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Articles from General Accounting Office Reports & Testimony (June 1, 2003)

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AAR Aircraft Services--Costs. 90
Agricultural Conservation: Survey Results on USDA's Implementation of Food Security Act Compliance Provisions. 415
Agricultural Research: USDA's Outreach to Minority-Serving Institutions Could Improve Grant Competition. 469
Agriculture Conservation: USDA Needs to Better Ensure Protection of Highly Erodible Cropland and Wetlands. 384
Audit Guide: Auditing and Investigating the Internal Control of Government Purchase Card Programs. 294
Bureau of the Public Debt: Areas for Improvement in Computer Controls. 284
Business Modernization: Improvements Needed in Management of NASA's Integrated Financial Management Program. 434
Campaign Finance Reform: Early Experiences of Two States That Offer Full Public Funding for Political Candidates. 395
Central and Southwest Asian Countries: Trends in U.S. Assistance and Key Economic, Governance, and Demographic Characteristics. 297
Child Care: Recent State Policy Changes Affecting the Availability of Assistance for Low-Income Families. 374
Climate Change: Information on Three Air Pollutants' Climate Effects and Emissions Trends. 384
CMC & Maintenance, Inc. 81
Combating Terrorism: Interagency Framework and Agency Programs to Address the Overseas Threat. 326
Compliance and Collections: Challenges for IRS in Reversing Trends and Implementing New Initiatives. 415
Contract Management: Comments on Proposed Services Acquisition Reform Act. 277
Contract Management: Reporting of Small Business Contract Awards Does Not Reflect Current Business Size. 256
Counterfeit Documents Used to Enter the United States From Certain Western Hemisphere Countries Not Detected. 214
D.C. Child and Family Services: Key Issues Affecting the Management of Its Foster Care Cases. 292
Defense Acquisitions: Assessments of Major Weapon Programs. 442
Defense Budget: Tracking of Emergency Response Funds for the War on Terrorism. 527
Defense Infrastructure: Changes in Funding Priorities and Management Processes Needed to Improve Condition and Reduce Costs of Guard and Reserve Facilities. 371
Defense Inventory: Air Force Item Manager Views of Repair Parts Issues Consistent With Issues Reported in the Past. 333
Defense Inventory: Overall Inventory and Requirements Are Increasing, but Some Reductions in Navy Requirements Are Possible. 425
Defense Trade: Report and Recommendations of the Defense Offsets Commission Still Pending. 610
Defense Transformation: DOD's Proposed Civilian Personnel System and Governmentwide Human Capital Reform. 677
Defense Transformation: Preliminary Observations on DOD's Proposed Civilian Personnel Reforms. 646
Department of Energy: External Regulation Savings in Safety and Health Activities at DOE Science Laboratories. 951
Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency: Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program. 81
Department of Veterans Affairs: Key Management Challenges in Health and Disability Programs. 406
District of Columbia: Performance Report Shows Continued Progress. 496
District of Columbia: Structural Imbalance and Management Issues. 750
DOD Civilian Personnel: Improved Strategic Planning Needed to Help Ensure Viability of DOD's Civilian Industrial Workforce. 462
Environmental Protection: Federal Planning Requirements for Transportation and Air Quality Protection Could Potentially Be More Efficient and Better Linked. 472
Exelon Services Federal Group. 99
Federal Assistance: Grant System Continues to Be Highly Fragmented. 338
Federal Bankruptcy Judges: Weighted Case Filings as a Measure of Judges' Case-Related Workload. 484
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Charges for Hydropower Projects' Use of Federal Lands Need to Be Reassessed. 564
Federal Funds: Fiscal Year 2001 Expenditures by Selected Organizations Involved in Health-Related Activities. 454
Federal Judgeships: The General Accuracy of the Case-Related Workload Measures Used to Assess the Need for Additional District Court and Courts of Appeals Judgeships. 999
Federal Pensions: DOL Oversight and Thrift Savings Plan Accountability. 451
Federal Procurement: Spending and Workforce Trends. 444
Federal-Aid Highways: Cost and Oversight of Major Highway and Bridge Projects--Issues and Options. 487
FEMA Cerro Grande Claims: Payments Properly Processed, but Reported Payments Somewhat Overstated. 451
Financial Audit Manual: Update to Part II--Tools. 109
Financial Audit: Congressional Award Foundation's Fiscal Years 2002 and 2001 Financial Statements. 87
