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Articles from General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony (August 1, 2006)

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2010 Census: Census Bureau Needs to Take Prompt Actions to Resolve Long-standing and Emerging Address and Mapping Challenges. 456
2010 Census: Costs and Risks Must be Closely Monitored and Evaluated with Mitigation Plans in Place. 612
2010 Census: Redesigned Approach Holds Promise, but Census Bureau Needs to Annually Develop and Provide a Comprehensive Project Plan to Monitor Costs. 623
Air Traffic Control Modernization: Status of the Current Program and Planning for the Next Generation Air Transportation System. 497
Airline Deregulation: Reregulating the Airline Industry Would Likely Reverse Consumer Benefits and Not Save Airline Pensions. 516
Alaska Native Corporations: Increased Use of Special 8(a) Provisions Calls for Tailored Oversight. 654
Aviation Security: Further Study of Safety and Effectiveness and Better Management Controls Needed If Air Carriers Resume Interest in Deploying Less-than-Lethal Weapons. 433
Aviation Security: Management Challenges Remain for the Transportation Security Administration's Secure Flight Program. 519
Aviation Security: TSA Has Strengthened Efforts to Plan for the Optimal Deployment of Checked Baggage Screening Systems, but Funding Uncertainties Remain. 572
Aviation Security: TSA Oversight of Checked Baggage Screening Procedures Could Be Strengthened. 604
Baby Boom Generation: Retirement of Baby Boomers Is Unlikely to Precipitate Dramatic Decline in Market Returns, but Broader Risks Threaten Retirement Security. 552
Border Security: Investigators Transported Radioactive Sources Across Our Nation's Borders at Two Locations. 516
Capital Gains Tax Gap: Requiring Brokers to Report Securities Cost Basis Would Improve Compliance if Related Challenges Are Addressed. 581
Capitol Visitor Center: Update on Status of Project's Schedule and Cost As of June 28, 2006. 469
Chesapeake Bay Program: Improved Strategies Needed to Better Guide Restoration Efforts. 606
Child Support Enforcement: More Focus on Labor Costs and Administrative Cost Audits Could Help Reduce Federal Expenditures. 501
Child Welfare: Federal Action Needed to Ensure States Have Plans to Safeguard Children in the Child Welfare System Displaced by Disasters. 440
Clean Air Act: EPA Should Improve the Management of Its Air Toxics Program. 586
Clean Water: Better Information and Targeted Prevention Efforts Could Enhance Spill Management in the St. Clair-Detroit River Corridor. 585
Clean Water: How States Allocate Revolving Loan Funds and Measure Their Benefits. 620
Clinical Lab Quality: CMS and Survey Organization Oversight Should Be Strengthened. 582
Clinical Labs: CMS and Survey Organization Oversight Is Not Sufficient to Ensure Lab Quality. 554
Coast Guard: Observations on Agency Performance, Operations and Future Challenges. 438
Coast Guard: Observations on the Preparation, Response, and Recovery Missions Related to Hurricane Katrina. 512
Coast Guard: Status of Deepwater Fast Response Cutter Design Efforts. 540
Commerce Information Technology Solutions Next Generation Governmentwide Acquisition Contract. 364
Commercial Aviation: Costs and Major Factors Influencing Infrastructure Changes at U.S. Airports to Accomodate the New A380 Aircraft. 609
Community Development Block Grant Formula: Options for Improving the Targeting of Funds. 493
Community Services Block Grant Program: HHS Should Improve Oversight by Focusing Monitoring and Assistance Efforts on Areas of High Risk. 443
Compacts of Free Association: Development Prospects Remain Limited for Micronesia and Marshall Islands. 421
Contract Management: DOD Vulnerabilities to Contracting Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. 737
Crop Insurance: More Needs To Be Done to Reduce Program's Vulnerability to Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. 588
Defense Acquisitions: Further Management and Oversight Changes Needed for Efforts to Modernize Cheyenne Mountain Attack Warning Systems. 465
Defense Acquisitions: Space System Acquisition Risks and Keys to Addressing Them. 691
Defense Logistics: Lack of a Synchronized Approach between the Marine Corps and Army Affected the Timely Production and Installation of Marine Corps Truck Armor. 638
Defense Management: Additional Measures to Reduce Corrosion of Prepositioned Military Assets Could Achieve Cost Savings. 599
Defense Management: Attention Is Needed to Improve Oversight of DLA Prime Vendor Program. 943
Defense Technologies: DOD's Critical Technologies Lists Rarely Inform Export Control and Other Policy Decisions. 484
