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Articles from General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony (August 1, 2004)

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2010 Census: Overseas Enumeration Test Raises Need for Clear Policy Direction. 392
Acquisition/Financial Systems Interface Requirements: Checklist for Reviewing Systems under the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act. 177
AdapTech General Scientific, LLC. 213
Additional Posthearing Questions Related to Proposed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Human Capital Regulations. 563
Afghanistan Reconstruction: Deteriorating Security and Limited Resources Have Impeded Progress; Improvements in U.S. Strategy Needed. 433
AHNTECH, Inc. 147
Air Force Depot Maintenance: Improved Pricing and Cost Reduction Practices Needed. 648
Air Shunt Instruments. 109
Alaska Native Villages: Villages Affected by Flooding and Erosion Have Difficulty Qualifying for Federal Assistance. 415
Alpha Marine Services, LLC. 193
American Artisan Productions, Inc. 88
Anti-Money Laundering: Issues Concerning Depository Institution Regulatory Oversight. 601
Antibiotic Resistance: Federal Agencies Need to Better Focus Efforts to Address Risk to Humans from Antibiotic Use in Animals. 609
Armstrong Elevator Company. 155
Ashe Facility Services, Inc. 228
Assisted Living: Examples of State Efforts to Improve Consumer Protections. 521
Associated Aircraft Manufacturing & Sales, Inc. 103
Automated Cleaning Technologies, Inc. 111
Aviation Assistance: Compensation Criteria and Payment Equity under the Air Transportation Safety and System Stabilization Act. 799
Aviation Safety: Better Management Controls are Needed to Improve FAA's Safety Enforcement and Compliance Efforts. 448
Aviation Security: Challenges in Using Biometric Technologies. 583
Aviation Security: Further Steps Needed to Strengthen the Security of Commercial Airport Perimeters and Access Controls. 410
Aviation Security: Private Screening Contractors Have Little Flexibility to Implement Innovative Approaches. 507
Better Information Sharing Among Financial Services Regulators Could Improve Protections for Consumers. 832
Biobased Products: Improved USDA Management Would Help Agencies Comply with Farm Bill Purchasing Requirements. 474
Biscuit Fire: Analysis of Fire Response, Resource Availability, and Personnel Certification Standards. 633
Bonneville Power Administration: Better Management of BPA's Obligation to Provide Power Is Needed to Control Future Costs. 529
Border Security: Additional Actions Needed to Eliminate Weaknesses in the Visa Revocation Process. 511
Border Security: Additional Actions Needed to Eliminate Weaknesses in the Visa Revocation Process. 488
Border Security: Agencies Need to Better Coordinate Their Strategies and Operations on Federal Lands. 462
Bureau of the Public Debt: Areas for Improvement in Computer Controls. 259
Burns and RoeServices Corporation. 180
Business-Owned Life Insurance: More Data Could Be Useful in Making Tax Policy Decisions. 581
CDR Enterprises, Inc. 173
Chemical and Biological Defense: DOD Needs to Continue to Collect and Provide Information on Tests and on Potentially Exposed Personnel. 614
Chemical Weapons: Destruction Schedule Delays and Cost Growth Continue to Challenge Program Management. 550
Chicago Dryer Company. 186
Child and Family Services Reviews: Better Use of Data and Improved Guidance Could Enhance HHS's Oversight of State Performance. 492
Child And Family Services Reviews: States and HHS Face Challenges in Assessing and Improving State Performance. 633
Cigarette Smuggling: Federal Law Enforcement Efforts and Seizures Increasing. 439
Citrus College; KEI Pearson, Inc. 194
Coast Guard: Deepwater Program Acquisition Schedule Update Needed. 409
Coast Guard: Key Management and Budget Challenges for Fiscal Year 2005 and Beyond. 629
Coast Guard: Station Spending Requirements Met, but Better Processes Needed to Track Designated Funds. 442
Coins and Currency: How the Costs and Earnings Associated with Producing Coins and Currency Are Budgeted and Accounted For. 562
Columbia River Basin: A Multilayered Collection of Directives and Plans Guides Federal Fish and Wildlife Activities. 601
Commercial Aviation: Despite Industry Turmoil, Low-Cost Airlines Are Growing and Profitable. 511
