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Prophetic tale of dangerous demagogue trumped best picture rivals. Brief article Dec 16, 2016 165
Television vs. cinema: writing is alive and well on big screen: TV series favorites function as small screen counterparts to Oscar script front-runners. Nov 15, 2016 810
Homegrown sounds of my hollywood life: variety's vp/executive editor offers a biographical look at the label's early peaks. Nov 15, 2016 712
Cavalry arrives with foreign-language cinema: relief for those tired of fanboy films. Nov 8, 2016 443
Living a groovy kind of life: songwriter Carole Bayer Sager reflects on her memoir, David Geffen's Oscar advice, Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharach, and a half-century of hits. Oct 11, 2016 1886
From competitors to collaborators: Carole Bayer Sager shares her own favorite songs and songwriters. Brief article Oct 11, 2016 326
Variety critics' choice hits 20th mark: what our reviewers wrote about films by 10 young directors. Jun 21, 2016 1031
'Lighting' to shine at festival: a digitally restored copy of Ivan Passer's 1965 masterpiece 'Intimate Lighting' will screen at KVIFF in the director's presence. Movie review Jun 21, 2016 454
Bobby Braddock. Interview May 31, 2016 752
'Short' revealed secret plan of the Garynistas: McKay and Ferrell have quietly loaded their comedies with sharp left-of-center politics. May 24, 2016 938
Idealist thrives in specialty space: Arthouse believer Charles Cohen, hunting for more gems, is on the Croisette with restored 'Howards End'. May 10, 2016 743
Oscar's golden rules are made to be broken. Feb 16, 2016 590
Personifying the character actor's craft: Ed Lauter exemplified versatility and verisimilitude. Jan 26, 2016 1134
Sandy Lieberson. Interview Jan 13, 2016 467
Globes' voting track record busts old myths: org's picks sometimes more edgy, if not in sync, with Academy's taste. Nov 24, 2015 1174
Agnieszka Holland: May 12,1976. Interview Aug 24, 2015 453
Doubling down on global auteurs: as it approaches its fourth decade, Canadian fest sees future in underserved niche. Aug 18, 2015 670
"Misalliance": April 29, 1955. Interview Aug 11, 2015 496
Barbara Kopple: "when you're making documentaries, you can shine a light on issues, but you are also figuring out that people are treasure chests.". Interview Jul 22, 2015 425
Jiri Bartoska. Interview Jul 14, 2015 499
Five lessons from my Czech list: for 50 editions, the Bohemian hills have been alive with cinema. Jun 23, 2015 671
August 26, 1964: "Britain's Rolling Stones doing 'Another Beatles' as R&B unit hits instant B.O.". Interview Jun 23, 2015 502
Marthe Keller. Interview Jun 16, 2015 453
Jonathan Banks. Interview Jun 2, 2015 453
Roger Corman. Interview May 26, 2015 382
Bill Paxton. Interview May 18, 2015 373
Pierce O'Donnell: billion dollar litigator: lawyer driven by populist causes, earth-shaking cases. Apr 14, 2015 1280
Tommy James. Interview Apr 7, 2015 503
Tom Selleck. Interview Mar 31, 2015 416
Jay Cooper. Column Feb 12, 2015 456
Katharine Ross: February 1, 1961, "Twinkling of an Eye" Review: "they hacked off all of my hair and they wound up casting someone else.". Interview Feb 5, 2015 456
Walter Mirisch: February 27, 1947, "The Fail Guy" review. Interview Feb 2, 2015 460
Charles Dance: April 28, 1976. Interview Jan 2, 2015 441
Laurence Fishburne. Interview Dec 10, 2014 465
My first time in variety. Interview Dec 4, 2014 460
Beyond his legacy, Merle still matters: CMT honors son of Bakersfield who rolls on, swingin' the hits. Nov 25, 2014 634
Roger Donaldson: June 25, 1975: 'I learned there's not much point going to Hollywood unless there's someone in Hollywood saying "please come" and by that I mean someone who actually means it.'. Interview Nov 20, 2014 437
Mike Myers on 'the Chernobyl of Fame': Shep Gordon portrait 'Supermensch' was a personal passion project for the comic. Interview Nov 11, 2014 791
DJ Don Wardell is friend of songbook: 'American' Revival Buoys Format's fortunes. Brief article Nov 4, 2014 278
Steaks, stars and civility always on the menu at Tana's. Sep 30, 2014 461
Mel Brooks is forever 'young': comic legend riffs on his b&w classic, Laddie and the biz. Sep 9, 2014 655
Editors cut in on awards action. Brief article Sep 9, 2014 165
Built on art, sweat and taste: distrib finds tomorrow's classics in today's global fest scene. Aug 19, 2014 594
City support is key to business growth: for mayors of Albuquerque and Santa Fe, filmmaking spurs economic growth. Aug 12, 2014 405
Sam's land of enchantment. Brief article Aug 12, 2014 270
Vision warrior: Mel Gibson's fiercely personal film canon draws artistic honors. Jun 24, 2014 716
Louie C.K. doesn't do homework: the multihyphenate talent follows his own rule book. Interview May 13, 2014 649
Greats embrace fresh takes: cinema's risk-takers would appreciate filmmakers of 2013. Editorial Feb 19, 2014 297
5 ways the BAFTAS differ from the Oscars. Feb 11, 2014 1239
More than 140 characters needed to explain this season wild year for films and fans. Editorial Feb 10, 2014 335