Defense Working Capital Fund: Military Services Did Not Calculate and Report Carryover Amounts Correctly. 621
Department of Energy, Office of Worker Advocacy: Deficient Controls Led to Millions of Dollars in Improper and Questionable Payments to Contractors. 396
Department of Homeland Security's Use of Special Streamlined Acquisition Authorities in Section 833 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002. 617
Differing Scope and Methodology in GAO and University of California Reports Account for Variations in Cost Estimates for Homosexual Conduct Policy. 486
Disaster Preparedness: Limitations in Federal Evacuation Assistance for Health Facilities Should be Addressed. 582
DOD Excess Property: Control Breakdowns Present Significant Security Risk and Continuing Waste and Inefficiency. 396
DOD Excess Property: Control Breakdowns Present Significant Security Risk and Continuing Waste and Inefficiency. 353
DOD Personnel Clearances: Questions and Answers for the Record Following the Second in a Series of Hearings on Fixing the Security Clearance Process. 615
DOD's High-Risk Areas: Challenges Remain to Achieving and Demonstrating Progress in Supply Chain Management. 687
DOE Contracting: Better Performance Measures and Management Needed to Address Delays in Awarding Contracts. 473
Elections: 2005 Survey of Local Election Jurisdictions. 344
Elections: 2005 Survey of State Election Officials. 265
Elections: The Nation's Evolving Election System as Reflected in the November 2004 General Election. 556
Embassy Construction: State Has Made Progress Constructing New Embassies, but Better Planning Is Needed for Operations and Maintenance Requirements. 482
Employment Arrangements: Improved Outreach Could Help Ensure Proper Worker Classification. 597
Energy Security: Issues Related to Potential Reductions in Venezuelan Oil Production. 741
Environmental Compliance and Enforcement: EPA's Effort to Improve and Make More Consistent Its Compliance and Enforcement Activities. 536
Environmental Liabilities: Hardrock Mining Cleanup Obligations. 670
Equal Employment Opportunity: Improved Coordination Needed between EEOC and OPM in Leading Federal Workplace EEO. 461
Expedited Assistance for Victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: FEMA's Control Weaknesses Exposed the Government to Significant Fraud and Abuse. 422
Export Controls: Improvements to Commerce's Dual-Use System Needed to Ensure Protection of U.S. Interests in the Post-9/11 Environment. 546
Faith-Based and Community Initiative: Improvements in Monitoring Grantees and Measuring Performance Could Enhance Accountability. 554
Farm Loan Programs: GAO Reports on USDA Lending Practices. 316
FBI Trilogy: Responses to Posthearing Questions. 103
Federal Assistance: Illustrative Simulations of Using Statistical Population Estimates for Reallocating Certain Federal Funding. 566
Federal Autism Activities: Funding for Research Has Increased, but Agencies Need to Resolve Surveillance Challenges. 561
Federal Courthouses: Rent Increases Due to New Space and Growing Energy and Security Costs Require Better Tracking and Management. 485
Federal Courthouses: Rent Increases Due to New Space and Growing Energy and Security Costs Require Better Tracking and Management. 488
Federal Housing Administration: Proposed Reforms Will Heighten the Need for Continued Improvements in Managing Risks and Estimating Program Costs. 415
Federal Real Property: Most Public Benefit Conveyances Used as Intended, but Opportunities Exist to Enhance Federal Oversight. 512
Financial Audit: Guidance for Auditing Federal Employee and Veteran Benefit Payable Actuarial Estimates. 541
Financial Management: Implications of Significant Recent and Potential Changes for the Actuarial Soundness of the Department of Defense Survivor Benefit Plan Program. 887
Financial Restatements: Update of Public Company Trends, Market Impacts, and Regulatory Enforcement Activities. 568
Financial Services Industry: Overall Trends in Management-Level Diversity and Diversity Initiatives, 1993-2004. 473
Financial Services Industry: Overall Trends in Management-Level Diversity and Diversity Initiatives, 1993-2004. 488
Fish and Wildlife Service: Federal Assistance Program Is Making Progress in Addressing Previously Identified Concerns. 747
Foster Care and Adoption Assistance: Federal Oversight Needed to Safeguard Funds and Ensure Consistent Support for States' Administrative Costs. 452
Freedom of Information Act: Preliminary Analysis of Processing Trends Shows Importance of Improvement Plans. 662
Freight Railroads: Preliminary Observations on Rates, Competition, and Capacity Issues. 726