Comptroller General's Forum on Health Care: Unsustainable Trends Necessitate Comprehensive and Fundamental Reforms to Control Spending and Improve Value. 545
Computer Associates International, Inc.--Reconsideration. 153
Computer-Based Patient Records: Improved Planning and Project Management Are Critical to Achieving Two-Way VA-DOD Health Data Exchange. 593
Computer-Based Patient Records: Subcommittee Questions Concerning VA and DOD Efforts to Achieve a Two-Way Exchange of Health Data. 650
Computer-Based Patient Records: VA and DOD Efforts to Exchange Health Data Could Benefit from Improved Planning and Project Management. 282
Computers Universal, Inc. 127
Consortium HSG Technischer Service GmbH and GeBe GebEnude-Aaund. 237
Continental RPVs. 133
Continuity of Operations: Improved Planning Needed to Ensure Delivery of Essential Services. 436
Contract Management: Contracting for Iraq Reconstruction and for Global Logistics Support. 351
Contract Management: DOD Needs Measures for Small Business Subcontracting Program and Better Data on Foreign Subcontracts. 531
Contract Management: Further Efforts Needed to Sustain VA's Progress in Purchasing Medical Products and Services. 560
Contract Management: Guidance Needed to Promote Competition for Defense Task Orders. 381
Contract Management: Impact of Strategy to Mitigate Effects of Contract Bundling on Small Business is Uncertain. 553
Core Financial System Requirements: Checklist for Reviewing Systems under the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act. 191
CourtSmart Digital Systems, Inc. 189
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Establishing Effective Information Sharing with Infrastructure Sectors. 401
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Improving Information Sharing with Infrastructure Sectors. 369
Crop Insurance: USDA Needs to Improve Oversight of Insurance Companies and Develop a Policy to Address Any Future Insolvencies. 486
D.C. Family Court: Operations and Case Management Have Improved, but Critical Issues Remain. 547
Dan Duefrene; Kelley Dull; Brenda Neuerburg; Gabrielle Martin. 201
Data Mining: Federal Efforts Cover a Wide Range of Uses. 394
Debt Ceiling: Analysis of Actions Taken During the 2003 Debt Issuance Suspension Period. 591
Defense Acquisitions: Knowledge of Software Suppliers Needed to Manage Risks. 455
Defense Acquisitions: Space-Based Radar Effort Needs Additional Knowledge before Starting Development. 610
Defense Acquisitions: The Army's Future Combat Systems' Features, Risks, and Alternatives. 572
Defense Acquisitions: The Global Information Grid and Challenges Facing Its Implementation. 508
Defense Infrastructure: Factors Affecting U.S. Infrastructure Costs Overseas and the Development of Comprehensive Master Plans. 630
Defense Infrastructure: Issues Related to the Renovation of General and Flag Officer Quarters. 575
Defense Logistics: GAO's Observations on Maintenance Aspects of the Navy's Fleet Response Plan. 482
Defense Management: Continuing Questionable Reliance on Commercial Contracts to Demilitarize Excess Ammunition When Unused, Environmentally Friendly Capacity Exists at Government Facilities. 377
Defense Management: Opportunities Exist to Improve Implementation of DOD's Long-Term Corrosion Strategy. 515
Defense Space Activities: Continuation of Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle Program's Progress to Date Subject to Some Uncertainity. 809
Defense Trade: Issues Concerning the Use of Offsets in International Defense Sales. 779
DeLeon Technical Services, Inc. 146
Department of Defense: Financial and Business Management Transformation Hindered by Long-standing Problems. 436
Department of Defense: Long-standing Problems Continue to Impede Financial and Business Management Transformation. 502
Department of Energy: Achieving Small Business Prime Contracting Goals Involves Both Potential Benefits and Risks. 644
Department of Energy: Certain Postretirement Benefits for Contractor Employees Are Unfunded and Program Oversight Could Be Improved. 604
Department of Homeland Security: Financial Management Challenges. 491
Department of Housing and Urban Development: Lack of Accountability for Computer Equipment Leaves These Assets Vulnerable to Loss or Misappropriation. 408
Department of State: Nonproliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs Follow Legal Authority, but Some Activities Need Reassessment. 389
