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Tory Crispin Blunt deletes defence of MP guilty of child sex assault after furious backlash; The MP deleted a post on his website which claimed Imran Ahmad Khan was the victim of an 'international scandal' after a slew of resignations from his LGBT rights group. By, Dan Bloom & Dave Burke Apr 12, 2022 677
26 LGBT couples ask court to recognize their relationships as de facto families. Feb 14, 2022 307
Consultation delay dismay. Sep 26, 2021 153
FUNDING FOR LGBT GROUPS 'MEASLY' Greens critical of cash levels. BRENDAN HUGHES Jul 31, 2021 292
LGBT Rights Group Mocks Rabbi Who Claims COVID-19 Vaccine Can Turn a Person Gay, Media Says. Jan 17, 2021 160
Taiwan LGBT rights group gets funding from Oct 29, 2020 294
Accept LGBTI slams rushed deportation of Brazilian man. Sep 9, 2020 354
Taiwan still bans word 'GAY' from license plates for cars and scooters. Aug 22, 2020 330
Binay reminds PNP on correct handling of low-level offenses. Jul 2, 2020 433
Israeli Court Says Printing Shop Can't Discriminate. Jun 1, 2020 186
Upcoming events in Latvia for Friday, November 15. Calendar Nov 15, 2019 505
PA Bans LGBTQ Activities in West Bank as an 'Insult' to Palestinian Traditions. Aug 20, 2019 237
Taiwan set to legalize gay marriage despite legislative hurdles. May 17, 2019 1155
Queering Martin Buber: Harry Hay's Erotic Dialogical. Michaelson, Jay Essay Dec 22, 2018 9285
Welsh teams to wear rainbow laces at weekend. Nov 23, 2018 232
Welsh teams to wear rainbow laces at weekend. Nov 23, 2018 227
Wales players to wear rainbow laces against S.Africa in support of Thomas. Nov 23, 2018 199
Taiwanese groups call for 70,000 signatures to enact same-sex marriage referendum. Aug 27, 2018 381
UK to ban gay 'conversion therapy' after massive survey. Jul 4, 2018 488
US Supreme Court backs Colorado baker's gay wedding cake snub. Jun 5, 2018 164
HOSPITALITY HUMANITY: How the travel industry, and the LGBT folks within it, stepped up in the wake of recent natural disasters. Guerrero, Desiree Feb 1, 2018 1047
Paradise Lost? Anderson-Minshall, Jacob Feb 1, 2018 653
Americans united in action! Across the country, AU staff members and activists work to promote church-state separation. Jun 1, 2017 557
N.C. approves changes to controversial 'bathroom bill'. May 1, 2017 173
'Survivor' player outs contestant as transgender. Associated Press Apr 14, 2017 562
* Previews begin Friday, Jan. 13, for About Face Theatre's Chicago-area premiere. Jan 13, 2017 1192
Maryland companies get high marks for LGBT inclusion. Dec 5, 2016 629
Lesbians in Bangladesh. Bhattacharya, Pallavi Nov 1, 2016 1625
HAMMOND FLAG ROW. Jul 24, 2016 236
Focus on 'KKK,' LGBT group urges Duterte. Jun 27, 2016 368
After Outcry from Prominent Activists, National LGBTQ Task Force Reinvites Jewish and Israeli Groups. Rosenberg, Yair Jan 19, 2016 143
UK Intel Agency Tops List Of LGBT-Friendly Employers. Jan 19, 2016 247
LGBT group offers a safe nest: Parish inclusiveness keeps official approval. Feuerherd, Peter Dec 18, 2015 1374
'You don't honour a saint by encouraging a sin'. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 178
Collins jersey sale to charity. Mar 1, 2014 293
Protest Brownback's treatment of KEC. Witt, Thomas Aug 1, 2011 551
Burgeoning LGBTQ community group in Lawrence to be led by youth. Reid, Ciara Aug 1, 2011 535
Gay straight alliance at butler community college. Padilla, Kristina Brief article Aug 1, 2011 187
Jewish LGBTO buys condo. Jul 20, 2011 372
Catholics for equality make war on church. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 141
U.S. bishops seeking to repair scandal. Brief article Dec 1, 2010 279
Get It Better. Ingall, Marjorie Oct 18, 2010 1311
I'm from Driftwood makes stop in Manhattan. Oct 1, 2010 481
P-R-I-D-E: queer cheers for equality. Bauer, Sienna Personal account Jul 1, 2010 948
Couple starts group for entertainment. Parker, Kristi Brief article Feb 1, 2010 114
Transgender support changing in Wichita. Mott, Stephanie Brief article Feb 1, 2010 253
