-Exempt Status of Credit Unions. 488
Financial Management: Achieving FFMIA Compliance Continues to Challenge Agencies. 421
Financial Management: State and Federal Governments Are Not Taking Action to Collect Unpaid Debt through Reciprocal Agreements. 587
Financial Product Sales: Actions Needed to Better Protect Military Members. 566
Financial Product Sales: Actions Needed to Protect Military Members. 534
Food and Drug Administration: Decision Process to Deny Initial Application for Over-the-Counter Marketing of the Emergency Contraceptive Drug Plan B Was Unusual. 709
Food and Drug Administration: Limited Available Data Indicate That FDA Has Been Meeting Some Goals for Review of Medical Device Applications. 652
Force Structure: Actions Needed to Improve Estimates and Oversight of Costs for Transforming Army to a Modular Force. 429
Force Structure: Assessments of Navy Reserve Manpower Requirements Need to Consider the Most Cost-effective Mix of Active and Reserve Manpower to Meet Mission Needs. 555
Foreign Affairs: Agencies Have Improved the Intercountry Adoption Process, but Further Enhancements Are Needed. 411
Foreign Assistance: Middle East Partnership Initiative Offers Tools for Supporting Reform, but Project Monitoring Needs Improvement. 371
Foreign Assistance: USAID's Cash Transfer Program in Egypt Supports Economic Reform Activities, but Various Factors Have Limited Its Influence. 480
Framework for Assessing the Acquisition Function At Federal Agencies. 291
Global Malaria Control: U.S. and Multinational Investments and Implementation Challenges. 685
Global War on Terrorism: DOD Needs to Improve the Reliability of Cost Data and Provide Additional Guidance to Control Costs. 645
Global War on Terrorism: DOD Should Consider All Funds Requested for the War When Determining Needs and Covering Expenses. 605
Globalization: Numerous Federal Activities Complement U.S. Business's Global Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts. 495
Globalization: Observations on Federal Activities Related to Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Rights. 474
Government Performance and Accountability: Tax Expenditures Represent a Substantial Federal Commitment and Need to Be Reexamined. 455
Great Lakes Initiative: EPA Needs to Better Ensure the Complete and Consistent Implementation of Water Quality Standards. 440
Health Care: Continued Leadership Needed to Define and Implement Information Technology Standards. 571
Health Centers: Competition for Grants and Efforts to Measure Performance Have Increased. 626
Higher Education: Federal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Programs and Related Trends. 537
Highway Congestion: Intelligent Transportation Systems' Promise for Managing Congestion Falls Short, and DOT Could Better Facilitate Their Strategic Use. 436
Highway Safety: Further Opportunities Exist to Improve Data on Crashes Involving Commercial Motor Vehicles. 492
Homeland Security: DHS' Efforts to Enhance First Responders' All-Hazards Capabilities Continue to Evolve. 483
Housing Finance: Ginnie Mae Is Meeting Its Mission but Faces Challenges in a Changing Marketplace. 444
HUD Rental Assistance: Progress and Challenges in Measuring and Reducing Improper Rent Subsidies. 452
Human Capital: Designing and Managing Market-Based and More Performance-Oriented Pay Systems. 524
Human Capital: Observations on Final Regulations for DOD's National Security Personnel System. 598
Human Capital: Preliminary Observations on the Administration's Draft Proposed "Working for America Act". 606
Hurricane Katrina: Providing Oversight of the Nation's Preparedness, Response, and Recovery Activities. 436
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Contracting for Response and Recovery Efforts. 570
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Preliminary Observations on Contracting for Response and Recovery Efforts. 575
Immigration Benefits: Improvements Needed to Address Backlogs and Ensure Quality of Adjudications. 421
Immigration Benefits: Thirteenth Report Required by the Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 1998. 193
