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Articles from General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony (May 1, 2003)

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Appointment and Qualifications of U.S. Marshals. 766
Army Stryker Brigades: Assessment of External Logistics Support Should Be Documented for the Congressionally Mandated Review of the Army's Operational Evaluation Plan. 582
Best Practices: Better Acquisition Outcomes Are Possible If DOD Can Apply Lessons from F/A-22 Program. 505
Bioterrorism: Preparedness Varied across State and Local Jurisdictions. 439
Calculating Overtime Pay Rates for Government Printing Office Employees. 326
Cherokee Information Services, Inc. 82
Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice: Federal Agencies Could Play a Stronger Role in Helping States Reduce the Number of Children Placed Solely to Obtain Mental Health Services. 380
Coast Guard: Challenges during the Transition to the Department of Homeland Security. 382
Corporation for National and Community Service: Preliminary Observations on the National Service Trust and AmeriCorps. 195
Corps of Engineers: Effects of Restrictions on Corps' Hopper Dredges Should Be Comprehensively Analyzed. 543
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Challenges for Selected Agencies and Industry Sectors. 407
Data Monitor Systems, Inc. 121
Defense Acquisition: Advanced SEAL Deliver System Program Needs Increased Oversight. 411
Defense Acquisitions: Steps Needed to Ensure Interoperability of Systems That Process Intelligence Data. 411
Defense Health Care: Army Needs to Assess the Health Status of All Early-Deploying Reservists. 312
Defense Health Care: Oversight of the Adequacy of TRICARE's Civilian Provider Network Has Weaknesses. 529
Defense Space Activities: Organizational Changes Initiated, but Further Management Actions Needed. 496
Defense Transportation: Monitoring Costs and Benefits Needed While Implementing a New Program for Moving Household Goods. 613
Department of Education: Status of Efforts to Address Major Management Challenges. 239
Department of Housing and Urban Development: Status of Efforts to Implement an Integrated Financial Management System. 777
Depot Maintenance: Public-Private Partnerships Have Increased, but Long-Term Growth and Results Are Uncertain. 403
Dietary Supplements: Review of Health-Related Call Records for Users of Metabolife 356. 545
District of Columbia: Issues Associated with the Child and Family Services Agency's Performance and Policies. 251
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Continued Investment in Key Accounting Systems Needs to be Justified. 345
DOD Business Systems Modernization: Longstanding Management and Oversight Weaknesses Continue to Put Investments at Risk. 563
DOD Personnel: DOD Actions Needed to Strengthen Civilian Human Capital Strategic Planning and Integration with Military Personnel and Sourcing Decisions. 540
DOD Personnel: DOD Comments on GAO's Report on DOD's Civilian Human Capital Strategic Planning. 718
EADS North America, Inc. 98
Embassy Construction: Process for Determining Staffing Requirements Needs Improvement. 342
Environmental Contamination: DOD Has Taken Steps to Improve Cleanup Coordination at Former Defense Sites but Clearer Guidance Is Needed to Ensure Consistency. 642
Executive Reorganization Authority: Balancing Executive and Congressional Roles in Shaping the Federal Government's Structure. 428
Federal Aviation Administration: Reauthorization Provides Opportunities to Address Key Agency Challenges. 451
Federal Programs: Ethnographic Studies Can Inform Agencies' Actions. 343
Federal Reserve Banks: Areas for Improvement in Computer Controls. 317
Financial Audit: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Funds' 2002 and 2001 Financial Statements. 307
Fiscal Year 2002 U.S. Government Financial Statements: Sustained Leadership and Oversight Needed for Effective Implementation of Financial Management Reform. 429
Fiscal Year 2004 Budget Request: U.S. General Accounting Office. 455
Fiscal Year 2004 Budget Request: U.S. General Accounting Office. 455
Flood Insurance: Challenges Facing the National Flood Insurance Program. 491
Foreign Assistance: U.S. Democracy Programs in Six Latin American Countries Have Yielded Modest Results. 365
Foster Care: States Focusing on Finding Permanent Homes for Children, but Long-Standing Barriers Remain. 633
FY 2003 Annual Report on the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program. 503
General Services Administration: Factors Affecting the Construction and Operating Costs of Federal Buildings. 370
Highlights of a GAO Symposium: Addressing Key Challenges in an Intergovernmental Setting. 574
Highway Research: DOT's Actions to Implement Best Practices for Setting Research Agendas and Evaluating Outcomes. 478