Department of Veterans Affairs: Federal Gulf War Illnesses Research Strategy Needs Reassessment. 555
Designer Associates, Inc. 224
Developing Countries: Achieving Poor Countries' Economic Growth and Debt Relief Targets Faces Significant Financing Challenges. 531
Developing Countries: Challenges in Financing Poor Countries' Economic Growth and Debt Relief Targets. 536
Diploma Mills: Federal Employees Have Obtained Degrees from Diploma Mills and Other Unaccredited Schools, Some at Government Expense. 289
Dismas Charities, Inc. 116
District of Columbia Jail: Medical Services Generally Met Requirements and Costs Decreased, but Oversight Is Incomplete. 599
District of Columbia's Department of Transportation's Reorganization and Use of Federal-Aid Funding. 902
District of Columbia: FY 2003 Performance Report Shows Continued Improvements. 444
District of Columbia: Structural Imbalance and Management Issues. 720
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Billions Continue to Be Invested with Inadequate Management Oversight and Accountability. 418
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Limited Progress in Development of Business Enterprise Architecture and Oversight of Information Technology Investments. 875
DOD Civilian Personnel: Comprehensive Strategic Workforce Plans Needed. 392
DOD Operational Ranges: More Reliable Cleanup Cost Estimates and a Proactive Approach to Identifying Contamination Are Needed. 395
DOD Personnel Clearances: Additional Steps Can Be Taken to Reduce Backlogs and Delays in Determining Security Clearance Eligibility for Industry Personnel. 575
DOD Personnel Clearances: Preliminary Observations Related to Backlogs and Delays in Determining Security Clearance Eligibility for Industry Personnel. 596
DOD Travel Cards: Control Weaknesses Led to Millions in Fraud, Waste, and Improper Payments. 402
DOD Travel Cards: Control Weaknesses Resulted in Millions of Dollars of Improper Payments. 617
Drinking Water: Safeguarding the District of Columbia's Supplies and Applying Lessons Learned to Other Systems. 632
Drug Control: Aviation Program Safety Concerns in Colombia Are Being Addressed, but State's Planning and Budgeting Process Can Be Improved. 443
Drug Control: U.S. Nonmilitary Assistance to Colombia Is Beginning to Show Intended Results, but Programs Are Not Readily Sustainable. 399
Drug Rehabilitation Clinics: Illegal Drug Activities Near Some District of Columbia Clinics Undermine Clinic Services and Patient Rehabilitation. 98
El Tratado De Guadalupe Hidalgo: Hallazgos y Opciones Posibles Con Respecto a Los Reclamos de Larga Duracion de Mercedes de Tierras Comunitarias en Nuevo Mexico. 771
Elections: Electronic Voting Offers Opportunities and Presents Challenges. 497
Elections: Electronic Voting Offers Opportunities and Presents Challenges. 495
Emergency Preparedness: Federal Funds for First Responders. 650
Emerging Infectious Diseases: Asian SARS Outbreak Challenged International and National Responses. 522
Energy Employees Compensation: Even with Needed Improvements in Case Processing, Program Structure May Result in Inconsistent Benefit Outcomes. 614
Energy Employees Compensation: Even with Needed Improvements in Case Processing, Program Structure May Result in Inconsistent Benefit Outcomes. 612
Energy Markets: Effects of Mergers and Market Concentration in the U.S. Petroleum Industry. 530
Energy Markets: Mergers and Many Other Factors Affect U.S. Gasoline Markets. 662
Energy Markets: Mergers and Other Factors that Affect the U.S. Refining Industry. 615
Environmental Disclosure: SEC Should Explore Ways to Improve Tracking and Transparency of Information. 518
Excess Agency Contributions to the Thrift Savings Plan. 151
FAA Budget Policies and Practices. 583
Fair Housing: Opportunities to Improve HUD's Oversight and Management of the Enforcement Process. 411
Family Entertainment Services, Inc., d/b/a/ IMC. 96
Farm Program Payments: USDA Needs to Strengthen Regulations and Oversight to Better Ensure Recipients Do Not Circumvent Payment Limitations. 425
Farm Program Payments: USDA Should Correct Weaknesses in Regulations and Oversight to Better Ensure Recipients Do Not Circumvent Payment Limitations. 387
Farmer Mac: Greater Attention to Risk Management, Mission, Public Purpose, and Corporate Governance Is Needed. 524
