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Gehrman, Jody. Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty.

GEHRMAN, Jody. Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty. Penguin, Dial. 256p. c2008. 978-08037-3247-6. $16.99. S

Geena Sloane works at a popular drive-through caffeine joint. Her dream for her 16th summer involves boys, lattes, and hanging out with "the girls." Her prim and proper cousin Hero and Geena's best friend Amber are both working with Geena at Triple Shot Betty's for the summer. Geena's plan for them to hang out isn't exactly working, since Amber and Hero hate each other. The only time that they manage to tolerate each other is when they set Geena up on a date. As productive as this seems to them, Geena isn't interested, but at least her friends are talking to one another. When Hero's face is Photoshopped on revealing photos of Amber, all friendships come to a screeching halt. Can the three girls unite to seek revenge on the hot guy who set up both Amber and Hero? While teenage slang contains swear words and sexual innuendos, the high school audience will find this novel highly realistic. It provides an honest representation of high school summers with characters who realize that sometimes fitting in means being yourself after all; this is a lesson that is not easily learned, as Geena proves. The outcome of Geena's summer is better than the process itself, but it is the process she wouldn't trade for anything. Ashleigh Larsen, Teaching Asst., English, Gordon College, Wenham,

S--Recommended for senior high school students.
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Author:Larsen, Ashleigh
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2008
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