Homeland Security: Challenges to Implementing the Immigration Interior Enforcement Strategy. 386
HUD Purchase Cards: Poor Internal Controls Resulted in Improper and Questionable Purchases. 317
Human Capital: Building on the Current Momentum to Address High-Risk Issues. 587
Human Capital: Selected Agency Actions to Integrate Human Capital Approaches to Attain Mission Results. 338
Immigration Benefits: Ninth Report Required by the Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 1998. 188
Infectious Disease Outbreaks: Bioterrorism Preparedness Efforts Have Improved Public Health Response Capacity, but Gaps Remain. 426
Information Security: Progress Made, But Challenges Remain to Protect Federal Systems and the Nation's Critical Infrastructures. 452
Information Technology: A Framework for Assessing and Improving Enterprise Architecture Management (Version 1.1). 417
Information Technology: DOD Needs to Leverage Lessons Learned from Its Outsourcing Projects. 333
Information Technology: Observations on Department of Defense's Draft Enterprise Architecture. 595
Information Technology: Terrorist Watch Lists Should Be Consolidated to Promote Better Integration and Sharing. 373
Internal Revenue Service: Assessment of Fiscal Year 2004 Budget Request and 2003 Filing Season Performance to Date. 391
Management Reform: Continuing Progress in Implementing Initiatives in the President's Management Agenda. 398
Medicare: Financial Challenges and Considerations for Reform. 576
Medicare: Observations on Program Sustainability and Strategies to Control Spending on Any Proposed Drug Benefit. 442
Military and Veterans' Benefits: Observations on the Concurrent Receipt of Military Retirement and VA Disability Compensation. 301
Military Readiness: DOD Needs to Better Manage Automatic Test Equipment Modernization. 415
Military Readiness: New Reporting System Is Intended to Address Long-Standing Problems, but Better Planning Is Needed. 521
Military Training: DOD Approach to Managing Encroachment on Training Ranges Still Evolving. 370
Military Treatment Facilities: Eligibility Follow-up at Wilford Hall Air Force Medical Center. 314
Multiple Employment and Training Programs: Funding and Performance Measures for Major Programs. 538
Mutual Funds: Information on Trends in Fees and Their Related Disclosure. 361
Newborn Screening: Characteristics of State Programs. 430
Obligational Practices of the Corporation for National and Community Service. 142
Overseas Presence: Rightsizing Framework Can Be Applied at U.S. Diplomatic Posts in Developing Countries. 290
Overseas Presence: Systematic Processes Needed to Rightsize Posts and Guide Embassy Construction. 373
Paid Tax Preparers: Most Taxpayers Believe They Benefit, but Some Are Poorly Served. 426
Paperwork Reduction Act: Record Increase in Agencies' Burden Estimates. 299
Performance Budgeting: Current Developments and Future Prospects. 553
Pesticides on Tobacco: Federal Activities to Assess Risks and Monitor Residues. 423
Radiation Exposure Compensation: Funding to Pay Claims May Be Inadequate to Meet Projected Needs. 408
Results-Oriented Cultures: Creating a Clear Linkage between Individual Performance and Organizational Success. 421
Results-Oriented Cultures: Modern Performance Management Systems Are Needed to Effectively Support Pay for Performance. 422
SAMS El Segundo, LLC. 80
Social Security and Minorities: Earnings, Disability Incidence, and Mortality Are Key Factors That Influence Taxes Paid and Benefits Received. 379
Social Security Reform: Information on Using a Voluntary Approach to Individual Accounts. 564
South Florida Ecosystem Restoration: Improved Science Coordination Needed to Increase the Likelihood of Success. 329
Status of Reforms and Budgets of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. 686
Tactical Aircraft: Status of the F/A-22 Program. 578
Tax Administration: IRS Should Reassess the Level of Resources for Testing Forms and Instructions. 411
Title I: Although Definitions of Administrative Expenditures Vary, Almost All Districts Studied Spent Less Than 10 Percent on Administration. 317
Transportation Security: Post-September 11th Initiatives and Long-Term Challenges. 488
U.S. Postal Service: Better Guidance Is Needed to Improve Communication Should Anthrax Contamination Occur in the Future. 442
Use of Appropriated Funds to Pay for the Relocation of Utilities. 195
Vehicle Donations: Taxpayer Considerations When Donating Vehicles to Charities. 385
Verestar Government Services Group. 112
Workforce Investment Act: Issues Related to Allocation Formulas for Youth, Adults, and Dislocated Workers. 602
World Trade Organization: First-Year U.S. Efforts to Monitor China's Compliance. 488

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