FBI Transformation: Human Capital Strategies May Assist the FBI in Its Commitment to Address Its Top Priorities. 446
Federal Acquisition: Increased Attention to Vehicle Fleets Could Result in Savings. 544
Federal Advisory Committees: Additional Guidance Could Help Agencies Better Ensure Independence and Balance. 526
Federal Agency Obligations. 303
Federal Aircraft: Inaccurate Cost Data and Weaknesses in Fleet Management Planning Hamper Cost Effective Operations. 571
Federal Assistance: Temporary State Fiscal Relief. 637
Federal Aviation Administration: Challenges for Transforming Into a High-Performing Organization. 464
Federal Aviation Administration: Plan Still Needed to Meet Challenges to Effectively Managing Air Traffic Controller Workforce. 539
Federal Budget: Agency Obligations by Budget Function and Object Classification for Fiscal Year 2003. 481
Federal Chief Information Officers: Responsibilities, Reporting Relationships, Tenure, and Challenges. 414
Federal Emergency Management Agency: Lack of Controls and Key Information for Property Leave Assets Vulnerable to Loss or Misappropriation. 698
Federal Judiciary: Assessing and Formally Documenting Financial Disclosure Procedures Could Help Ensure Balance between Judges' Safety and Timely Public Access. 625
Federal Land Management: Additional Guidance on Community Involvement Could Enhance Effectiveness of Stewardship Contracting. 415
Federal Research: Information on DOE's Laboratory-Directed R&D Program. 433
Federal Reserve Banks: Areas for Improvement in Computer Controls. 453
File Sharing Program: Users of Peer-to-Peer Networks Can Readily Access Child Pornography. 478
File Sharing: Selected Universities Report Taking Action to Reduce Copyright Infringement. 418
Financial Accounting Standards: Accounting for Stock Options and Other Share-Based Payments. 680
Financial Management: Audit of the Centennial of Flight Commission for Fiscal Year 2003 and though May 19, 2004. 330
Financial Management: Audit of the White House Commission on the National Moment of Remembrance for Fiscal Years 2003 and 2002. 426
Financial Management: Department of Homeland Security Faces Significant Financial Management Challenges. 450
Financial Management: Fiscal Year 2003 Performance and Accountability Reports Provide Limited Information on Governmentwide Improper Payments. 563
Financial Services: Post-hearing Questions Regarding Recovering Foreign Regimes' Assets. 201
Firearms Training Systems, Inc. 317
First Federal Corporation--Costs. 116
Fiscal Year 2003 U.S. Government Financial Statements: Sustained Improvement in Federal Financial Management Is Crucial to Addressing Our Nation's Future Fiscal Challenges. 625
Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Request: U.S. General Accounting Office. 477
Follow-Up on GAO Recommendations Concerning the Securities Investor Protection Corporation. 624
Foreign Assistance: Observations on USAID's Commodity Import Program in Egypt. 432
Foreign Assistance: U.S. Anticorruption Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa Will Require Time and Commitment. 446
Foreign Military Sales: Improved Army Controls Could Prevent Unauthorized Shipments of Classified Spare Parts and Items Containing Military Technology to Foreign Countries. 536
Foreign Military Sales: Improved Navy Controls Could Prevent Unauthorized Shipments of Classified and Controlled Spare Parts to Foreign Countries. 542
Future Years Defense Program: Actions Needed to Improve Transparency of DOD's Projected Resource Needs. 456
FY 2005 Annual Report on the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. 421
GAO Performance Plan: Fiscal Year 2005. 101
GAO's Congressional Protocols. 156
Gender Issues: Women's Participation in the Sciences Has Increased, but Agencies Need to Do More to Ensure Compliance with Title IX. 413
Geospatial Information: Better Coordination and Oversight Could Help Reduce Duplicative Investments. 270
Geospatial Information: Better Coordination Needed to Identify and Reduce Duplicative Investments. 265
Geothermal Energy: Information on the Navy's Geothermal Program. 569
Global Health: U.S. AIDS Coordinator Addressing Some Key Challenges to Expanding Treatment but Others Remain. 397
Government Printing Office: Actions to Strengthen and Sustain GPO's Transformation. 491
Government Printing Office: Technological Changes Create Transformation Opportunities. 507