Global War on Terrorism: Observations on Funding, Costs, and Future Commitments. 642
Grants Management: Grantees' Concerns with Efforts to Streamline and Simplify Processes. 410
H-1B Visa Program: Labor Could Improve Its Oversight and Increase Information Sharing with Homeland Security. 562
H-1B Visa Program: More Oversight by Labor Can Improve Compliance with Program Requirements. 543
Highway Finance: States' Expanding Use of Tolling Illustrates Diverse Challenges and Strategies. 674
Homeland Defense: National Guard Bureau Needs to Clarify Civil Support Teams' Mission and Address Management Challenges. 613
Homeland Security: Challenges in Creating an Effective Acquisition Organization. 614
Homeland Security: Contract Management and Oversight for Visitor and Immigrant Status Program Need to Be Strengthened. 412
Homeland Security: DHS Is Addressing Security at Chemical Facilities, but Additional Authority Is Needed. 563
Homeland Security: Guidance and Standards Are Needed for Measuring the Effectiveness of Agencies' Facility Protection Efforts. 724
HUD Homeownership Programs: Data Limitations Constrain Assessment of the American Dream Downpayment Initiative. 435
Human Capital: Trends in Executive and Judicial Pay. 611
Human Health Risk Assessment: EPA Has Taken Steps to Strengthen Its Process, but Improvements Needed in Planning, Data Development, and Training. 590
Human Health Risk Assessment: GAO Survey of EPA Risk Assessment Practices. 167
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Disaster Relief: Improper and Potentially Fraudulent Individual Assistance Payments Estimated to Be Between $600 Million and $1.4 Billion. 562
Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Coordination between FEMA and the Red Cross Should Be Improved for the 2006 Hurricane Season. 590
Immigration Benefits: Circumstances under Which Petitioners' Sex Offenses May Be Disclosed to Beneficiaries. 560
Immigration Enforcement: Benefits and Limitations to Using Earnings Data to Identify Unauthorized Work. 401
Immigration Enforcement: Weaknesses Hinder Employment Verification and Worksite Enforcement Efforts. 577
Improvement Continues in DOD's Reporting on Sustainable Ranges but Additional Time Is Needed to Fully Implement Key Initiatives. 922
Indian Issues: BIA's Efforts to Impose Time Frames and Collect Better Data Should Improve the Processing of Land in Trust Applications. 649
Indians' Additional Compensation Claims: Calculations for the Crow Creek Sioux and Lower Brule Sioux Tribes Differ from Approach Used in Prior GAO Reports. 564
Individual Disaster Assistance Programs: Framework for Fraud Prevention, Detection, and Prosecution. 520
Industrial Loan Corporations: Recent Asset Growth and Commercial Interest Highlight Differences in Regulatory Authority. 603
Information on Immigration Enforcement and Supervisory Promotions in the Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection. 820
Information Security: Leadership Needed to Address Weaknesses and Privacy Issues at Veterans Affairs. 526
Information Technology Management: Observations on the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network's (FinCEN's) BSA Direct Retrieval and Sharing (BSA Direct R&S) Project. 509
Information Technology: Agencies and OMB Should Strengthen Processes for Identifying and Overseeing High Risk Projects. 438
Information Technology: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Is Beginning to Address Infrastructure Modernization Program Weaknesses but Key Improvements Still Needed. 452
Information Technology: VA and DOD Face Challenges in Completing Key Efforts. 552
Intellectual Property: Initial Observations on the STOP Initiative and U.S. Border Efforts to Reduce Piracy. 414
Intermodal Transportation: Challenges to and Potential Strategies for Developing Improved Intermodal Capabilities. 496
Internal Revenue Service: Status of Recommendations from Financial Audits and Related Financial Management Reports. 423
International Financial Crime: Treasury's Roles and Responsibilities Relating to Selected Provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act. 487
Internet Infrastructure: Challenges in Developing a Public/Private Recovery Plan. 561
Internet Infrastructure: DHS Faces Challenges in Developing a Joint Public/Private Recovery Plan. 550
Internet Protocol Version 6: Federal Government in Early Stages of Transition and Key Challenges Remain. 390
Invasive Forest Pests: Recent Infestations and Continued Vulnerabilities at Ports of Entry Place U.S. Forests at Risk. 533
LOCAL Television Act: Status of Spending for Fiscal Year 2005. 360
Management Report: Opportunities for Improvements in FDIC's Internal Controls and Accounting Procedures. 310
