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Gendered news; media coverage and electoral politics in Canada.


Gendered news; media coverage and electoral politics in Canada.

Goodyear-Grant, Elizabeth.

U. of British Columbia Press


246 pages




When a new politician runs for office, one expects a certain amount and type of news coverage: views, family, education, events attended, and so forth. However, Goodyear-Grant (political studies, Queen's U., Ontario) has found a surprising amount of bias in reporting. Women are more likely to be judged on their looks than on their views, and even the most careful and circumspect woman is more likely to have her personal life examined than is any man. That is not surprising, but it is how the media goes about it that is interesting. First, according to Goodyear-Grant, is women are less likely to receive media attention then are their male counterparts. Next, the quality of the news about women candidates is often inferior and tends toward the "best chocolate cookie recipe" variety, rather than centering on the candidate's views. Goodyear-Grant explains the subtle and not subtle ways the news is gender-biased, then concentrates on the effects of outright attack-style news, and closes with the media effects on politicians' experience of their political careers. Women may have come into politics in increasing numbers, but they are still prevented from succeeding by gender bias in the media. US distribution is by U. of Washington Press; Canadian distribution is by U. of Toronto Press.

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Date:Feb 1, 2014
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