Grants Management: EPA Continues to Have Problems Linking Grants to Environmental Results. 440
Graves Construction, Inc. 242
Great Lakes: A Comprehensive Strategy and Monitoring System Are Needed to Achieve Restoration Goals. 343
Great South Bay Marina, Inc. 107
GSA Actions Leading to Proposed Debarment of WorldCom. 437
Guardianships: Collaboration Needed to Protect Incapacitated Elderly People. 328
Gulf War Illnesses: DOD's Conclusions about U.S. Troops' Exposure Cannot Be Adequately Supported. 349
Gulf War Illnesses: DOD's Conclusions About U.S. Troops' Exposure Cannot Be Adequately Supported. 350
Gulf War Illnesses: Federal Research Efforts Have Waned, and Research Findings Have Not Been Reassessed. 545
Health Care: National Strategy Needed to Accelerate the Implementation of Information Technology. 610
HHS OIG: Allegations of Misspending Were Unsubstantiated. 381
Highlights of a GAO Forum: Workforce Challenges and Opportunities For 21st Century: Changing Labor Force Dynamics and the Role of Government Polices. 652
Highway Safety: Federal and State Efforts to Address Rural Road Safety Challenges. 579
Home Inspections: Many Buyers Benefit from Inspections, but Mandating Their Use Is Questionable. 438
Homeland Security: Communication Protocols and Risk Communication Principles Can Assist in Refining the Advisory System. 418
Homeland Security: Coordinated Planning and Standards Needed to Better Manage First Responder Grants in the National Capital Region. 303
Homeland Security: DHS Needs a Strategy to Use DOE's Laboratories for Research on Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Detection and Response Technologies. 584
Homeland Security: Federal Leadership and Intergovernmental Cooperation Required to Achieve First Responder Interoperable Communications. 484
Homeland Security: Federal Leadership and Intergovernmental Cooperation Required to Achieve First Responder Interoperable Communications. 483
Homeland Security: First Phase of Visitor and Immigration Status Program Operating, but Improvements Needed. 390
Homeland Security: Management of First Responder Grants in the National Capital Region Reflects the Need for Coordinated Planning and Performance Goals. 303
Homeland Security: Performance of Information System to Monitor Foreign Students and Exchange Visitors Has Improved, but Issues Remain. 359
Homeland Security: Transformation Strategy Needed to Address Challenges Facing the Federal Protective Service. 434
Human Capital: Additional Collaboration Between OPM and Agencies Is Key to Improved Federal Hiring. 346
Human Capital: Building on the Current Momentum to Transform the Federal Government. 523
Human Capital: DHS Faces Challenges In Implementing Its New Personnel System. 543
Human Capital: Increasing Agencies' Use of New Hiring Flexibilities. 435
Human Capital: Key Practices to Increasing Federal Telework. 494
Human Capital: Observations on Agencies' Implementation of the Chief Human Capital Officers Act. 536
Human Capital: Opportunities to Improve Federal Continuity Planning Guidance. 350
Human Capital: Selected Agencies' Use of Alternative Service Delivery Options for Human Capital Activities. 231
Human Capital: Senior Executive Performance Management Can Be Significantly Strengthened to Achieve Results. 253
Human Capital: Status of Efforts to Improve Federal Hiring. 492
Hyperbaric Technologies, Inc. 103
Hyperbaric Technologies, Inc. 161
Illegal Alien Schoolchildren: Issues in Estimating State-by-State Costs. 465
Immigration Enforcement: Better Data and Controls Are Needed to Assure Consistency with the Supreme Court Decision on Long-Term Alien Detention. 434
Independent Counsel: Breakdown of Expenditures for David M. Barrett. 283
Independent Standard-Setting Process for Establishing Accounting Standards for Private-Sector Entities. 385
Information and Technology Management: Responsibilities, Reporting Relationships, Tenure, and Challenges of Agency Chief Information Officers. 400
Information on Selected Personnel Practices at the Justice Department. 442
Information Security: Agencies Face Challenges in Implementing Effective Software Patch Management Processes. 403
Information Security: Agencies Need to Implement Consistent Processes In Authorizing Systems for Operation. 428
Information Security: Continued Action Needed to Improve Software Patch Management. 489
