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Articles from General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony (February 1, 2006)

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China Trade: U.S. Exports, Investment, Affiliate Sales Rising, but Export Share Falling. 464
Combating Terrorism: Determining and Reporting Federal Funding Data. 478
Competitive Sourcing: Health Benefits Cost Comparison Had Minimal Impact, but DOD Needs Uniform Implementation Process. 398
Defense Acquisitions: DOD Has Paid Billions in Award and Incentive Fees Regardless of Acquisition Outcomes. 441
Defense Acquisitions: DOD Management Approach and Processes Not Well-Suited to Support Development of Global Information Grid. 483
Defense Inventory: Army Needs to Strengthen Internal Controls for Items Shipped to Repair Contractors. 544
Defense Management: Fully Developed Management Framework Needed to Guide Air Force Future Total Force Efforts. 665
Defense Trade Data. 250
DOD Business Transformation: Defense Travel System Continues to Face Implementation Challenges. 406
DOD Systems Modernization: Planned Investment in the Naval Tactical Command Support System Needs to be Reassessed. 461
DOD Systems Modernization: Uncertain Joint Use and Marginal Expected Value of Military Asset Deployment System Warrant Reassessment of Planned Investment. 552
Drinking Water: EPA Should Strengthen Ongoing Efforts to Ensure That Consumers Are Protected from Lead Contamination. 414
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Challenges for the National Flood Insurance Program. 584
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program: Differences in Health Care Prices Across Metropolitan Areas Linked to Competition and Other Factors. 462
Federal Employees Health Benefits Program: First-Year Experience with High-Deductible Health Plans and Health Savings Accounts. 654
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: Education and Outreach Programs Target Safety and Consumer Issues, but Gaps in Planning and Evaluation Remain. 559
Federal Programs with a Financial Eligibility Component. 404
Financial Audit: Restatement to the General Services Administration's Fiscal Year 2003 Financial Statements. 671
Financial Audit: Restatements to the Department of Agriculture's Fiscal Year 2003 Consolidated Financial Statements. 754
Financial Audit: Restatements to the National Science Foundation's Fiscal Year 2003 Financial Statements. 774
GAO Performance and Accountability Highlights: Fiscal Year 2005. 261
Hazardous Waste: EPA Needs to Clarify the Types of Mercury Waste That Can Be Treated and Disposed of Using the Debris Regulations. 404
Homeland Security: DHS Needs to Improve Ethics-Related Management Controls for the Science and Technology Directorate. 628
Homeland Security: Visitor and Immigrant Status Program Operating, but Management Improvements Are Still Needed. 625
Hurricane Protection: Statutory and Regulatory Framework for Levee Maintenance and Emergency Response for the Lake Pontchartrain Project. 681
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Provision of Charitable Assistance. 449
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act: Education Should Provide Additional Guidance to Help States Smoothly Transition Children to Preschool. 526
Information Technology: Responses to Subcommittee Post-Hearing Questions Regarding the FBI's Management Practices and Acquisition of a New Investigative Case Management System. 543
International Trade: USTR Would Benefit from Greater Use of Strategic Human Capital Management Principles. 404
Internet Access Tax Moratorium: Revenue Impacts Will Vary by State. 541
Issues Related to Navy Battleships. 821
Large Truck Safety: Federal Enforcement Efforts Have Been Stronger Since 2000, but Oversight of State Grants Needs Improvement. 482
Livestock Market Reporting: USDA Has Taken Some Steps to Ensure Quality, but Additional Efforts Are Needed. 593
Managerial Cost Accounting Practices: Departments of Education, Transportation, and the Treasury. 630
Mandatory Spending: Using Budget Triggers to Constrain Growth. 444
Medicare and Medicaid Coverage: Therapies and Supplies for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 444
Medicare: Contingency Plans to Address Potential Problems with the Transition of Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries from Medicaid to Medicare Drug Coverage. 894
Military Training: Funding Requests for Joint Urban Operations Training and Facilities Should Be Based on Sound Strategy and Requirements. 663
Mine Safety: MSHA's Programs for Ensuring the Safety and Health of Coal Miners Could Be Strengthened. 360
NASA: Implementing a Knowledge-Based Acquisition Framework Could Lead to Better Investment Decisions and Project Outcomes. 552
National Parks Air Tour Management Act: More Flexibility and Better Enforcement Needed. 634
Natural Gas and Electricity Markets: Federal Government Actions to Improve Private Price Indices and Stakeholder Reaction. 688
Nursing Homes: Despite Increased Oversight, Challenges Remain in Ensuring High-Quality Care and Resident Safety. 642
Older Workers: Labor Can Help Employers and Employees Plan Better for the Future. 402
Pilot Project to Expand Merchandise Sold in Commissary Stores Will Likely Have a Negligible Impact on the Exchange Dividend. 667
Plum Island Animal Disease Center: DHS and USDA Are Successfully Coordinating Current Work, but Long-Term Plans Are Being Assessed. 579
Potential Spectrum Interference Associated with Military Land Mobile Radios. 702
Prescription Drugs: Enhanced Efforts and Better Agency Coordination Needed to Address Illegal Importation. 606
Public Housing: Distressed Conditions in Developments for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities and Strategies Used for Improvement. 532
Public Service Announcement Campaigns: Activities and Financial Obligations for Seven Federal Departments. 380
Questions for the Record Related to DOD's Personnel Security Clearance Program and the Government Plan for Improving the Clearance Process. 622
Risk Management: Further Refinements Needed to Assess Risks and Prioritize Protective Measures at Ports and Other Critical Infrastructure. 466
Service Contract Act: Wage Determination Process Could Benefit from Greater Transparency, and Better Use of Violation Data Could Improve Enforcement. 411
Social Security Numbers: Stronger Protections Needed When Contractors Have Access to SSNs. 381
Status of Two Authorities Granted to the Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration. 732
Student Consolidation Loans: Potential Effects of Making Fiscal Year 2006 Consolidation Loans Exclusively through the Direct Loan Program. 670
Survey of Public Housing Agencies on Housing for the Elderly and Non-Elderly Persons with Disabilities. 478
Survey of Youth Opportunity Grant Program Directors. 148
Telecommunications: Strong Support for Extending FCC's Auction Authority Exists, but Little Agreement on Other Options to Improve Efficient Use of Spectrum. 451
U.S. Postal Service: Purchasing Changes Seem Promising, but Ombudsman Revisions and Continued Oversight Are Needed. 381
U.S.-China Trade: Eliminating Nonmarket Economy Methodology Would Lower Antidumping Duties for Some Chinese Companies. 474
Unmanned Aircraft Systems: DOD Needs to More Effectively Promote Interoperability and Improve Performance Assessments. 564
Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Global Hawk Cost Increase Understated in Nunn-McCurdy Report. 418
VA Long-Term Care: Trends and Planning Challenges in Providing Nursing Home Care to Veterans. 662
Veterans' Benefits: Further Changes in VBA's Field Office Structure Could Help Improve Disability Claims Processing. 351
Veterans' Disability Benefits: Claims Processing Challenges and Opportunities for Improvements. 545
Veterans' Employment and Training Service: Labor Actions Needed to Improve Accountability and Help States Implement Reforms to Veterans' Employment Services. 402
Welfare Reform: More Information Needed to Assess Promising Strategies to Increase Parents' Incomes. 534
Youth Opportunity Grants: Lessons Can Be Learned from Program, but Labor Needs to Make Data Available. 482

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