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Epigenetic studies in insects and the valproic acid perspective/ Estudos epigeneticos em insetos e a perspectiva do acido valproico. Santos, D.S.; Rocha, M.A.; Mello, M.L.S. Jun 30, 2022 7841
Chemical characterization and effects of volatile oil of Alpinia zerumbet on the quality of collagen deposition and caveolin-1 expression in a muscular fibrosis murine model/Caracterizacao quimica e efeitos do oleo volatil de Alpinia zerumbet na qualidade da deposicao do colageno e expressao da caveolina-1 em modelo murino de fibrose muscular. Batista, T.S.C.; Barros, G.S.; Damasceno, F.C.; Candido, E.A.F.; Batista, M.V.A. Jun 22, 2022 6688
Identification of Cigarette Smoking-Related Novel Biomarkers in Lung Adenocarcinoma. Zhang, Yuan; Wang, Qiong; Zhu, Ting; Chen, Hui Report Jun 19, 2022 4548
CD96 Downregulation Promotes the Immune Response of CD4 T Cells and Associates with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Wu, Fengqing; Yang, Huan; Xu, Xiao; Ren, Conglin; Zheng, Yang; Zhang, Helou; Cai, Bingbing Report Jun 19, 2022 6503
Investigation of the Disparities in Ultrasound Imaging Features of miR-323, miR-409-3p, and VEGF Expression Scales in Different Clinicopathological Features of Prostate Carcinoma and Their Correlation with Prognosis. Liu, Bao; Wang, Jingqi; Cui, Yanhua; He, Hui Report Jun 18, 2022 4244
The Potential Diagnostic Value of Immune-Related Genes in Interstitial Fibrosis and Tubular Atrophy after Kidney Transplantation. Yang, Bin; Shi, Dike; Chen, Yahong; Zhu, Yi Jun 17, 2022 7218
Prediction of Immune Infiltration Diagnostic Gene Biomarkers in Kawasaki Disease. Ba, Hongjun; Wang, Yao; Zhang, Lili; Wang, Huishen; Huang, Zhan-Peng; Qin, Youzhen Jun 17, 2022 6069
A Novel Necroptosis-Related lncRNA Signature for Predicting Prognosis and Immune Response of Glioma. Wu, Zhikang; Liu, Meimei; Fu, Jinlong; Li, Jinwei; Qin, Lingyao; Wu, Liuying; Chen, Hongmou; Yan, Xi Report Jun 16, 2022 6457
Tumor Detection on Microarray Data Using Grey Wolf Optimization with Gain Information. Sree Devi, K. Dhana; Karthikeyan, P.; Moorthy, Usha; Deeba, K.; Maheshwari, V.; Allayear, Shaikh Muh Jun 15, 2022 7048
Rab22a Promotes Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma by Activating PI3K/AKT/mTOR Signaling Pathway. Luo, Xue; Wang, Jinping; Lu, Jinxi; Wang, Xi; Miao, Yuan; Li, Qingchang; Li, Xiaoman Report Jun 15, 2022 6486
miRNA-Gene Interaction Network Construction Strategy to Discern Promising Traditional Chinese Medicine against Osteoporosis. Li, Lubing; Ayiding, Xiahatai; Han, Ran Jun 15, 2022 5053
Alterations in APC, BECN1, and TP53 gene expression levels in colon cancer cells caused by monosodium glutamate/ Alteracoes nos niveis de expressao genica APC, BECN1 e TP53 em celulas de cancer de colon causadas por glutamato monossodico. Hargan, A. Al; Daghestani, M.H.; Harrath, A.H. Jun 15, 2022 4921
Identification and Validation of a Novel Immune Infiltration-Based Diagnostic Score for Early Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by Machine-Learning Strategies. Guo, Xuli; Xiong, Hailin; Dong, Shaoting; Wei, Xiaobing Jun 14, 2022 6281
A Novel miRNA Located in the HER2 Gene Shows an Inhibitory Effect on Wnt Signaling and Cell Cycle Progression. Shabaninejad, Zahra; Mowla, Seyed Javad; Yousefi, Fatemeh; Soltani, Bahram Mohammad Report Jun 14, 2022 5445
Prevalence of Epstein-Barr Virus Infection and Mismatch Repair Protein Deficiency and the Correlation of Immune Markers in Tibetan Patients with Gastric Cancer. Shi, Jie; Yang, Xu; Wang, Xinmei; Luo, Yufeng; Zhou, Weixun; Luo, Hanhuan; Bianba, Zhaxi Report Jun 13, 2022 7957
Integrated Bioinformatics Analysis for Identifying the Significant Genes as Poor Prognostic Markers in Gastric Adenocarcinoma. Li, Yamei; Luo, Yan; Tian, Qiang; Lai, Yu; Xu, Lei; Yun, Hailong; Liang, Yang Jun 11, 2022 5454
Insight into the Mechanism of Doxorubicin-induced Nephrotoxicity through Gene Expression Analysis of Oxidative Stress, Kidney Injury and Inflammation Markers. Jabeen, Uzma; Salim, Asmat; Khan, Irfan; Naeem, Nadia; Mushtaq, Rubina Report Jun 11, 2022 3474
Treatment of Cancer Gene Changes in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia by Big Data Analysis Platform-Based Dasatinib. Song, Linlin; Li, Qi; Shi, Hui; Zhang, Pengxia Jun 10, 2022 5837
The Role of Epigenetic in Dental and Oral Regenerative Medicine by Different Types of Dental Stem Cells: A Comprehensive Overview. Hussain, Ahmed; Tebyaniyan, Hamid; Khayatan, Danial Jun 9, 2022 12170
Differential Regulation of the Immune System in Peripheral Blood Following Ischemic Stroke. Liu, Wenhao; Yang, Xin-Zhuang; Zhang, Dingding; He, Xin; Yu, Qianlan; Liu, Xinquan; Dai, Yi Jun 8, 2022 7196
The Value of m5C-Related lncRNAs in the Prognostic Assessment and Immunotherapy of Stomach Adenocarcinoma. He, Chenxi; Zhu, Xinying; Kong, Fanting; Zhang, Xiaochong; Chai, Xiukun; Zou, Chunyan; Zhao, Dongqia Jun 7, 2022 7374
Immune Cell Infiltration Characteristics of Pigmented Villous Nodular Synovitis and Prediction of Potential Diagnostic Markers Based on Bioinformatics. Zhang, Jun; Li, Bin; Zhao, Boming; Qi, Yongjian; Chen, Liaobin; Chen, Jun; Chen, Biao Jun 7, 2022 6357
Identification of Key Genes in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Based on Bioinformatics Analysis. Song, Yujie; Feng, Tao; Cao, Wenping; Yu, Haiyang; Zhang, Zeng Report Jun 7, 2022 3431
