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Gearboxes offer performance.

Improvements for Mine Use Gear and drive specialist David Brown says its CX series gearboxes are designed to operate at extremely high defined levels of torque, speed, power and thermal ratings, exceeding competitor performance and representing a new, unique best-in-class model. According to the company, the advanced technologies designed into the CX series provide key product solutions for mining operations, including up to four times longer bearing life; up to 20% greater thermal capacity, reducing the need for ancillary cooling equipment; precision gear tooth profiles that reduce noise and maximize power transfer; an optimized, cast housing; and a unique flippable design with modular mounting options. Customers also benefit from the company's new three-year extended warranty package, which is available for any gearbox brand and model--even those of competitors--and provides access to David Brown's global network of service and repair centers. The extended warranty also covers new installations of gearboxes designed and manufactured by David Brown; and includes the option to install a remote conditioning monitoring system (CMaS) that gathers critical information while the gearbox is in operation, warding off the risk of unexpected failure.

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Title Annotation:PRODUCT NEWS
Publication:Coal Age (1996)
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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