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Gayanne makes a fair cop; TELLY.

GAYANNE Potter was a little disturbed when she was told she looked like a policewoman - by a group of policemen.

The actress, who plays sidekick Siobhan Clarke in Rebus - the detective series based on Ian Rankin's books - had slipped into her role as the straight-as-a-die copper with ease.

But even she was surprised that she was so convincing.

"Some of Ian's friends in the police came to the wrap party. They commented to him that I looked like a copper. I don't regard it as a compliment, but the fact I looked right was very important to me."

The series of feature-length dramas draws to a close this week with Mortal Causes. The plot is far from light and fluffy as a youngster is found dead under the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, and the crime squad suspect he might have been a gunrunner.

No prizes for guessing who is called in to investigate.

Aside from being another nice little earner for The Mummy Returns star John Hannah who plays Rebus himself, the drama has given Gayanne her biggest role to date.

She is naturally keeping her fingers crossed for another series, if only to see her character develop.

Gayanne, 29, was brought up in Edinburgh. She studied at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama before a string of roles lead to the Rebus pilot, Black and Blue, and now this series.

"In the original Rebus drama, Clarke's involvement was minimal, because it had a very busy plot line.

Now, more and more, she's becoming integral to the plot and that's very exciting for me."

So as time goes by, how does Gayanne see the relationship between the two crime-busters develop?

"I'd say Clarke and Rebus are moving into a kind of Morse and Lewis relationship. They're looking like more of a team, as she becomes more prominent and they get closer.

"He relies on Clarke a lot in Mortal Causes, where there's a lot of criminal activity on a database and she's the perfect computer whizz-kid to access it."

Is i the proverbial father and daughter scenario? "He sees in her the ambition he had when he was younger, " remarks Gayanne.

"And it's almost like he's helping her fast track, because he'll give her the pieces of information he's struggling with and she'll come back with an answer.

"There's a respect and liking between them, to the extent she'll cover his back when he's in deep trouble and he'll seek help and advice from her."

Rebus (ITV, 9pm)
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Title Annotation:Media
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 20, 2001
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