Detection of Cannabinoid Receptor Expression by Endometriotic Lesions in Women with Endometriosis as an Alternative to Opioid-Based Pain Medication. Allam, Sarah; Paris, Elizabeth; Lazcano, Itzel; Bitterman, Pincas; Basu, Sanjib; O'Donnell, James; B Jun 2, 2022 6510
Ensemble Classifiers for Acute Leukemia Classification Using Microarray Gene Expression Data under uncertainty. Gamal, Mona; Zaied, Abdel Nasser H.; Rushdy, Ehab Jun 1, 2022 4525
The prognostic value of MKL1 in predicting breast cancer immune infiltrates and chemosensitivity. Hua, Yijia; Yang, Mengzhu Report Jun 1, 2022 6311
Correlation of TNF-[alpha], IFN-[gamma] and TGF-[beta] Expression with In-vitro Fertilization Success Rates in Women with Recurrent Implantation Failure Undergoing Treatment with Intra-lipid Infusion. Harby, Islam Khaled Ali; Ahmed, Ola Ibrahim; Zaki, Wafaa K.; Faris, Mohammed Ahmed; El-Deen, Noha Na Jun 1, 2022 4544
Integrative Analysis of Pyroptosis-Related Prognostic Signature and Immunological Infiltration in Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Luo, Pengfei; Jiang, Yongjun; Ding, Sijuan; Jiang, Shaohui; Tang, Ruoting; Tang, Zhaohui Report Jun 1, 2022 5237
Effects of yeast hydrolysate supplementation on intestinal morphology, barrier, and anti-inflammatory functions of broilers. Wang, Ting; Cheng, Kang; Li, QiMing; Wang, Tian Report Jun 1, 2022 6687
Identification of Prognostic Biomarkers of Glioblastoma Based on Multidatabase Integration and Its Correlation with Immune-Infiltration Cells. Ding, Wencong; Zhou, Xian; Jiang, Guoqiang; Xu, Weiwei; Long, Songkai; Xiao, Fan; Liao, Yongshi Report May 31, 2022 7567
Identification of Novel circRNA-Based ceRNA Network Involved in the Pathogenesis of Gastric Cancer. Peng, Dengfa; Feng, Li; Li, Huqing May 31, 2022 5700
Identification of an Autophagy-Related Signature Based on Whole Bone Marrow Sequencing for the Prognosis and Immune Microenvironment Characterization of Multiple Myeloma. Li, Licheng; Chen, Ting; Wang, Jishi; Li, Mengxing; Li, Qinshan May 29, 2022 7663
Alterations in Immune-Related Defensin Alpha 4 (DEFA4) Gene Expression in Health and Disease. Basingab, Fatemah; Alsaiary, Abeer; Almontashri, Shahad; Alrofaidi, Aisha; Alharbi, Mona; Azhari, Sh May 28, 2022 12282
Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Hereditary Coproporphyria: Two Different Entities Diagnosed by WES in the Same Patient. Liu, Anlei; Zhou, Lingli; Zhu, Huadong; Li, Yi; Yang, Jing Report May 28, 2022 4972
Identification of the Active Compound of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan for Treatment of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus via Network Pharmacology and Molecular Docking. Xiong, Yunqi; Li, Qiutong; Chen, Xiuhui; Zhu, Ting; Lu, Qitian; Jiang, Guojing May 28, 2022 6336
Mitochondrial-Targeted Antioxidant Peptide SS31 Prevents RPE Cell Death under Oxidative Stress. He, Yuan; Chen, Zejun; Zhang, Ruixue; Quan, Zhuoya; Xu, Yun; He, Beilei; Ren, Yuan Report May 27, 2022 5172
Methylation Mediated Silencing of miR-155 Suppresses the Development of Preeclampsia In Vitro and In Vivo by Targeting FOXO3. Luo, Xiaohua; Pan, Ci; Guo, Xiaopei; Gu, Cunhua; Huang, Yulian; Guo, Jing; Zeng, Ying May 26, 2022 6886
Clustering Ensemble Technology Based on Granular Computing to Extract Cervical Cancer Predictors. Wang, Ye-Cheng; Tang, Xu-Qing; Xu, Honglin May 26, 2022 8198
PPAR-? Agonist Pioglitazone Restored Mouse Liver mRNA Expression of Clock Genes and Inflammation-Related Genes Disrupted by Reversed Feeding. Fedchenko, T.; Izmailova, O.; Shynkevych, V.; Shlykova, O.; Kaidashev, I. May 26, 2022 9460
A Multiomics Profiling Based on Online Database Revealed Prognostic Biomarkers of BLCA. Li, Hanwen; Chen, Shaohua; Mi, Hua Report May 25, 2022 6708
DCAF12 and HSPA1A May Serve as Potential Diagnostic Biomarkers for Myasthenia Gravis. Nong, Weidong; Huang, Fang; Mao, Fengping; Lao, Dayuan; Gong, Zhuowei; Huang, Wen Report May 24, 2022 6015
Potential Value of Circular RNA circTBC1D4 in Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors. Chunyan-Zou,; Yanpeng-He,; Changshun-Xie,; Fulai-Gao,; Xiaoli-Xie,; Xiukun-Chai,; Chenxi-He, May 24, 2022 4556
Diosmetin Affects Gene Expression on Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cells. Song, Changshan; Deng, Shunfu; Hu, Hui; Zheng, Zheng; Shen, Bairu; Wu, Xuhui; Huang, Minqian May 20, 2022 4571
A Novel Hypoxia-Related Gene Signature with Strong Predicting Ability in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Identified by Comprehensive Profiling. Yang, Huajun; Wang, Zhongan; Gong, Ling; Huang, Guichuan; Chen, Daigang; Li, Xiaoping; Du, Fei May 19, 2022 8057
Akouos presents nonclinical data on AK-OTOF, microRNA target sites. May 19, 2022 507
Prognosis and Therapeutic Efficacy Prediction of Adrenocortical Carcinoma Based on a Necroptosis-Associated Gene Signature. Ji, Dan; Zhong, Rongfang; Fan, Song Report May 19, 2022 9190
Network Pharmacology-Based Strategy to Investigate the Mechanisms of Lenvatinib in the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Liu, Peng; Han, Bing; Zhang, Yanxia; Wang, Xiaojuan May 18, 2022 5163
LINC01426 Triggers Growth and Metastasis of Lung Adenocarcinoma as a Prognostic Indicator. Deng, Youjun; Cai, Songhua; Liu, Wenyi; Yang, Chenglin; Guo, Xiaotong Report May 17, 2022 3792