Financial Management: Challenges Remain in Addressing the Government's Improper Payments. 473
Follow-up Report on Matters Relating to Securities Arbitration. 877
Foreign Assistance: USAID's Earthquake Recovery Program in El Salvador Has Made Progress, but Key Activities Are Behind Schedule. 440
Forest Service: Information on Decisions Involving Fuels Reduction Activities. 920
Forest Service: Little Progress on Performance Accountability Likely Unless Management Addresses Key Challenges. 555
Forest Service: Year-end Financial Reporting Significantly Improved, but Certain Underlying Problems Remain. 336
Forum on Key National Indicators: Assessing the Nation's Position and Progress. 685
Free Trade Area of the Americas: Negotiations Progress, but Successful Ministerial Hinges on Intensified U.S. Preparations. 317
Free Trade Area of the Americas: United States Faces Challenges as Co-Chair of Final Negotiating Phase and Host of November 2003 Ministerial. 329
Global Health: Assessment of First Year Efforts of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. 391
Global Health: Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria Has Advanced in Key Areas, but Difficult Challenges Remain. 391
Great Lakes: An Overall Strategy and Indicators for Measuring Progress Are Needed to Better Achieve Restoration Goals. 345
Hazardous Materials: EPA's Cleanup of Asbestos in Libby, Montana, and Related Actions to Address Asbestos-Contaminated Materials. 351
Highway Infrastructure: Perceptions of Stakeholders on Approaches to Reduce Highway Project Completion Time. 521
Highway Safety: Better Guidance Could Improve Oversight of State Highway Safety Programs. 443
Highway Safety: Factors Contributing to Traffic Crashes and NHTSA's Efforts to Address Them. 501
Highway Safety: Research Continues on a Variety of Factors That Contribute to Motor Vehicle Crashes. 466
Homeland Defense: Preliminary Observations on How Overseas and Domestic Missions Impact DOD Forces. 440
Homeland Security: Information Sharing Responsibilities, Challenges, and Key Management Issues. 511
Homeland Security: Justice Department's Project to Interview Aliens after September 11, 2001. 370
Human Capital: DOD's Civilian Personnel Strategic Management and the Proposed National Security Personnel System. 755
Human Capital: OPM Can Better Assist Agencies in Using Personnel Flexibilities. 497
Humanitarian Assistance: Protecting Refugee Women and Girls Remains a Significant Challenge. 336
Information on Cancelled Integrated Flight Test-16 for Ground-Based Midcourse Defense Element. 149
Information Security: Progress Made, but Weaknesses at the Internal Revenue Service Continue to Pose Risks. 373
Insurance Regulation: Preliminary Views on States' Oversight of Insurers' Market Behavior. 671
Intercity Passenger Rail: Issues for Consideration in Developing an Intercity Passenger Rail Policy. 466
Internal Revenue Service: Status of Recommendations From Financial Audits and Related Financial Management Reports. 555
Internet Cigarette Sales: Limited Compliance and Enforcement of the Jenkins Act Result in Loss of State Tax Revenue. 355
IRS Modernization: Continued Progress Necessary for Improving Service to Taxpayers and Ensuring Compliance. 399
Kellogg Brown & Root, Inc. 80
Management Report: Improvements Needed in IRS's Internal Controls. 225
March 19 Hearing on Sourcing and Acquisition--Questions for the Record. 271
Maritime Administration: Weaknesses Identified in Management of the Title XI Loan Guarantee Program. 396
Martin Electronics, Inc.--Costs. 141
Medicare: Divided Authority for Policies on Coverage of Procedures and Devices Results in Inequities. 307
Military Personnel: DOD Needs to Assess Certain Factors in Determining Whether Hazardous Duty Pay Is Warranted for Duty in the Polar Regions. 475
Military Readiness: DOD Needs a Clear and Defined Process for Setting Aircraft Availability Goals in the New Security Environment. 437
Military Readiness: Lingering Training and Equipment Issues Hamper Air Support of Ground Forces. 385
Military Transformation: Army's Evaluation of Stryker and M-113A3 Infantry Carrier Vehicles Provided Sufficient Data for Statutorily Mandated Comparison. 469
Missile Defense: Alternate Approaches to Space Tracking and Surveillance System Need to Be Considered. 472
Missile Defense: Knowledge-Based Practices Are Being Adopted, but Risks Remain. 441
National Airspace System: Current Efforts and Proposed Changes to Improve Performance of FAA's Air Traffic Control System. 518
NATO Enlargement: Reports Are Responsive to Senate Requirements, but Analysis of Financial Burdens Is Incomplete. 279