Information Security: Information System Controls at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. 278
Information Technology: DOD's Acquisition Policies and Guidance Need to Incorporate Additional Best Practices and Controls. 457
Information Technology: Early Releases of Customs Trade System Operating, but Pattern of Cost and Schedule Problems Needs to Be Addressed. 380
Information Technology: Homeland Security Should Better Balance Need for System Integration Strategy with Spending for New and Enhanced Systems. 489
Information Technology: The Federal Enterprise Architecture and Agencies' Enterprise Architectures Are Still Maturing. 475
Information Technology: Training Can Be Enhanced by Greater Use of Leading Practices. 383
Information Ventures, Inc. 88
Information Ventures, Inc. 166
Intellectual Property: Economic Arrangments Among Small Webcasters and Third Parties and Their Effect on Royalties. 445
Internal Revenue Service: Status of Recommendation from Financial Audits and Related Financial Management Reports. 578
Internet Pharmacies: Hydrocodone, an Addictive Narcotic Pain Medication, Is Available Without a Prescription Through the Internet. 169
Internet Pharmacies: Some Pose Safety Risks for Consumers and Are Unreliable in Their Business Practices. 656
Internet Pharmacies: Some Pose Safety Risks for Consumers. 648
Investigating Money Laundering And Terrorist Financing: Federal Law Enforcement Agencies Face Continuing Coordination Challenges. 439
Iraq's Transitional Law. 856
JACO & MCC Joint Venture, LLP. 150
JAVIS Automation & Engineering, Inc. 108
Joint Strike Fighter Acquisition: Observations on the Supplier Base. 468
Judgment Fund: Treasury's Estimates of Claim Payment Processing Costs under the No FEAR Act and Contract Disputes Act. 511
Kaman Dayron, Inc. 160
Kaneohe General Services, Inc. 159
Kearfott Guidance & Navigation Corporation. 133
Lockheed Martin Corporation. 222
Low-Level Radioactive Waste: Disposal Availability Adequate in the Short Term, but Oversight Needed to Identify Any Future Shortfalls. 397
LSL Industries, Inc.--Costs. 103
Management Report: Improvements Needed in IRS's Internal Controls and Accounting Procedures. 256
Management Report: Opportunities for Improvements in FDIC's Internal Controls and Accounting Procedures. 318
Maritime Security: Partnering Could Reduce Federal Costs and Facilitate Implementation of Automatic Vessel Identification System. 412
Maritime Security: Substantial Work Remains to Translate New Planning Requirements into Effective Port Security. 480
Mass Transit: FTA Needs to Better Define and Assess Impact of Certain Policies on New Starts Program. 628
Medicaid Program Integrity: State and Federal Efforts to Prevent and Detect Improper Payments. 633
Medicaid Waivers: HHS Approvals of Pharmacy Plus Demonstrations Continue to Raise Cost and Oversight Concerns. 574
Medicare Dialysis Facilities: Beneficiary Access Stable and Problems in Payment System Being Addressed. 542
Medicare Physician Payments: Information on Spending Trends and Targets. 489
Medicare: Call Centers Need to Improve Responses to Policy-Oriented Questions from Providers. 380
Medicare: CMS Did Not Control Rising Power Wheelchair Spending. 343
Medicare: CMS Needs Additional Authority to Adequately Oversee Patient Safety in Hospitals. 557
Metropolitan Statistical Areas: New Standards and Their Impact on Selected Federal Programs. 495
Military Aircraft: DOD Needs to Determine Its Aerial Refueling Aircraft Requirements. 473
Military Base Closures: Assessment of DOD's 2004 Report on the Need for a Base Realignment and Closure Round. 617
Military Education: DOD Needs to Develop Performance Goals and Metrics for Advanced Distributed Learning in Professional Military Education. 382
Military Housing: Further Improvement Needed in Requirements Determinations and Program Review. 422
Military Housing: Opportunities Exist to Better Explain Family Housing O&M Budget Requests and Increase Visibility Over Reprogramming of Funds. 577
Military Operations: DOD Needs to Provide Central Direction for Supporting Coalition Liaison Officers. 349
Military Operations: DOD's Extensive Use of Logistics Support Contracts Requires Strengthened Oversight. 427
Military Operations: DOD's Fiscal Year 2003 Funding and Reported Obligations in Support of the Global War on Terrorism. 364