Forecasting Electricity Power Generation of Pawan Danavi Wind Farm, Sri Lanka, Using Gene Expression Programming. Herath, Damayanthi; Jayasinghe, Jeevani; Rathnayake, Upaka May 16, 2022 5382
Feature Subset Selection with Optimal Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Systems for Bioinformatics Gene Expression Classification. Hilal, Anwer Mustafa; Malibari, Areej A.; Obayya, Marwa; Alzahrani, Jaber S.; Alamgeer, Mohammad; Mo May 14, 2022 5673
The Expression and Survival Significance of FOXD1 in Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis, Immunohistochemistry Validation, and Bioinformatics Analysis. Xie, Fang; Li, Yunhui; Liang, Bin Report May 14, 2022 5479
Cigarette Smoke Regulates the Expression of EYA4 via Alternation of DNA Methylation Status. Almutairi, Bader O.; Almutairi, Mikhlid H.; Alrefaei, Abdulwahed F.; Ali, Daoud; Alkahtani, Saad; Al Report May 14, 2022 5241
A N[sup.7]-Methylguanine-Related Gene Signature Applicable for the Prognosis and Microenvironment of Prostate Cancer. Mei, Wangli; Jia, Xuyang; Xin, Shiyong; Liu, Xiang; Jin, Liang; Sun, Xianchao; Zhang, Jia-Xin May 13, 2022 6296
Gene expression studies. Dr Mian Khubaib Sattar, Prof Dr Aftab Anjum May 13, 2022 483
NUF2 Is a Potential Immunological and Prognostic Marker for Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. Li, Xia; Zhang, Lianlian; Yi, Zhongquan; Zhou, Jing; Song, Wenchun; Zhao, Panwen; Wu, Jixiang May 12, 2022 9137
Comparative Study on Muscle Fiber Types of Longissimus Dorsi of Xinjiang Brown Cattle and Angus Cattle of Different Months. Sun, Ya-wei; Qu, Miao; Tuersunbai, Jiayinaguli; Wang, Xuan-yi; Tuoliken, Tuolihanayi; Zhang, Xiao-ho Report May 11, 2022 5473
Mechanical Cues Regulate Histone Modifications and Cell Behavior. Hu, Buwei; Zhou, Dandan; Wang, Haoming; Hu, Ning; Zhao, Weikang May 11, 2022 7099
Establishment and Analysis of a Combined Diagnostic Model of Liver Cancer with Random Forest and Artificial Neural Network. Yu, Runzhi; Cao, Ziyi; Huang, Yiqin; Zhang, Xuechun; Chen, Jie Report May 10, 2022 6634
Integrated Analysis of Multiple Microarray Studies to Identify Core Gene-Expression Signatures Involved in Tubulointerstitial Injury in Diabetic Nephropathy. Zhou, Huandi; Yang, Zhifen; Mu, Lin; Shi, Yonghong Report May 10, 2022 9850
Metabolism-Related Bioinformatics Analysis Reveals That HPRT1 Facilitates the Progression of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma In Vitro. Ye, Hengyu; Zheng, Zenan; Song, Yuxing; Huang, Guangzhao; Wu, Qingqing; Ai, Yilong; Lv, Xiaozhi May 9, 2022 6291
CoySvM-(GeD): Coyote Optimization-Based Support Vector Machine Classifier for Cancer Classification Using Gene Expression Data. Reddy, S. Sai Satyanarayana; Kumar, Ashwani; Ghafoor, Kayhan Zrar; Bhardwaj, Ved Prakash; Manoharan, May 9, 2022 4998
Prediction of Response to Radiotherapy by Characterizing the Transcriptomic Features in Clinical Tumor Samples across 15 Cancer Types. Xu, Yu; Tang, Chao; Wu, Yan; Luo, Ling; Wang, Ying; Wu, Yongzhong; Shi, Xiaolong May 9, 2022 6598
Down-regulation of complement genes in lipopolysaccharide-challenged zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae exposed to Indonesian propolis/ Regulacao negativa dos genes do complemento em larvas de peixe-zebra (Danio rerio) desafiadas com lipopolissacarideo expostas a propolis indonesia. Wibowo, I.; Marlinda, N.; Nasution, F.R.; Putra, R.E.; Utami, N.; Indriani, A.D.; Zain, R.S. May 8, 2022 5185
A Pan-Cancer Analysis of UBE2S in Tumorigenesis, Prognosis, Pathway, Immune Infiltration and Evasion, and Therapy Response from an Immune-Oncology Perspective. Bao, Haili; Luo, Yi; Ding, Guoshan; Fu, Zhiren May 7, 2022 7677
Double-Gene Copromoting Expression Analysis in tPA/GH Transgenic Goat Mammary Epithelial Cells and Thrombolytic Activity of tPA In Vitro. Song, Shaozheng; Luo, Yaoling; Liu, Zhaoxia; Li, Dan; Ye, Junsong; He, ZhengYi Report May 6, 2022 6207
Long-Term Environmental Enrichment Relieves Dysfunctional Cognition and Synaptic Protein Levels Induced by Prenatal Inflammation in Older CD-1 Mice. Zhang, Zhe-Zhe; Zeng, Li-Ping; Chen, Jing; Wu, Yong-Fang; Wang, Ya-Tao; Xia, Lan; Yang, Qi-Gang May 6, 2022 8638
Identification of lncRNA Biomarkers and LINC01198 Promotes Progression of Chronic Rhinosinusitis with Nasal Polyps through Sponge miR-6776-5p. Wang, Xueping; Zhu, Xiaoyuan; Peng, Li; Zhao, Yulin Report May 6, 2022 8485
KIF22 Promotes Development of Pancreatic Cancer by Regulating the MEK/ERK/P21 Signaling Axis. Zhang, Ruiyun; Ma, Li; Wei, Yucai; Wei, Kongkong; Song, Tianliang; Du, Zhixing; Feng, Zhijun Report May 6, 2022 4273
UVB-Induced Secretion of IL-1? Promotes Melanogenesis by Upregulating TYR/TRP-1 Expression In Vitro. Yang, Chun-Yan; Guo, Yanni; Wu, Wen-Juan; Man, Mao-Qiang; Tu, Ying; He, Li Report May 6, 2022 4977
Identification of Common Oncogenic Genes and Pathways Both in Osteosarcoma and Ewing's Sarcoma Using Bioinformatics Analysis. Zhang, Jingwei; Huang, Junchao; Liu, Wenjun; Ding, Liang; Cheng, Dongdong; Xiao, Haijun May 5, 2022 6269
Aberrant ARMCX1 Expression Is an Independent Predictor of Poor Prognosis in Gastric Cancer. Xie, Aosi; Wang, Puyu; Chen, Diqun; Zhang, Hongxia May 5, 2022 4142