Immigration Enforcement: Weaknesses Hinder Employment Verification and Worksite Enforcement Efforts. 530
Improvements Needed to the Federal Procurement Data System-Next Generation. 525
Indian Health Service: Health Care Services Are Not Always Available to Native Americans. 624
Indian Tribes: EPA Should Reduce the Review Time for Tribal Requests to Manage Environmental Programs. 448
Industrial Loan Corporations: Recent Asset Growth and Commercial Interest Highlight Differences in Regulatory Authority. 590
Influenza Pandemic: Applying Lessons Learned from the 2004-05 Influenza Vaccine Shortage. 532
Influenza Vaccine: Shortages in 2004-05 Season Underscore Need for Better Preparation. 429
Information Quality Act: National Agricultural Statistics Service Implements First Steps, but Documentation of Census of Agriculture Could Be Improved. 349
Information Security: Progress Made, but Federal Aviation Administration Needs to Improve Controls over Air Traffic Control Systems. 421
Information Security: The Defense Logistics Agency Needs to Fully Implement Its Security Program. 302
Information Technology: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Needs to Establish Critical Investment Management Capabilities. 426
Information Technology: FBI Is Building Management Capabilities Essential to Successful System Deployments, but Challenges Remain. 633
Information Technology: FBI Is Taking Steps to Develop an Enterprise Architecture, but Much Remains to Be Accomplished. 521
Information Technology: HHS Has Several Investment Management Capabilities in Place, but Needs to Address Key Weaknesses. 612
Information Technology: Management Improvements Needed on Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Infrastructure Modernization Program. 383
Insurance Sector Preparedness: Insurers Appear Prepared to Recover Critical Operations Following Potential Terrorist Attacks, but Some Issues Warrant Further Review. 566
Intellectual Property: Improvements Needed to Better Manage Patent Office Automation and Address Workforce Challenges. 693
Intermodal Transportation: Potential Strategies Would Redefine Federal Role in Developing Airport Intermodal Capabilities. 574
International Affairs: Information on U.S. Agencies' Efforts to Address Islamic Extremism. 510
International Finance: Treasury Has Reduced the Number of Attaches Overseas. 433
International Remittances: Information on Products, Costs, and Consumer Disclosures. 444
International Trade: Issues and Effects of Implementing the Continued Dumping and Subsidy Offset Act. 463
International Trade: U.S. and India Data on Offshoring Show Significant Differences. 472
Internet Management: Prevalence of False Contact Information for Registered Domain Names. 428
Invasive Species: Progress and Challenges in Preventing Introduction into U.S. Waters Via the Ballast Water in Ships. 615
Klamath River Basin Conservation Area Restoration Program: Limited Assurance Regarding the Federal Funding Requirements. 585
Livestock Grazing: Federal Expenditures and Receipts Vary, Depending on the Agency and the Purpose of the Fee Charged. 748
Mad Cow Disease: An Evaluation of a Small Feed Testing Program FDA Implemented in 2003 With Recommendations for Making the Program a Better Oversight Tool. 637
Management Report: Opportunities for Improvements in SEC's Internal Controls and Accounting Procedures. 154
Managerial Cost Accounting Practices: Departments of Labor and Veterans Affairs. 561
Managerial Cost Accounting Practices: Leadership and Internal Controls Are Key to Successful Implementation. 472
Managing For Results: Enhancing Agency Use of Performance Information for Management Decision Making. 307
Medicaid: States' Payments for Outpatient Prescription Drugs. 585
Medicaid: Transfers of Assets by Elderly Individuals to Obtain Long-Term Care Coverage. 558
Medicare Contracting Reform: CMS's Plan Has Gaps and Its Anticipated Savings Are Uncertain. 463
Medicare: CMS's Beneficiary Education and Outreach Efforts for the Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card and Transitional Assistance Program. 482
