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Gendarmerie prevented investigation into Ecillioy-lu eavesdropping case.

ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Gendarmerie intelligence officers prevented a team of policemen who were traveling to the hometown of Col. Kazym Ecillioy-lu to hear a secret witness in the eavesdropping case of the family members of late Col. Kazym Ecillioy-lu, the Yeni E[currency]afak daily reported on Tuesday.

Ecillioy-lu was found dead in 1994 in a residential military complex in the eastern province of Tunceli, where he served as the commander of the local gendarmerie brigade. His death was ruled a suicide. However, evidence that later emerged, including reports outlining the circumstances of his death, gave prosecutors reason to believe that Ecillioy-lu had been the victim of murder. Ecillioy-lu's body was exhumed last year after a prosecutor reopened the case.

According to Yeni E[currency]afak, the Malatya Chief Prosecutor's Office, which is overseeing the investigation into Ecillioy-lu's death, sent a team of policemen to DE-zce to hear a secret witness in the case.

A group of gendarmerie intelligence officers blocked the way of the policemen and forced them to take one of the intelligence officers with them.

Later, the intelligence officers called the DE-zce Prosecutor's Office, telling it that one of their colleagues was kidnapped, leading to the detention of the police team.

The policemen were released after the Malatya Chief Prosecutor's Office took action to ensure their release.

The secret witness was reportedly to testify to the policemen as part of an investigation into the illegal monitoring of the phone lines of Ecillioy-lu's son.

Another investigation was also launched after Ecillioy-lu's son, GE[micro]khan, claimed that his phone conversations were being illegally monitored. In May, seven military officers and a retired officer were arrested in relation to the investigations. The suspects are facing charges of being members of a terrorist organization, forging official documents and violating the right to private communication. The Malatya Chief Prosecutor's Office is currently investigating the wiretapping allegations.

Following the incident between the policemen and the gendarmerie intelligence officers in DE-zce, the Malatya Chief Prosecutor's Office contacted the Telecommunications Directorate (TyB) to ask it to prepare a report about whether Ecillioy-lu's family members are being wiretapped. There are claims that the gendarmerie intelligence members learned about the policemen coming to DE-zce from the phone conversations of Ecillioy-lu's family members.

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Publication:Cihan News Agency (CNA)
Date:Dec 4, 2012
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