CAPRIN1 Enhances Chemoresistance and Glycolysis in Laryngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma via Regulation of ZIC5. Zhang, Yubo; Zhang, Haizhong; Dong, Jinhui; Zhao, Pengxin; Hao, Fang; Han, Haixia; Bian, Yanrui May 5, 2022 6336
lncRNA-mRNA Expression Patterns in Invasive Pituitary Adenomas: A Microarray Analysis. Peng, Chao; Wang, Shuaikai; Yu, Jinxiu; Deng, Xiaoyi; Ye, Huiyu; Chen, Zhishan; Yao, Hongru; Cai, Ha Report May 5, 2022 6075
Identification of Five m6A-Related lncRNA Genes as Prognostic Markers for Endometrial Cancer Based on TCGA Database. Shan, Li; Lu, Ye; Xiang, Cheng-Cheng; Zhu, Xiaoli; Zuo, Er-Dong; Cheng, Xu May 4, 2022 5931
Prognostic Risk Signature and Comprehensive Analyses of Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress-Related Genes in Lung Adenocarcinoma. Yang, CaiZhen; Wei, YuHui; Li, WenTao; Wei, JinMei; Chen, GuoXing; Xu, MingPeng; Liu, GuangNan May 4, 2022 8723
Cecal Patches Generate Abundant IgG2b-Bearing B Cells That Are Reactive to Commensal Microbiota. Tsuda, Masato; Okada, Hiraku; Kojima, Natsuki; Ishihama, Fumiya; Muraki, Yuhei; Oguma, Toshiki; Hatt May 4, 2022 7742
Identification of Important Modules and Hub Gene in Chronic Kidney Disease Based on WGCNA. Wang, Jia; Yin, Yuan; Lu, Qun; Zhao, Yan-rong; Hu, Yu-jie; Hu, Yun-Zhao; Wang, Zheng-Yin Report May 4, 2022 4377
OliX Pharmaceuticals Identifies Effective Inhibition of Target Gene Expression and Delivery of Candidate to Brain for CNS Therapeutics. May 4, 2022 284
Effects of dietary n-6:n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid ratio on growth performance, blood indexes, tissue fatty acid composition and the expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma signaling related genes in finishing pigs. Chen, Jing; Cui, Hongze; Liu, Xianjun; Li, Jiantao; Zheng, Jiaxing; Li, Xin; Wang, Liyan Report May 1, 2022 6406
PCMT1 Is a Potential Prognostic Biomarker and Is Correlated with Immune Infiltrates in Breast Cancer. Guo, Jufang; Du, Xuelian; Li, Chaolin Report Apr 30, 2022 9280
EFFECT ON GENE EXPRESSION PROFILE OF HNRNPK KNOCKDOWN IN MOUSE GC-1SPG CELLS. H. Xu, Q. Han, Y. Wang, N. Chen, X. Cheng, S. Yu, C. Li, P. Zhang and Y. Xu Apr 30, 2022 3788
A Six-Gene Risk Model Based on the Immune Score Reveals Prognosis in Intermediate-Risk Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Lu, Cong; Hu, Dong; Zheng, Jin'e; Cao, Shiyi; Zhu, Jiang; Chen, Xiangjun; Huang, Shiang; Yao, Junxia Report Apr 29, 2022 5250
Discovering Common Pathophysiological Processes between COVID-19 and Cystic Fibrosis by Differential Gene Expression Pattern Analysis. Hasan, Md. Tanvir; Abdulrazak, Lway Faisal; Alam, Mohammad Khursheed; Islam, Md. Rezwan; Sathi, Yeas Report Apr 29, 2022 7305
Potential Key Markers for Predicting the Prognosis of Gastric Adenocarcinoma Based on the Expression of Ferroptosis-Related lncRNA. Cai, Yanqun; Wu, Susu; Jia, Yifan; Pan, Xiao; Li, Caiqin Apr 29, 2022 6750
The tRNA-Derived Fragment tRF-24-V29K9UV3IU Functions as a miRNA-like RNA to Prevent Gastric Cancer Progression by Inhibiting GPR78 Expression. Wang, Hui; Huang, Weikang; Fan, Xirui; He, Xiaoxue; Chen, Sijin; Yu, Su; Zhang, Yan Apr 29, 2022 6963
SNHG3 Affects Gastric Cancer Development by Regulating SEPT9 Methylation. Li, Wei; Ma, Xudong; Wang, Feng; Chen, Shi; Guo, Qingxiong; Sun, Feng; Duan, Yongqing Apr 28, 2022 4646
The Network Pharmacology Study of Dahuang Fuzi Decoction for Treating Incomplete Intestinal Obstruction. Guo, Jun-feng; Zhao, Yu-ting; Du, Quan-yu; Ren, Yuan; Wang, Yan; Wang, Zhen-xing; Jin, Wei Report Apr 28, 2022 6621
Recognition of Immune Cell Markers of COVID-19 Severity with Machine Learning Methods. Chen, Lei; Mei, Zi; Guo, Wei; Ding, ShiJian; Huang, Tao; Cai, Yu-Dong Report Apr 28, 2022 8285
The Diagnostic and Predictive Significance of Immune-Related Genes and Immune Characteristics in the Occurrence and Progression of IgA Nephropathy. Qing, Jian-Bo; Song, Wen-Zhu; Li, Chang-Qun; Li, Ya-Feng Apr 28, 2022 7102
Single-Cell Sequencing Analysis Based on Public Databases for Constructing a Metastasis-Related Prognostic Model for Gastric Cancer. Xu, Rubin; Chen, Liang; Wei, Wei; Tang, Qikai; Yu, You; Hu, Yiming; Kadasah, Sultan Apr 27, 2022 6840
Targeting Inhibition of Notch1 Signaling Pathway on the Study of Human Gastric Cancer Stem Cells with Chemosensitization. Dou, Yan; Wang, Jinghong Apr 26, 2022 4756
Changes in IL-16 Expression in the Ovary during Aging and Its Potential Consequences to Ovarian Pathology. Ramirez, Jessica; Bitterman, Pincas; Basu, Sanjib; Barua, Animesh Apr 26, 2022 9349
Association of Low Expression of NUMB in Peripheral Blood with Acute Myocardial Infarction. Meng, Heyu; Li, Lihong; Ruan, Jianjun; Chen, Yanqiu; Yan, Zhaohan; Liu, Jinsha; Li, Xiangdong Apr 26, 2022 5323
Discovery of New Therapeutic Targets for Osteosarcoma Treatment Based on Immune-Related lncRNAs in the Tumor Microenvironment. Fu, Ribin; Hong, Xiaofang Report Apr 26, 2022 6432
Emerging Roles of FTO in Neuropsychiatric Disorders. Chang, Rui; Huang, Zeyi; Zhao, Size; Zou, Ju; Li, Yukun; Tan, Sijie Report Apr 26, 2022 9715
circ-0007707/miR-429/PDGFD Pathway Regulates the Progression of Gastric Cancer by Modulating the Immune-Gene Signature. Yang, Yang; Kang, Weibiao; Yuan, Yu; Duan, Chen; Chen, Wei; Yu, Changjun Apr 25, 2022 6845
LANCL1 as the Key Immune Marker in Neuropathic Pain. Shi, Yu; Zhang, XueFei; Fang, Qian; Zhan, Hongrui; Wang, Xianglong; Huang, Xiyan; Fan, Tao Apr 25, 2022 5083