Natural Resources: Status of Merchantable Material Contracting Pilot Program Authorized by the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act of 2000. 208
Nuclear Nonproliferation: DOE Action Needed to Ensure Continued Recovery of Unwanted Sealed Radioactive Sources. 486
Nuclear Waste: Preliminary Observations on the Quality Assurance Program at the Yucca Mountain Repository. 373
Paperwork Reduction Act: Record Increase in Agencies' Burden Estimates. 299
Posthearing Questions Related to Pay for Performance. 268
Posthearing Questions Related to Strategic Human Capital Management. 372
Program Evaluation: An Evaluation Culture and Collaborative Partnerships Help Build Agency Capacity. 302
Radioactive Waste: DOE Has Acted to Address Delay in New Facility at Livermore Laboratory, but Challenges Remain. 417
Rail Safety and Security: Some Actions Already Taken to Enhance Rail Security, but Risk-based Plan Needed. 357
Rebuilding Iraq. 132
Recreation Fees: Information on Forest Service Management of Revenue from the Fee Demonstration Program. 461
Reducing Congestion: Congestion Pricing Has Promise for Improving Use of Transportation Infrastructure. 469
Regulatory Programs: Opportunities to Enhance Oversight of the Real Estate Appraisal Industry. 361
Reporting of Small Business Contract Awards Does Not Reflect Current Business Size. 295
Retirement Income: Intergenerational Comparisons of Wealth and Future Income. 466
SARS Outbreak: Improvements to Public Health Capacity Are Needed for Responding to Bioterrorism and Emerging Infectious Diseases. 505
School Lunch Program: Efforts Needed to Improve Nutrition and Encourage Healthy Eating. 394
School Meal Program: Few Instances of Foodborne Outbreaks Reported, but Opportunities Exist to Enhance Outbreak Data and Food Safety Practices. 417
School Meal Programs: Revenue and Expense Information from Selected States. 364
Small Business Administration: Loan Accounting and Other Financial Management Issues Impair Accountability. 418
Small Business Administration: Observations on the Disaster Loan Program. 492
Small Business Administration: Progress Made but Improvements Needed in Lender Oversight. 766
Small Business: The National Veterans Business Development Corporation's Progress in Providing Small Business Assistance to Veterans. 312
Smallpox Vaccination: Implementation of National Program Faces Challenges. 546
Social Security: Issues Relating to Noncoverage of Public Employees. 428
Specialty Hospitals: Information on National Market Share, Physician Ownership, and Patients Served. 970
Specialty Marine, Inc. 86
Spectrum Management in Defense Acquisitions. 415
Student Financial Aid: Monitoring Aid Greater Than Federally Defined Need Could Help Address Student Loan Indebtedness. 379
Symplicity Corporation. 94
Telecommunications: Data Gathering Weaknesses In FCC's Survey Of Information on Factors Underlying Cable Rate Changes. 362
Telecommunications: FCC Should Include Call Quality in Its Annual Report on Competition in Mobile Phone Services. 412
Telecommunications: GSA Needs to Improve Process for Awarding Task Orders for Local Service. 422
Title I: Characteristics of Tests Will Influence Expenses; Information Sharing May Help States Realize Efficiencies. 398
Transportation Research: Actions Needed to Improve Coordination and Evaluation of Research. 321
Transportation Security Research: Coordination Needed in Selecting and Implementing Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessments. 326
Transportation-Disadvantaged Populations: Many Federal Programs Fund Transportation Services, but Obstacles to Coordination Persist. 377
Truck Safety: Share the Road Safely Program Needs Better Evaluation of Its Initiatives. 389
U.S. Postal Service: Issues Associated with Anthrax Testing at the Wallingford Facility. 616
U.S. Postal Service: Key Postal Transformation Issues. 474
Use of Legislative Incentive for Performance-Based Contracting Unknown. 279
Use of Value Engineering in Defense Acquisitions. 537
VA Health Care: VA Increases Third-Party Collections as It Addresses Problems in Its Collections Operations. 432
VA Long-Term Care: Service Gaps and Facility Restrictions Limit Veterans' Access to Noninstitutional Care. 585
VA Long-Term Care: Veterans' Access to Noninstitutional Care Is Limited by Service Gaps and Facility Restrictions. 426
Veterans Benefits Administration: Better Collection and Analysis of Attrition Data Needed to Enhance Workforce Planning. 366
Wildland Fires: Better Information Needed on Effectiveness of Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation Treatments. 436

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