Managing Sensitive Information: Actions Needed to Ensure Recent Changes in DOE Oversight Do Not Weaken an Effective Classification System. 550
Managing Sensitive Information: DOD Can More Effectively Reduce the Risk of Classification Errors. 533
Maritime Security: Information-Sharing Efforts Are Improving. 457
Mass Transit: Issues Related to Providing Dedicated Funding for the Washington Metropolitain Area Transit Authority. 678
Medicaid Financial Management: Steps Taken to Improve Federal Oversight but Other Actions Needed to Sustain Efforts. 628
Medicare Outpatient Payments: Rates for Certain Radioactive Sources Used in Brachytherapy Could Be Set Prospectively. 498
Medicare Part B Drugs: CMS Data Source for Setting Payments Is Practical but Concerns Remain. 544
Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Plan Sponsor Call Center Responses Were Prompt, but Not Consistently Accurate and Complete. 544
Medicare Physician Payments: Trends in Service Utilization, Spending, and Fees Prompt Consideration of Alternative Payment Approaches. 627
Medicare Physician Services: Use of Services Increasing Nationwide and Relatively Few Beneficiaries Report Major Access Problems. 463
Medicare: CMS's Proposed Approach to Set Hospital Inpatient Payment Appears Promising. 705
Millennium Challenge Corporation: Compact Implementation Structures Are Being Established; Framework for Measuring Results Needs Improvement. 413
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope: Knowledge-Based Acquisition Approach Key to Addressing Program Challenges. 378
NASA: Long-Term Commitment to and Investment in Space Exploration Program Requires More Knowledge. 487
Next Generation Air Transportation System: Preliminary Analysis of Progress and Challenges Associated with the Transforamtion of the National Airspace System. 493
No Child Left Behind Act: Assistance from Education Could Help States Better Measure Progress of Students with Limited English Proficiency. 615
No Child Left Behind Act: States Face Challenges Measuring Academic Growth That Education's Initiatives May Help Address. 555
No Child Left Behind Act: States Face Challenges Measuring Academic Growth. 518
NOAA: Next Steps to Strengthen Its Acquisition Function. 509
Nonprofit Hospital Systems: Survey on Executive Compensation Policies and Practices. 342
Nuclear Cleanup of Rocky Flats: DOE Can Use Lessons Learned to Improve Oversight of Other Sites' Cleanup Activities. 486
Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Preliminary Observations on Its Oversight to Ensure the Safe Operation of Nuclear Power Plants. 675
Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Preliminary Observations on Its Process to Oversee the Safe Operation of Nuclear Power Plants. 675
Nutrigenetic Testing: Tests Purchased from Four Web Sites Mislead Consumers. 602
Office of Personnel Management: OPM Is Taking Steps to Strengthen Its Internal Capacity for Leading Human Capital Reform. 591
Olympic Security: Better Planning Can Enhance U.S. Support to Future Olympic Games. 569
Overseas Staffing: Rightsizing Approaches Slowly Taking Hold but More Action Needed to Coordinate and Carry Out Efforts. 603
Paperwork Reduction Act: Increase in Estimated Burden Hours Highlights Need for New Approach. 691
Particulate Matter: EPA Has Started to Address the National Academies' Recommendations on Estimating Health Benefits, but More Progress Is Needed. 655
Particulate Matter: EPA Needs to Make More Progress in Addressing the National Academies' Recommendations on Estimating Health Benefits. 601
Personal Information: Key Federal Privacy Laws Do Not Require Information Resellers to Safeguard All Sensitive Data. 438
President's Justification of the High Performance Computer Control Threshold Does Not Fully Address National Defense Authorization Act of 1998 Requirements. 392
Privacy: Preventing and Responding to Improper Disclosures of Personal Information. 564
Propulsion Systems for Navy Ships and Submarines. 738
Public Transportation: Preliminary Information on FTA's Implementation of SAFETEA-LU Changes. 587
Puerto Rico: Fiscal Relations with the Federal Government and Economic Trends during the Phaseout of the Possessions Tax Credit. 501
Purchase Cards: Control Weaknesses Leave DHS Highly Vulnerable to Fraudulent, Improper, and Abusive Activity. 601
Rail Transit: Additional Federal Leadership Would Enhance FTA's State Safety Oversight Program. 459
Rail Transit: Observations on FTA's State Safety Oversight Program. 548
Real Estate Brokerage: Various Factors May Affect Price Competition. 513
Rebuilding Iraq: Actions Still Needed to Improve the Use of Private Security Providers. 499