Comparison of the Effect of Extracted Bacteriocin and Lytic Bacteriophage on the Expression of Biofilm Associated Genes in Streptococcus mutans. Rajabi, Zahra; Soltan Dallal, Mohammad Mehdi; Afradi, Mohammad Reza; Erfani, Yousef; Alinejad, Donya Apr 25, 2022 4503
Identification of Cancer-Associated Fibroblast Subtype of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Wang, Maoli; Feng, Ruifa; Chen, Zihao; Shi, Wenjie; Li, Cheng; Liu, Huiquan; Wu, Kejin Apr 23, 2022 8330
Review of CRISPR-Cas Systems in Listeria Species: Current Knowledge and Perspectives. Espinoza-Mellado, María del Rosario; Vilchis-Rangel, Rodolfo E. Apr 23, 2022 5779
Expression of Matrix Metalloproteinase-7 Predicts Poor Prognosis in Gastric Cancer. Wattanawongdon, Wareeporn; Bartpho, Theeraya Simawaranon; Tongtawee, Taweesak Report Apr 22, 2022 5005
Revealing Potential Diagnostic Gene Biomarkers Associated with Immune Infiltration in Patients with Renal Fibrosis Based on Machine Learning Analysis. Sun, Yu-Chao; Qiu, Zhen-Zhen; Wen, Fu-Li; Yin, Jin-Quan; Zhou, Hao Report Apr 20, 2022 5083
Considering Computational Mathematics IGHG3 as Malignant Melanoma Is Associated with Immune Infiltration of Malignant Melanoma. Si, Mengqing; Cao, Xianwei Report Apr 18, 2022 7508
Identification of a 5-Nutrient Stress-Sensitive Gene Signature to Predict Survival for Colorectal Cancer. Xiong, Jingjie; Xiong, Subing; Feng, Xi; Zhang, Huaming; Su, Qisheng Report Apr 18, 2022 6093
Improved Artificial Neural Network with State Order Dataset Estimation for Brain Cancer Cell Diagnosis. Indira, D. N. V. S. L. S.; Ganiya, Rajendra Kumar; Ashok Babu, P.; Xavier, A. Jasmine; Kavisankar, L Report Apr 16, 2022 6050
Long Noncoding RNA IGFBP7-AS1 Promotes Odontogenesis of Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth via the p38 MAPK Pathway. Wang, Dan; Zhu, Ningxin; Xie, Fei; Qin, Man; Wang, Yuanyuan Apr 16, 2022 6609
Comprehensive Bioinformatics Analysis of Gasdermin Family of Glioma. Zi, Huaduan; Tuo, Zhan; He, Qianyuan; Meng, Jingshu; Hu, Yan; Li, Yan; Yang, Kunyu Apr 15, 2022 7437
Construction and Analysis of lncRNA-Associated ceRNA Network in Atherosclerotic Plaque Formation. Li, Danyu; Ma, Yunci; Deng, Weiqian; Feng, Jianhua Report Apr 15, 2022 5265
Comprehensive Analysis of the Potential Prognostic Value of 11 Glycosylation-Related Genes in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Their Correlation with PD-L1 Expression and Immune Infiltration. Chen, Langxiong; Ling, Yuefu; Yang, Hong Apr 14, 2022 5520
The Impact of Curcumin on the Inflammatory Profile of SW982 Cells in a Rheumatoid Arthritis Model. Wiecek, Kamil; Kupczyk, Piotr; Chodaczek, Grzegorz; Woźniak, Marta Apr 12, 2022 6020
Prediction of Prognosis and Recurrence of Bladder Cancer by ECM-Related Genes. Zhao, Hongfan; Chen, Zihao; Fang, Yunze; Su, Mingqiang; Xu, Yipeng; Wang, Zhifeng; Gyamfi, Michael A Apr 12, 2022 8722
Potential Pleiotropic Genes and Shared Biological Pathways in Epilepsy and Depression Based on GWAS Summary Statistics. Lin, Han; Lin, Wan-Hui; Lin, Feng; Liu, Chang-Yun; Che, Chun-Hui; Huang, Hua-Pin Apr 12, 2022 14834
Antitumor Activity of Royal Jelly and Its Cellular Mechanisms against Ehrlich Solid Tumor in Mice. Albalawi, Aishah E.; Althobaiti, Norah A.; Alrdahe, Salma S.; Alhasani, Reem Hasaballah; Alaryani, F Report Apr 11, 2022 7084
Association between the Expression Levels of MicroRNA-101, -103, and -29a with Autotaxin and Lysophosphatidic Acid Receptor 2 Expression in Gastric Cancer Patients. Tutunchi, Sara; Akhavan, Saeedeh; Panahi, Ghodratollah; Zare, Mina; Emami Razavi, Amirnader; Shirkoo Apr 11, 2022 5627
Screening and Validation of Significant Genes with Poor Prognosis in Pathologic Stage-I Lung Adenocarcinoma. Deng, Yujie; Chen, Xiaohui; Huang, Chuanzhong; Song, Jun; Feng, Sisi; Chen, Xuzheng; Zhou, Ruixiang Apr 11, 2022 8755
UBE2D1 and COX7C as Potential Biomarkers of Diabetes-Related Sepsis. Wang, Xin; Wang, Lan-tao; Yu, Bin Report Apr 11, 2022 7253
Effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Medicine in Neoplasms: A Systematic Review. Rezayi, Sorayya; R Niakan Kalhori, Sharareh; Saeedi, Soheila Report Apr 7, 2022 15739
Upregulation of Synuclein-? and Snai1 Contributes to Poor Clinical Prognosis in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients. Yang, Jie; Pan, Yangyang; Peng, Lu; Zhang, Licui; Zhao, Juan; Zheng, Zhihong; Zheng, Jun Report Apr 7, 2022 7691
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Analysis of Changes in Serum Levels and Gene Expression Profiles of Novel Adipocytokines (Omentin, Vaspin, Irisin and Visfatin) and Their Correlation with Serum C-reactive Protein Levels in Women Diagnosed with Endometriosis/Endometriozis Tanisi Alan Kadinlarda Yeni Adipositokinlerin (Omentin, Vaspin, Irisin ve Visfatin) Serum Seviyelerindeki ve Gen Ekspresyon Profillerindeki Degisimlerinin Analizi ve Bu Adipositokinlerin Serum C-reaktif Protein Düzeyleri ile Korelasyonu. Sezginer, Ecem Kaya; Kirlangiç, Ömer Faruk; Tanriverdi, Merve Didem Eskin; Topçu, Hasan Onur; Gür, S Report Feb 1, 2022 4153
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Stem Cell Factor Gene Overexpression Enhances the Fusion Potential of Rat Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells with Cardiomyocytes. Haneef, Kanwal; Habib, Rakhshinda; Naeem, Nadia; Salim, Asmat Report Dec 31, 2021 3403