Medicare: CMS's Implementation and Oversight of the Medicare Prescription Drug Discount Card and Transitional Assistance Program. 697
Medicare: Comments on CMS Proposed 2006 Rates for Specified Covered Outpatient Drugs and Radiopharmaceuticals Used in Hospitals. 820
Medicare: Little Progress Made in Targeting Outpatient Therapy Payments to Beneficiaries' Needs. 399
Medicare: More Effective Screening and Stronger Enrollment Standards Needed for Medical Equipment Suppliers. 610
Military Personnel: DOD Needs Action Plan to Address Enlisted Personnel Recruitment and Retention Challenges. 613
Military Personnel: Federal Management of Servicemember Employment Rights Can Be Further Improved. 595
Military Personnel: Reporting Additional Servicemember Demographics Could Enhance Congressional Oversight. 673
Military Personnel: Top Management Attention Is Needed to Address Long-standing Problems with Determining Medical and Physical Fitness of the Reserve Force. 680
Military Readiness: DOD Needs to Identify and Address Gaps and Potential Risks in Program Strategies and Funding Priorities for Selected Equipment. 574
Military Readiness: Navy's Fleet Response Plan Would Benefit from a Comprehensive Management Approach and Rigorous Testing. 475
Military Transformation: Actions Needed by DOD to More Clearly Identify New Triad Spending and Develop a Long-term Investment Approach. 430
Mortgage Financing: Additional Action Needed to Manage Risks of FHA-Insured Loans with Down Payment Assistance. 353
Mortgage Financing: FHA's $7 Billion Reestimate Reflects Higher Claims and Changing Loan and Performance Estimates. 329
Mutual Fund Industry: SEC's Revised Examination Approach Offers Potential Benefits, but Significant Oversight Challenges Remain. 633
NASA Travel: Passenger Aircraft Services Annually Cost Taxpayers Millions More Than Commercial Airlines. 425
National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Long-standing Financial Management Challenges Threaten the Agency's Ability to Manage Its Programs. 452
National Airspace System: Transformation will Require Cultural Change, Balanced Funding Priorities, and Use of All Available Management Tools. 437
National Assessment of Educational Progress Exclusion Rates for Students with Disabilities. 308
No Child Left Behind Act: Education Could Do More to Help States Better Define Graduation Rates and Improve Knowledge about Intervention Strategies. 470
No Child Left Behind Act: Improved Accessibility to Education's Information Could Help States Further Implement Teacher Qualification Requirements. 625
Nuclear Cleanup: Preliminary Results of the Review of the Department of Energy's Rocky Flats Closure Projects. 804
Nuclear Nonproliferation: Better Management Controls Needed for Some DOE Projects in Russia and Other Countries. 354
Nuclear Nonproliferation: IAEA Has Strengthened Its Safeguards and Nuclear Security Programs, but Weaknesses Need to Be Addressed. 457
Nuclear Security: DOE Needs Better Information to Guide Its Expanded Recovery of Sealed Radiological Sources. 503
OCC Preemption Rulemaking: Opportunities Existed to Enhance the Consultative Efforts and Better Document the Rulemaking Process. 610
Official U.S. Representation at Government-Sponsored Public Policy Forums. 642
Offshoring of Services: An Overview of the Issues. 602
Overview of the Long-Term Care Partnership Program. 756
Passenger Rail Security: Enhanced Federal Leadership Needed to Prioritize and Guide Security Efforts. 452
Passenger Rail Security: Enhanced Federal Leadership Needed to Prioritize and Guide Security Efforts. 492
Performance Budgeting: PART Focuses Attention on Program Performance, but More Can Be Done to Engage Congress. 541
Physician Services: Concierge Care Characteristics and Considerations for Medicare. 440
Polar-Orbiting Operational Environmental Satellites: Technical Problems, Cost Increases, and Schedule Delays Trigger Need for Difficult Trade-off Decisions. 470
Post-Hearing Questions Related to Agency Implementation of the Improper Payments Information Act. 604
