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GenUs BioSystems Launches RNA Isolation Service.

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-- Outsourced RNA Isolation Service To Assure Better Quality

Results, Streamline Gene Expression Profiling and Analysis For

Researchers --

GenUs BioSystems, a state-of-the-art bioarray service laboratory, today announced the launch of its RNA isolation services to researchers worldwide. RNA isolation is a critical early step in the generation of accurate and repeatable genomic data.

GenUs BioSystems' RNA isolation service was formed to compliment its overall outsourced gene expression data collection and analysis solution. Since tissue samples for genomic analysis are often small and irreplaceable, GenUs helps ensure maximum RNA recovery and quality gene expression data as a result.

"Today's advanced genomics tools are very good at highlighting bad samples," said Dr. Scott Magnuson, President of GenUs BioSystems. "Our new RNA isolation service offers researchers an effective alternative to performing this delicate step in the gene expression profiling process in their own lab."

Consistent with its "best available technology" philosophy, GenUs BioSystems combines the expertise of its staff with established and proven RNA isolation methods to take small amounts of cell and tissue samples and generate gene expression data upon which researchers can draw sound conclusions.

"Researchers simply want reliable answers to their scientific hypotheses. Our RNA isolation services coupled with our gene expression profiling and analysis services enable researchers to focus on the end result instead of the tools and training needed to achieve this result," said Dr. Magnuson.

About GenUs BioSystems, Inc.: GenUs BioSystems, Inc. is a service laboratory committed to using state-of-the-art techniques to conduct genomic experiments using bioarray technology in the emerging field of systems biology. Applications include genomic research, diagnostics, drug discovery, drug efficacy and toxicity studies, and pharmocogenetics. GenUs BioSystems provides a time saving and cost-effective alternative to performing technically challenging bioarray experiments in-house. For more information visit
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Nov 5, 2003
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