Insights in the Size heterogeneity of Lates calcarifer: Expression of Growth and Immune-related Genes. Fu, Zhengyi; Yang, Rui; Zhou, Shengjie; Ma, Zhenhua; Yu, Gang Report Dec 31, 2021 4237
Identification of Latent Diagnostic Biomarkers and Biological Pathways in Dermatomyositis Based on WGCNA. Ouyang, Shaxi; Liu, Yifang; Xiao, Changjuan; Zeng, Qinghua; Luo, Xun; Hu, Xiaofang; Xie, Shuoshan Dec 30, 2021 4989
An Efficient Cancer Classification Model Using Microarray and High-Dimensional Data. Fathi, Hanaa; AlSalman, Hussain; Gumaei, Abdu; Manhrawy, Ibrahim I. M.; Hussien, Abdelazim G.; El-Ka Dec 29, 2021 7191
Identifying and Validating an Acidosis-Related Signature Associated with Prognosis and Tumor Immune Infiltration Characteristics in Pancreatic Carcinoma. Tang, Pingfei; Qu, Weiming; Wu, Dajun; Chen, Shihua; Liu, Minji; Chen, Weishun; Ai, Qiongjia Dec 28, 2021 7602
Identification and External Validation of a Transcription Factor-Related Prognostic Signature in Pediatric Neuroblastoma. Wang, Rujia; Wang, Qian Dec 28, 2021 4520
Identification and Validation of Three PDAC Subtypes and Individualized GSVA Immune Pathway-Related Prognostic Risk Score Formula in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Patients. Zhang, Deyu; Wang, Meiqi; Peng, Lisi; Yang, Xiaoli; Li, Keliang; Yin, Hua; Xia, Chuanchao Dec 27, 2021 5755
Weighted Gene Correlation Network Analysis Identifies Specific Functional Modules and Genes in Esophageal Cancer. Xu, Wei; Xu, Jian; Wang, Zhiqiang; Jiang, Yuequan Clinical report Dec 27, 2021 6450
HOXA-AS3 Promotes Proliferation and Migration of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells via the miR-455-5p/PD-L1 Axis. Zeng, Cheng; Ye, Shaojun; Chen, Yu; Zhang, Qu; Luo, Yan; Gai, Liang; Luo, Bo Dec 27, 2021 5437
Identification of a Ten-Gene Signature of DNA Damage Response Pathways with Prognostic Value in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Zhuang, Weitao; Ben, Xiaosong; Zhou, Zihao; Ding, Yu; Tang, Yong; Huang, Shujie; Deng, Cheng Dec 22, 2021 6082
COL3A1 and Its Related Molecules as Potential Biomarkers in the Development of Human Ewing's Sarcoma. Tang, Min; Liu, Peiqing; Wu, Xiaoke; Gong, Jie; Weng, Jiacheng; Gao, Guangyu; Liu, Yulong Report Dec 22, 2021 6448
A Two-Stage Method Based on Multiobjective Differential Evolution for Gene Selection. Song, Shuangbao; Chen, Xingqian; Tang, Zheng; Todo, Yuki Dec 20, 2021 9249
miR-149 Suppresses the Proliferation and Metastasis of Human Gastric Cancer Cells by Targeting FOXC1. Li, Dan; Zhang, Yunqing; Li, Yulong; Wang, Xiaofei; Wang, Fenghui; Du, Juan; Zhang, Huahua Report Dec 17, 2021 6317
Upregulated GSDMB in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Is Associated with Immune Infiltrates and Poor Prognosis. Cui, Yuanshan; Zhou, Zhongbao; Chai, Yumeng; Zhang, Yong Dec 16, 2021 7171
Identification of Hypoxia Signature to Assess the Tumor Immune Microenvironment and Predict Prognosis in Patients with Ovarian Cancer. Wei, Chunyan; Liu, Xiaoqing; Wang, Qin; Li, Qipei; Xie, Min Dec 14, 2021 8681
A Novel Four-Gene Signature as a Potential Prognostic Biomarker for Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Wang, Guangfeng; Zou, Hao; Feng, Yujie; Zhao, Wei; Li, Kun; Liu, Kui; Zhang, Bingyuan Dec 14, 2021 6424
WGCNA-Based Identification of Hub Genes and Key Pathways Involved in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. Zeng, Folai; Shi, Meijie; Xiao, Huanming; Chi, Xiaoling Report Dec 13, 2021 5641
The Efficacy of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis: Transcriptome and Gut Microbiota Profiling. Wang, Sanwang; Chen, Hongliang; Wen, Xin; Mu, Jingjing; Sun, Mingyue; Song, Xiaowen; Liu, Bin Dec 13, 2021 9075
Pan-Cancer Analyses of the Tumor Microenvironment Reveal That Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2C Might Be a Potential Immunotherapy Target. Huang, Guang-zhao; Chen, Ze-qun; Wu, Juan; Shao, Ting-ru; Zou, Chen; Ai, Yi-long; Lv, Xiao-zhi Dec 13, 2021 7903
AEBP1 Is One of the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Regulatory Genes in Colon Adenocarcinoma. Li, Dandan; Liu, Zhi; Ding, Xiaorong; Qin, Zhensheng Report Dec 12, 2021 5545
Recurrent Superenhancer of the Oncogene POU5F1B in Colorectal Cancers. Tao, Han-chuan; Wang, Cheng; Ma, Ning; Zhu, Xun; Zhou, Xiao-jun Report Dec 11, 2021 4367
Identification of Potential Genetic Biomarkers and Target Genes of Peri-Implantitis Using Bioinformatics Tools. Zhang, Xiaogen; Wang, Zhifa; Hu, Li; Shen, Xiaoqing; Liu, Chundong Report Dec 11, 2021 5964
Abnormal Expression of Centromere Protein U Is Associated with Hepatocellular Cancer Progression. Yu, Yuanlin; Chen, Xiaopeng; Zhang, Weidong; Liu, Jun Report Dec 11, 2021 4993
Prognosis Implication of a Novel Metabolism-Related Gene Signature in Ewing Sarcoma. Chen, Zhuo-Yuan; Yang, Huiqin; Bu, Jie; Chen, Qiong; Yang, Zhen; Li, Hui Dec 10, 2021 4511
Recovery from Liver Failure and Fibrosis in a Rat Portacaval Anastomosis Model after Neurointermediate Pituitary Lobectomy. Muñoz-Ortega, Martín; Macías-Segura, Noé; Ventura-Juárez, Javier; Ávila-Blanco, Manuel Enrique; Ponc Dec 9, 2021 8181
Text Mining and Hub Gene Network Analysis of Endometriosis. Wang, Yinuo; Zhu, Songbiao; Liu, Chengcheng; Deng, Haiteng; Zhang, Zhenyu Report Dec 7, 2021 3912