Prescription Drugs: Price Trends for Frequently Used Brand and Generic Drugs from 2000 through 2004. 444
Prescription Drugs: Strategic Framework Would Promote Accountability and Enhance Efforts to Enforce the Prohibitions on Personal Importation. 607
Private Health Insurance: Number and Market Share of Carriers in the Small Group Health Insurance Market in 2004. 349
Private Pensions: Information on Cash Balance Pension Plans. 633
Private Pensions: Questions Concerning the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation's Practices Regarding Single-Employer Probable Claims. 841
Program Evaluation: OMB's PART Reviews Increased Agencies' Attention to Improving Evidence of Program Results. 503
Project-Based Rental Assistance: HUD Should Streamline Its Processes to Ensure Timely Housing Assistance Payments. 401
Public Utility Holding Company Act: Opportunities to Strengthen SEC's Administration of the Act. 504
Purpose Statute Violation: Veterans Affairs Improperly Funded Certain Cost Comparison Studies with VHA Appropriations. 1136
Questions for the Record Related to DOD's Personnel Security Clearance Program. 423
Radiation Exposure Compensation Act: Program Status. 766
Radiological Sources in Iraq: DOD Should Evaluate Its Source Recovery Effort and Apply Lessons Learned to Future Recovery Missions. 432
Real Estate Brokerage: Factors That May Affect Price Competition. 555
Rebuilding Iraq: Enhancing Security, Measuring Program Results, and Maintaining Infrastructure Are Necessary to Make Significant and Sustainable Progress. 610
Rebuilding Iraq: U.S. Assistance for the January 2005 Elections. 550
Rebuilding Iraq: U.S. Water and Sanitation Efforts Need Improved Measures for Assessing Impact and Sustained Resources for Maintaning Facilities. 636
Registered Apprenticeship Programs: Labor Can Better Use Data to Target Oversight. 419
Reserve Forces: Army National Guard's Role, Organization, and Equipment Need to be Reexamined. 635
Reserve Forces: Plans Needed to Improve Army National Guard Equipment Readiness and Better Integrate Guard into Army Force Transformation Initiatives. 639
Residential Energy: Oversight of Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program Payments. 427
Results-Oriented Government: Practices That Can Help Enhance and Sustain Collaboration among Federal Agencies. 489
Review of OMB Circular A-76 Health Benefit Cost Factor Needed. 214
Risk Retention Groups: Common Regulatory Standards and Greater Member Protections Are Needed. 589
School Meal Programs: Competitive Foods Are Widely Available and Generate Substantial Revenues for Schools. 509
SEC and CFTC Penalties: Continued Progress Made in Collection Efforts, but Greater SEC Management Attention Is Needed. 573
Securing U.S. Nuclear Materials: DOE Needs to Take Action to Safely Consolidate Plutonium. 488
Securing U.S. Nuclear Materials: Poor Planning Has Complicated DOE's Plutonium Consolidation Efforts. 468
Security Assistance: Efforts to Secure Colombia's Cano Limon-Covenas Oil Pipeline Have Reduced Attacks, but Challenges Remain. 430
September 11: Monitoring of World Trade Center Health Effects Has Progressed, but Not for Federal Responders. 639
Small Business Participation in the Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Project. 794
Social Security Administration: Additional Actions Needed in Ongoing Efforts to Improve 800-Number Service. 565
Social Security Numbers: Federal and State Laws Restrict Use of SSNs, yet Gaps Remain. 499
Social Security Reform: Other Countries' Experiences Provide Lessons for the United States. 613
Some Improvements Have Been Made in DOD's Annual Training Range Reporting but It Still Fails to Fully Address Congressional Requirements. 1174
Stand-Down of Los Alamos National Laboratory: Total Costs Uncertain; Almost All Mission-Critical Programs Were Affected but Have Recovered. 588
State Department: Stronger Action Needed to Improve Oversight and Assess Risks of the Summer Work Travel and Trainee Categories of the Exchange Visitor Program. 387
Student Aid And Postsecondary Tax Preferences: Limited Research Exists on Effectiveness of Tools to Assist Students and Families through Title IV Student Aid and Tax Preferences. 426
