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Genencor to receive patent for I-MUNE assay technology for reduction or enhancement of immune response.

Genencor International (Palo Alto, CA) has been notified a United States patent on its I-MUNE Assay will be granted on December 28, 2004. The assay is a unique method of identifying the components of proteins that induce an immunogenic response. The grant of the United States patent will complement Genencor's previously granted European patent to I-MUNE technology. Information provided by the assay is useful for designing proteins with either enhanced immunogenicity (e.g., for vaccines) or reduced allergenicity (e.g., potential for causing allergic reactions) caused by proteins in a range of industrial and consumer products and many of the increasing number of pharmaceuticals that are made from recombinant proteins. United States Patent 6,835,550 and European Patent 1073754 cover uses and applications of this biological-based method that is often cited as a benchmark for other model-based assays.

Genencor scientists first developed the IMUNE Assay for engineering its many industrial enzymes used in a variety of applications including cleaning, personal care, textiles and food processing. As biotechnology companies have continued to advance protein-based pharmaceuticals, the use of the IMUNE Assay as well as other techniques for predicting immunogenicity have become key steps in the development process.

"The I-MUNE Assay has been acknowledged as a standard not only for determining immunogenicity, but for providing the critical information to re-engineer proteins to make them safer for consumer and health care applications," said Michael Arbige, Ph.D., Genencor's senior vice president, Technology. " In our own development efforts as well as in our work with pharmaceutical companies, we have found the I-MUNE Assay to be a valuable tool in creating new or re-engineered protein products."

Genencor International develops and delivers innovative products and services into the health care, agri-processing, industrial and consumer markets. Using an integrated set of technology platforms, Genencor's products deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to improve the quality of life. Genencor traces its history to 1982 and has grown to become a leading biotechnology company, with over $380 million in year 2003 annual revenues.

Genencor International, Inc.

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Date:Dec 1, 2004
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