Rebuilding Iraq: More Comprehensive National Strategy Needed to Help Achieve U.S. Goals and Overcome Challenges. 605
Rebuilding Iraq: More Comprehensive National Strategy Needed to Help Achieve U.S. Goals. 536
Regulatory Flexibility Act: Congress Should Revisit and Clarify Elements of the Act to Improve Its Effectiveness. 637
Renewable Energy: Increased Geothermal Development Will Depend on Overcoming Many Challenges. 454
Renewable Energy: Increased Geothermal Development Will Depend on Overcoming Many Challenges. 462
Rental Housing Programs: Excluding Servicemembers' Housing Allowances from Income Determinations Would Increase Eligibility, but Other Factors May Limit Program Use. 422
Royalty Revenues: Total Revenues Have Not Increased at the Same Pace as Rising Oil and Natural Gas Prices due to Decreasing Production Sold. 678
Security Assistance: Lapses in Human Rights Screening in North African Countries Indicate Need for Further Oversight. 451
Small Business Administration: Actions Needed to Provide More Timely Disaster Assistance. 475
Social Security Administration: Agency Is Positioning Itself to Implement Its New Disability Determination Process, but Key Facets Are Still in Development. 585
Summary of a GAO Conference: Helping California Youths with Disabilities Transition to Work or Postsecondary Education. 536
Superfund: Better Financial Assurances and More Effective Implementation of Institutional Controls Are Needed to Protect the Public. 652
Tactical Aircraft: DOD Should Present a New F-22A Business Case before Making Further Investments. 687
Tactical Aircraft: Questions Concerning the F-22A's Business Case. 493
Tax Compliance: Challenges to Corporate Tax Enforcement and Options to Improve Securities Basis Reporting. 368
Tax Compliance: Opportunities Exist to Reduce the Tax Gap Using a Variety of Approaches. 634
Tax Debt: Some Combined Federal Campaign Charities Owe Payroll and Other Federal Taxes. 434
Telecommunications: Full Adoption of Sound Transition Planning Practices by GSA and Selected Agencies Could Improve Planning Efforts. 367
Transportation Security Administration: Oversight of Explosive Detection Systems Maintenance Contracts Can Be Strengthened. 598
Treasury Has Sustained Its Formal Process to Promote U.S. Policies at the International Monetary Fund. 522
Treasury's Bank Enterprise Award Program: Impact on Investments in Distressed Communities Is Difficult to Determine, but Likely Not Significant. 465
TRICARE: Enrollment of the Department of Defense's TRICARE Beneficiaries in Medicare Part B. 809
U.S. Enrichment Corporation Privatization: USEC's Delays in Providing Data Hinder DOE's Oversight of the Uranium Decontamination Agreement. 459
U.S. Postal Service: Delivery Performance Standards, Measurement, and Reporting Need Improvement. 390
U.S. Tsunami Preparedness: Federal and State Partners Collaborate to Help Communities Reduce Potential Impacts, but Significant Challenges Remain. 581
Unemployment Insurance: States' Tax Financing Systems Allow Costs to Be Shared among Industries. 478
United Nations: Weaknesses in Internal Oversight and Procurement Could Affect the Effective Implementation of the Planned Renovation. 557
VA and DOD Health Care: Efforts to Provide Seamless Transition of Care for OEF and OIF Servicemembers and Veterans. 892
VA Health Care: Patient Safety Could be Enhanced by Improvements in Employment Screening and Physician Privileging Practices. 541
VA Health Care: Selected Credentialing Requirements at Seven Medical Facilities Met, but an Aspect of Privileging Process Needs Improvement. 596
VA Health Care: Steps Taken to Improve Practitioner Screening, but Facility Compliance with Screening Requirements Is Poor. 457
Veterans Affairs: Leadership Needed to Address Information Security Weaknesses and Privacy Issues. 520
Weapons Acquisition: DOD Should Strengthen Policies for Assessing Technical Data Needs to Support Weapon Systems. 610
Weather Forecasting: National Weather Service Is Planning to Improve Service and Gain Efficiency, but Impacts of Potential Changes Are Not Yet Known. 575
Wildland Fire Rehabilitation and Restoration: Forest Service and BLM Could Benefit from Improved Information on Status of Needed Work. 405
Wildland Fire Suppression: Better Guidance Needed to Clarify Sharing of Costs between Federal and Nonfederal Entities. 607
Wildland Fire Suppression: Lack of Clear Guidance Raises Concerns about Cost Sharing between Federal and Nonfederal Entities. 596
Wood Utilization: Federal Research and Product Development Activities, Support, and Technology Transfer. 553

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