Survey of Large- and Medium-Hub Airports on Existing and Planned Bus and Rail Connections. 655
Survey on Program Manager Effectiveness. 206
TANF: State Approaches to Screening for Domestic Violence Could Benefit from HHS Guidance. 447
Tax Administration: IRS Improved Some Filing Season Services, but Long-term Goals Would Help Manage Strategic Trade-offs. 441
Tax Administration: IRS Needs Better Strategic Planning and Evaluation of Taxpayer Assistance Training. 567
Tax Administration: Systematic Information Sharing Would Help IRS Determine the Deductibility of Civil Settlement Payments. 444
Tax Compliance: Better Compliance Data and Long-term Goals Would Support a More Strategic IRS Approach to Reducing the Tax Gap. 473
Tax Gap: Multiple Strategies, Better Compliance Data, and Long-Term Goals Are Needed to Improve Taxpayer Compliance. 519
Tax Policy: Summary of Estimates of the Costs of the Federal Tax System. 510
Taxpayer Information: Options Exist to Enable Data Sharing Between IRS and USCIS but Each Presents Challenges. 500
Telecommunications: Preliminary Information on the Federal Communications Commission's Spectrum Allocation and Assignment Process. 736
Terrorist Financing: Better Strategic Planning Needed to Coordinate U.S. Efforts to Deliver Counter-Terrorism Financing Training and Technical Assistance Abroad. 480
Transfer Students: Postsecondary Institutions Could Promote More Consistent Consideration of Coursework by Not Basing Determinations on Accreditation. 368
Transportation Security Administration: More Clarity on the Authority of Federal Security Directors Is Needed. 467
Transportation Services: Better Dissemination and Oversight of DOT's Guidance Could Lead to Improved Access for Limited English-Proficient Populations (Chinese Edition). 494
Transportation Services: Better Dissemination and Oversight of DOT's Guidance Could Lead to Improved Access for Limited English-Proficient Populations (Korean Version). 494
Transportation Services: Better Dissemination and Oversight of DOT's Guidance Could Lead to Improved Access for Limited English-Proficient Populations (Spanish Version). 494
Transportation Services: Better Dissemination and Oversight of DOT's Guidance Could Lead to Improved Access for Limited English-Proficient Populations (Vietnamese Version). 494
Transportation Services: Better Dissemination and Oversight of DOT's Guidance Could Lead to Improved Access for Limited English-Proficient Populations. 494
Treasury Continues to Maintain Its Formal Process to Promote U.S. Policies at the International Monetary Fund. 542
U.S. Insular Areas: Multiple Factors Affect Federal Health Care Funding. 525
U.S. Office of Special Counsel: Selected Contracting and Human Capital Issues. 514
U.S. Postal Service: Factors Affecting Fund-Raising Stamp Sales Suggest Lessons Learned. 470
U.S. Postal Service: Guidance on Suspicious Mail Needs Further Refinement. 545
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission: Building Project Management and Related Budget Planning. 297
U.S.-China Trade: The United States Has Not Restricted Imports under the China Safeguard. 609
Ultimate Effects of McCarran-Ferguson Federal Antitrust Exemption on Insurer Activity are Unclear. 662
Understanding the Primary Components of the Annual Financial Report of the United States Government. 478
Understanding the Tax Reform Debate: Background, Criteria, and Questions. 356
United Nations: Preliminary Observations on Internal Oversight and Procurement Practices. 721
VA and DOD Health Care: VA Has Policies and Outreach Efforts to Smooth Transition from DOD Health Care, but Sharing of Health Information Remains Limited. 516
VA Benefits: Other Programs May Provide Lessons for Improving Individual Unemployability Assessments. 584
VA Disability Benefits: Routine Monitoring of Disability Decisions Could Improve Consistency. 350
VA Health Care: Key Challenges to Aligning Capital Assets and Enhancing Veterans' Care. 651

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