Military Operations: Fiscal Year 2004 Costs for the Global War on Terrorism Will Exceed Supplemental, Requiring DOD to Shift Funds from Other Uses. 418
Military Operations: Recent Campaigns Benefited from Improved Communications and Technology, but Barriers to Continued Progress Remain. 481
Military Pay: Army Reserve Soldiers Mobilized to Active Duty Experienced Significant Pay Problems. 412
Military Personnel: Active Duty Compensation and Its Tax Treatment. 680
Military Personnel: DOD Has Not Implemented the High Deployment Allowance That Could Compensate Servicemembers Deployed Frequently for Short Periods. 544
Military Personnel: General and Flag Officer Requirements Are Unclear Based on DOD's 2003 Report to Congress. 609
Military Personnel: Survivor Benefits for Servicemembers and Federal, State, and City Government Employees. 561
Military Training: DOD Report on Training Ranges Does Not Fully Address Congressional Reporting Requirements. 415
Mineral Revenues: Cost and Revenue Information Needed to Compare Different Approaches for Collecting Federal Oil and Gas Royalties. 442
Missile Defense: Actions Are Needed to Enhance Testing and Accountability. 536
Multifamily Housing: More Accessible HUD Data Could Help Efforts to Preserve Housing for Low-Income Tenants. 410
Mutual Funds: SEC Should Modify Proposed Regulations to Address Some Pension Plan Concerns. 625
MW-All Star Joint Venture. 202
NASA: Compliance with Cost Limits. 140
NASA: Lack of Disciplined Cost-Estimating Processes Hinders Effective Program Management. 538
National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Significant Actions Needed to Address Long-standing Financial Management Problems. 598
National Emergency Grants: Labor Is Instituting Changes to Improve Award Process, but Further Actions Are Required to Expedite Grant Awards and Improve Data. 444
National Nuclear Security Administration: Key Management Structure and Workforce Planning Issues Remain As NNSA Conducts Downsizing. 411
National Park Foundation: Better Communication of Roles and Responsibilities Is Needed to Strengthen Partnership with the National Park Service. 514
National Park Service: Comments on Provisions of S. 2543, a Bill to Establish a Federal Program and Criteria for National Heritage Areas. 637
Native Blade, Inc. 115
Natural Gas Flaring and Venting: Opportunities to Improve Data and Reduce Emissions. 460
No FEAR Act: Methods the Justice Department Says It Could Use to Account for Its Per-Case Costs Under the Act. 722
Nonproliferation: Further Improvements Needed in U.S. Efforts to Counter Threats from Man-Portable Air Defense Systems. 329
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation. 166
Nuclear Nonproliferation: DOE Needs to Take Action to Further Reduce the Use of Weapons-Usable Uranium in Civilian Research Reactors. 479
Nuclear Nonproliferation: DOE's Effort to Close Russia's Plutonium Production Reactors Faces Challenges, and Final Shutdown Is Uncertain. 442
Nuclear Regulation: NRC Needs to More Aggressively and Comprehensively Resolve Issues Related to the Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Plant's Shutdown. 452
Nuclear Regulation: NRC's Liability Insurance Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants Owned by Limited Liability Companies. 506
Nuclear Security: DOE Must Address Significant Issues to Meet the Requirements of the New Design Basis Threat. 480
Nuclear Security: DOE Must Address Significant Issues to Meet the Requirements of the New Design Basis Threat. 457
Nuclear Security: DOE Needs to Resolve Significant Issues Before It Fully Meets the New Design Basis Threat. 531
Nuclear Security: Several Issues Could Impede the Ability of DOE's Office of Energy, Science and Environment to Meet the May 2003 Design Basis Threat. 470
Nuclear Waste Cleanup: DOE Has Made Some Progress in Cleaning Up the Paducah Site, but Challenges Remain. 628
Nuclear Waste: Absence of Key Management Reforms on Hanford's Cleanup Project Adds to Challenges of Achieving Cost and Schedule Goals. 366
Nursing Home Fire Safety: Recent Fires Highlight Weaknesses in Federal Standards and Oversight. 593
Nutrition Education: USDA Provides Services through Multiple Programs, but Stronger Linkages among Efforts Are Needed. 414
One Source Mechanical Services, Inc.; Kane Construction. 222

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