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Gemini; May 22> Jun 20.

TOWARDS the end of June, you may have felt things were falling apart at the seams.

But sometimes when things fall apart, they are actually falling into place. As July takes over, you should find more and more of your ideas take wings rather than feel as if they've put on lead boots.

You're welcoming more people into your life who have been there, seen that and share the same ethos. As a consequence, lose the fluffy bunnies and align yourself with those who can turn ideas into action.

On the 4th, an opposition between the Sun and Pluto draws your attention to money matters, who you owe and how you can get rid of those ties.

By the full Moon on the 12th, you're ready to let go of old and outworn financial habits and things that no longer suit. As you pair up with someone else's financial acumen, things get better and better.

Venus is in your own sign until the 18th. She's bringing single sorts more attention than ever as she flirts her way through what is the flirtiest sign. For attached sorts, her association with Mars mid-month imbues relationships with passion, fun and some hot spontaneity. Marvellous.

Mercury is out of your sign on the 13th and back into your money sky.

Jupiter's move on the 16th brings you a change of pace, an expansion of mind stuff that brings ideas aplenty and, while that's very nice, you might want to write a few down and get a to-do list.

If you don't, you'll assume you'll remember or worse, you will assume you've already put them into action when in fact you haven't. Genius ideas are only part of the equation, following through and getting things done are what's important.

Jupiter is also your relationship governor.

He's bringing you someone who thinks the way you do or encouraging joint ventures with established partners.

A work deal suits your needs around the 20th and you can move career matters forward. Mars pushes you on to sort out details, sign contracts and generally get yourself in front of those you need to talk to. As you do, it seems there's nothing that can stop you. True.


'A work deal suits your needs and you move career matters forward'
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 30, 2014
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