Distinct Hypoxia-Related Gene Profiling Characterizes Clinicopathological Features and Immune Status of Mismatch Repair-Deficient Colon Cancer. Xu, Yixin; Hu, Junjie; Cao, Can; Zhang, Mili; Liu, Youdong; Chen, Haonan; Wei, ShanShan Dec 7, 2021 9512
Cystic Fibrosis: Systems Biology Analysis from Homozygous p.Phe508del Variant Patients' Samples Reveals Perturbations in Tissue-Specific Pathways. de Faria Poloni, Joice; Rispoli, Thaiane; Rossetti, Maria Lucia; Trindade, Cristiano; Vargas, José E Report Dec 2, 2021 8744
Effect of Garlic Organic Sulfides on Gene Expression Profiling in HepG2 Cells and Its Biological Function Analysis by Ingenuity Pathway Analysis System and Bio-Plex-Based Assays. Lv, Chenghao; Wang, Caiqiong; Li, Ping; Huang, Yiwen; Lu, Xiangyang; Shi, Meng; Zeng, Chaoxi Nov 30, 2021 7410
Proliferin-1 Ameliorates Cardiotoxin-Related Skeletal Muscle Repair in Mice. Goto, Hiroki; Inoue, Aiko; Piao, Limei; Hu, Lina; Huang, Zhe; Meng, Xiangkun; Suzuki, Yusuke Nov 20, 2021 10172
Screening of Parkinson's Differential MicroRNA Based on GEO Database and Its Clinical Verification. Jiang, Xuping; Xiao, Lili; Jiang, Xumei; Li, Guangsheng; Lu, Zhijuan Report Nov 13, 2021 4462
Pharmacological Approaches to Attenuate Inflammation and Obesity with Natural Products Formulations by Regulating the Associated Promoting Molecular Signaling Pathways. Khan, Muhammad Imran; Khan, Muhammad Zubair; Shin, Jin Hyuk; Shin, Tia Sun; Lee, Young Bok; Kim, Min Report Nov 12, 2021 12144
Clinical Efficacy of Methotrexate Combined with Iguratimod on Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Its Influence on the Expression Levels of HOTAIR in Serum. Tan, Jingya; Dan, Jiaqiang; Liu, Yi Report Nov 12, 2021 5210
miRNAomic Approach to Plant Nitrogen Starvation. Yousuf, Peerzada Yasir; Shabir, Peerzada Arshid; Hakeem, Khalid Rehman Nov 9, 2021 11726
Bioinformatic Analysis and Integration of Transcriptome and Proteome Results Identify Key Coding and Noncoding Genes Predicting Malignancy in Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms of the Pancreas. Saha, Barsha; Chhatriya, Bishnupriya; Pramanick, Swapnila; Goswami, Srikanta Report Nov 8, 2021 7379
Differential Gene Expression in Bladder Tumors from Workers Occupationally Exposed to Arylamines. Kolli, Ramya T.; Xu, Zongli; Panduri, Vijayalakshmi; Taylor, Jack A. Report Nov 8, 2021 4630
Overexpression Effects of miR-424 and BMP2 on the Osteogenesis of Wharton's Jelly-Derived Stem Cells. Fallah, Asghar; Alipour, Mahdieh; Jamali, Zahra; Farjadfar, Akbar; Roshangar, Leila; Partovi Nasr, M Report Nov 8, 2021 6834
High Expression of GSDMC Is Associated with Poor Survival in Kidney Clear Cell Cancer. Cui, Yun-Qian; Meng, Fei; Zhan, Wen-Li; Dai, Zhou-Tong; Liao, Xinghua Report Nov 5, 2021 5128
DNA Damage Response Genes in Osteosarcoma. Tang, Ying; Liu, Yan-xia; Huang, Xiuning; Li, Peng Nov 2, 2021 4241
Discovery and Validation of an Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition-Based Signature in Gastric Cancer by Genomics and Prognosis Analysis. Xu, Huiyong; Wan, Huilai; Zhu, Maoshu; Feng, Lianghua; Zhang, Hui; Su, Fengbing Report Oct 26, 2021 6264
Ameliorative Effects of Gallic Acid on Cisplatin-Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rat Variations of Biochemistry, Histopathology, and Gene Expression. Eslamifar, Zahra; Moridnia, Abbas; Sabbagh, Susan; Ghaffaripour, Reza; Jafaripour, Leila; Behzadifar Report Oct 26, 2021 7241
Integrated miRNA-mRNA Expression Profiles Revealing Key Molecules in Ovarian Cancer Based on Bioinformatics Analysis. Li, Chao; Hong, Zhantong; Ou, Miaoling; Zhu, Xiaodan; Zhang, Linghua; Yang, Xingkun Report Oct 25, 2021 3871
Mechanism of Catechol-O-methyltransferase Regulating Orofacial Pain Induced by Tooth Movement. Zhou, Yonglong; Song, Zhiping; Chen, Shibiao; Yao, Fen; Liu, Jian; Ouyang, Zhiqiang; Liao, Zhengyu Report Oct 23, 2021 6862
Identification of Key Biomarkers and Pathways in Small-Cell Lung Cancer Using Biological Analysis. Liu, Huanqing; Li, Tingting; Ye, Xunda; Lyu, Jun Report Oct 19, 2021 8291
Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 5 Promotes the Migration of AML Cells by Regulating the Expression of Leukocyte Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor B4. Zhao, Lu; Cheng, Bingqing; Xiong, Jie; Ma, Dan; Liu, Xin; Wang, Li; Zhang, Xi Report Oct 19, 2021 8466
Identification of a Prognosis-Related Risk Signature for Bladder Cancer to Predict Survival and Immune Landscapes. Wang, Linhui; Wang, Yutao; Wang, Jianfeng; Li, Luanfeng; Bi, Jianbin Oct 18, 2021 10939
Exploring Molecular Mechanisms Involved in the Development of the Depression-Like Phenotype in Interleukin-18-Deficient Mice. Yamanishi, Kyosuke; Miyauchi, Masahiro; Mukai, Keiichiro; Hashimoto, Takuya; Uwa, Noriko; Seino, Hit Report Oct 18, 2021 7817
Identification of Key Exosome Gene Signature in Mediating Coronary Heart Disease by Weighted Gene Correlation Network Analysis. Fu, Yanbin; Ge, Yanzhi; Cao, Jianfeng; Su, Zedazhong; Yu, Danqing Report Oct 15, 2021 6408
Potential lncRNA Biomarkers for HBV-Related Hepatocellular Carcinoma Diagnosis Revealed by Analysis on Coexpression Network. Nong, Shunqiang; Chen, Xiaohao; Wang, Zechen; Xu, Guidan; Wei, Wujun; Peng, Bin; Zhou, Lü; Wei, Liuz Report Oct 15, 2021 7710