History of Oscar planning. Brief article Feb 10, 2014 163
Calling all men and women from hope Hollywood dreams alive and well in thesp noms. Editorial Feb 4, 2014 364
Step up to the bard. Brief article Feb 4, 2014 173
Wood trades Shire for Indie Oasis. Jan 28, 2014 397
Why not world's best picture? Dec 18, 2013 378
What goes into the best: artisans quietly work their magic to boost the story. Editorial Dec 12, 2013 395
They came, saw, hated it. Brief article Dec 12, 2013 245
A tale of two artistries: diversity and passion mark animation and writing races. Editorial Dec 10, 2013 374
Escape from Toontown. Brief article Dec 10, 2013 244
Actors in focus: sometimes the ultimate special effect is a performance. Editorial Dec 4, 2013 349
Calling all mavericks. In memoriam Dec 4, 2013 288
Welcome to awards season: we aim to help you navigate the crowded kudos calendar. Editorial Nov 21, 2013 298
Marching in the footsteps of cinema greats. Brief article Nov 21, 2013 173
Old & new masters set for fest: Cinema Italian Style celebrates country's deep talent pool. Nov 12, 2013 480
Bay area puts heart into Oscar hopefuls: San Francisco raises its awards season profile. Nov 12, 2013 555
Don't call people you don't like: to Jerry Weintraub, leading means loving what you do and never running from risks. Interview Oct 22, 2013 708
'People Films' prosper: Kudos show reflects season's rich roster of black cinema offerings. Oct 15, 2013 1775
Panel takes New York's pulse: Hamptons lest surveys past and future of Gotham indie scene. Oct 8, 2013 539
Truth not tricks: David Copperfield has no illusions about movie biz. Interview Sep 25, 2013 1314
Gaz Alazraki carries on a 'nobles' tradition: director of culture-clash hit preps L.A. Latino Fest screening, reveals his Nine Unlikely Teachers. Sep 17, 2013 462
L.A. music jobs travel far from H'wood stages: insiders blame residual commitments, incentive coin for pushing more gigs overseas. Aug 26, 2013 363
Global scramble for 'Star Wars' shoots: 'Episode 7' will lense in the U.K., but the chase is on to land the other pics in the franchise reboot. Aug 26, 2013 550
Golden anni for mother of all beach movies: Variety warned parents in 1963 of 'frightening' Frankie frolic. Brief article Aug 26, 2013 159
Renegades an age-old dilemma: youthful indiscretions are as old as the Hollywood hills. Brief article Aug 21, 2013 289
I want to hold your pen: 'Summertime Blues' wowed biz in '58, an augury of' 60s singer-songwriter era. Brief article Aug 19, 2013 185
Nominees survived a minefield: showbiz biopics are always alluring, but scribes must beware their hidden pitfalls. Brief article Aug 12, 2013 274
Grand HFPA plan: journo basics redux: new toppers Kingma, Soria, amp up main mission. Aug 5, 2013 461
The man with the energized eye: Bruckheimer's Mad Ave. approach to filmmaking predated Fincher, Bay, the Scott brothers and other spot directors. Jun 24, 2013 859
Paradise by the dashboard light: drive-in theaters hit their peak in post-war America. Brief article Jun 20, 2013 117
Summer catches fire in La Jolla: who cares what Gotham thinks? Variety West Coast critic gives Smoke new heat. Theater review Jun 18, 2013 184
Summer beer saves showbiz: prohibition's end heralded a lush rebirth for the entertainment industry. Brief article Jun 6, 2013 112
Every band needs a 'pimpresario': in his book Stone Free, former Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham is still rolling and revealing the secrets of the music trade. Interview Apr 16, 2013 655
Opening a Cannes of rumors: gossip heats up over which auteurs will make the Croisette cut as fest plays close to the vest. Mar 26, 2013 492
Futuristic says there will be blood: Steven Gaydos on 'Megatrends' author John Naisbitt, who predicts more dark days for culture that immerses its young in rewards of mayhem. Interview Jan 1, 2013 1298
Leavell gets Stones ready to hit the frackin' road. Oct 22, 2012 631
Jane Bond? Scribe's-eye view of 007 pic birth. May 14, 2012 790
Bernd: legacy is firm's zeal to win. Aug 29, 2011 522
Faithfull to 27 Club: no, no, no. Aug 8, 2011 1030
A well-'Red' rock star: Hagar rises from steel town roots to business mogul, bestselling author. Interview Apr 4, 2011 1028
Havel draws on life for film debut. Interview Mar 21, 2011 690
Disaster puts doc back in focus. Apr 19, 2010 453
Harlin has 'Georgia' on his mind. Brief article Feb 15, 2010 330
In 'Dreams,' L.A. beat goes on: Journo's tome captures hip Southland scene of the '60s, '70s. Oct 19, 2009 611
Quincy left to carry on. Jul 13, 2009 442
For this honored pair, that's not all there is. Book review Jun 22, 2009 286
Fest fetes Stallone as modern film Icon: sly's impacted both indies and the B.O. Brief article Sep 22, 2008 325
Choice cuts from 10 years of Euro's best. Viewpoint essay Jun 25, 2007 425
The Thais that dine. Brief article Oct 23, 2006 111
Korean calling card. Brief article Mar 27, 2006 135
Sweet on London. Brief Article Jul 25, 2005 176

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