Analysis of Shared Genetic Regulatory Networks for Alzheimer's Disease and Epilepsy. Wang, Xiao-Dan; Liu, Shuai; Lu, Hui; Guan, Yalin; Wu, Hao; Ji, Yong Report Oct 14, 2021 4965
The Assessment of Selected miRNA Profile in Familial Mediterranean Fever. Kahraman, Cigdem Yuce; Egin, Mehmet Ertugrul; Tatar, Abdulgani; Turkez, Hasan; Mardinoglu, Adil Report Oct 13, 2021 5274
An Integrative Pan-Cancer Analysis of the Oncogenic Role of COPB2 in Human Tumors. Wu, Biao; Wu, Yumeng; Guo, Xianlin; Yue, Yanping; Li, Yuanyuan; He, Xiao; Chen, Yuanbin Report Oct 12, 2021 5695
A New Stemness-Related Prognostic Model for Predicting the Prognosis in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma. Huang, Xiao-Yan; Qin, Wen-Tao; Su, Qi-Sheng; Qiu, Cheng-Cheng; Liu, Ruo-Chuan; Xie, Shan-Shan; Hu, Y Report Oct 11, 2021 8534
Coexpression Network Analysis of lncRNA Associated with Overexpression of DNMT1 in Esophageal Epithelial Cells. Lei, Yi; Xu, Yi; Li, Xu-feng; Chen, Yan Report Oct 8, 2021 4282
Identification of Specific Cell Subpopulations and Marker Genes in Ovarian Cancer Using Single-Cell RNA Sequencing. Li, Yan; Wang, Juan; Wang, Fang; Gao, Chengzhen; Cao, Yuanyuan; Wang, Jianhua Report Oct 7, 2021 5461
Bioinformatics Analysis of ZBTB16 as a Prognostic Marker for Ewing's Sarcoma. Ding, Ke; Qiu, Wenli; Yu, Dianbo; Ma, Huade; Xie, Kangqi; Luo, Fuqiang; Li, Shanlang Report Oct 6, 2021 4236
B7-H4 Expression in Precancerous Lesions of the Uterine Cervix. Zhang, Qianqian; Zong, Liju; Zhang, Hui; Xie, Wei; Yang, Fan; Sun, Wenwen; Cui, Baoxia; Zhang, Youzh Report Oct 5, 2021 4903
A Cascade Flexible Neural Forest Model for Cancer Subtypes Classification on Gene Expression Data. Zhong, Lianxin; Meng, Qingfang; Chen, Yuehui Oct 5, 2021 6992
Gene Expression Characteristics of Liver Tissue Reveal the Underlying Pathogenesis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Guo, Congfang; Guo, Xiang; Rong, Yudong; Guo, Yirui; Zhang, Li Report Oct 4, 2021 6858
Investigation of Key Signaling Pathways Associating miR-204 and Common Retinopathies. Bereimipour, Ahmad; Satarian, Leila; Taleahmad, Sara Report Oct 4, 2021 6741
Thyroid Transcription Factor-1: Structure, Expression, Function and Its Relationship with Disease. Guan, Lian; Zhao, Xu; Tang, Lin; Chen, Jing; Zhao, Juanjuan; Guo, Mengmeng; Chen, Chao; Zhou, Ya; Xu Report Sep 29, 2021 7941
Comprehensive Analysis of Glutamate-Rich WD Repeat-Containing Protein 1 and Its Potential Clinical Significance for Pancancer. Wu, Yumeng; Wu, Xuming; Li, Yuanyuan; Zhao, Wenjing; Yue, Yanping; Wu, Biao; Liu, Jibin Report Sep 27, 2021 6345
Dynamic Oxygen Conditions Promote the Translocation of HIF-1? to the Nucleus in Mouse Blastocysts. Choi, Jungwon; Kim, Wontae; Yoon, Hyejin; Lee, Jaewang; Jun, Jin Hyun Report Sep 25, 2021 7067
Influences of S100A8 and S100A9 on Proliferation of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Cells through PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway. Wen, Liting; Ding, Yu; Chen, Xiaodong; Tian, Keyong; Li, Danfeng; Liang, Kun; Yue, Bo Report Sep 24, 2021 4086
Establishment of an Autophagy-Related Clinical Prognosis Model for Predicting the Overall Survival of Osteosarcoma. Li, Jianyi; Tang, Xiaojie; Du, Yukun; Dong, Jun; Zhao, Zheng; Hu, Huiqiang; Song, Tao Report Sep 23, 2021 5648
Molecular Profiling of Spermatozoa Reveals Correlations between Morphology and Gene Expression: A Novel Biomarker Panel for Male Infertility. Cassuto, Nino Guy; Piquemal, David; Boitrelle, Florence; Larue, Lionel; Lédée, Nathalie; Hatem, Ghad Report Sep 20, 2021 8173
Identification of Vital Hub Genes and Potential Molecular Pathways of Dermatomyositis by Bioinformatics Analysis. Ouyang, Xueren; Zeng, Yuning; Jiang, Xiaotao; Xu, Hua; Ning, Yile Report Sep 18, 2021 7593
Biodata Mining of Differentially Expressed Genes between Acute Myocardial Infarction and Unstable Angina Based on Integrated Bioinformatics. Guo, Siyu; Huang, Zhihong; Liu, Xinkui; Zhang, Jingyuan; Ye, Peizhi; Wu, Chao; Lu, Shan Report Sep 14, 2021 9962
Identification of Key Genes and Immune Infiltrate in Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis: A Bioinformatic Analysis. Jiang, Zhen-yu; Zhou, Yi; Zhou, Lu; Li, Shao-wei; Wang, Bang-mao Report Sep 13, 2021 6836
Development and Validation of a TNF Family-Based Signature for Predicting Prognosis, Tumor Immune Characteristics, and Immunotherapy Response in Colorectal Cancer Patients. Xiao, Zheng; Nie, Kechao; Han, Tong; Cheng, Lin; Zhang, Zheyu; Peng, Weijun; Shi, Dazun Sep 10, 2021 6984
Application of Genetic Algorithm-Based Support Vector Machine in Identification of Gene Expression Signatures for Psoriasis Classification: A Hybrid Model. Tapak, Leili; Afshar, Saeid; Afrasiabi, Mahlagha; Ghasemi, Mohammad Kazem; Alirezaei, Pedram Report Sep 8, 2021 6513
Chondrogenic Potential of Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells Cultured as Microtissues. Salvador-Clavell, Rubén; Martín de Llano, José Javier; Milián, Lara; Oliver, María; Mata, Manuel; Ca Sep 8, 2021 7543
IFN-? Licensing Does Not Enhance the Reduced Immunomodulatory Potential and Migratory Ability of Differentiation-Induced Porcine Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in an In Vitro Xenogeneic Application. Lee, Hyeon-Jeong; Kim, Hwan-Deuk; Jo, Chan-Hee; Bok, Eun-Yeong; Kim, Saet-Byul; Lee, Sung-Lim; Jang, Report Sep 6, 2021 9701

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