Partying outside the box: find out how to cut loose for a cause in Florida. Stull, Edie Nov 1, 2009 387
Party for a cause. Bianco, Marcie May 1, 2009 283
LGBT legal groups call for compassion. Goldsworthy, Kate Brief article Jul 1, 2008 160
Conferencs/events. Calendar Nov 1, 2007 296
Dollywood, here we come. Anderson-Minshall, Diane Brief article Jun 1, 2007 129
Who packed the S'mores? Ponciano, Asiana Brief article Jun 1, 2007 258
The 2007 Pride guide: it's Pride, baby! Buyers guide Jun 1, 2007 2271
Person to know: Ryan Roemerman. Huff-Hannon, Joseph Interview May 22, 2007 370
NCAA and gay rights group take on homophobia in college sports. Elfman, Lois Apr 5, 2007 698
Wally's world takes baby steps. Steinberg, Allison Mar 1, 2007 332
Sloganeering. Brief article Jan 1, 2007 236
What do we want? Equality! Steinberg, Allison Nov 1, 2006 431
The marriage fight is setting us back. D'Emilio, John Nov 1, 2006 2004
Coalition of African Lesbians defends rights of all women. Frank, Liz Sep 1, 2006 860
No offense to Coretta. Henderson, William Brief article Jul 4, 2006 140
A club for all Poles. Legierski, Krystian Jul 4, 2006 383
Picking their court battles: it's taken on the Boy Scouts, eliminated sodomy laws, and won victories for students. Now Lambda Legal has its sights on marriage. Its recipe for success: select ingredients carefully and cook them slowly: with the fight for gay and lesbian equality at a crucial crossroads, The Advocate continues its ongoing series of articles focusing on our leading activist and service organizations. Hernandez, Greg Organization overview Jul 4, 2006 1426
Equality Riders challenge campus homophobia. Fairyington, Stephanie Column Jul 1, 2006 856
Getting a Jump-Start: what would you rather do other than travel the country and learn new things? Carmack, Cathy Brief article May 23, 2006 156
The end of an era-ra-ra! Ashman, Susan Brief article Apr 1, 2006 231
Biking to block Phelps. Grant, Japhy Brief article Mar 28, 2006 123
On wheels together. Dukowitz, Gretchen Mar 28, 2006 450
What would Nathan do? The mysterious death of rural gay activist Nathan Christoffersen has had an unexpected effect: bridging the gap between gay and antigay. Could Nathan's life and death offer gay activists a path to reaching religious fundamentalists? Part 2 of a special Advocate investigation. Caldwell, John Mar 28, 2006 3009
Two steps forward, one step back: LGBT and sexual rights activism. Fried, Susana T. Mar 22, 2006 2472
U.S. votes against gay groups. Brief Article Feb 10, 2006 130
Is "dyke" too offensive to patent? Resnick, Ariane Brief article Feb 1, 2006 179
Fighting for fairness. Marco, Tony Jan 17, 2006 524
"V" is for Victory. Silverman, Amy Brief article Dec 1, 2005 248
Where our history lives: from New York to Minneapolis, Chicago to San Francisco, gays and lesbians are building archives that will preserve queer history for future generations. Allen, Dan Nov 22, 2005 947
Extreme Makeover too extreme? Allen, Dan Brief Article Nov 8, 2005 237
A safe haven for rural youth. Spillane, Eileen Nov 8, 2005 389
Helping hands. Henneman, Todd Brief Article Oct 11, 2005 317
Farrakhan's first move. Allen, Dan Brief Article Oct 11, 2005 174
How can I help? Directory Oct 11, 2005 144
Media watchdog. Plato, Catherine Oct 1, 2005 355
Help in your pocket. Prince, C.J. Brief Article Sep 27, 2005 344
GLIDE: Gays and Lesbians Initiating Dialogue for Equality. Broverman, Neal Brief Article Sep 27, 2005 272
Protectors of youth: GLSEN, the leading national group focused on protecting LGBT youths in schools, just turned 10. As its influence grows, so do its growing pains. Henneman, Todd Sep 27, 2005 1777
Brief boycott. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 142
Feed the rich. Bloch, Julia Aug 1, 2005 392
Habitat for all. Allen, Dan Brief Article Jul 19, 2005 235
A piece of the federal pie. Brief Article Jul 19, 2005 115
New generation. Broverman, Neal Brief Article Jul 19, 2005 335
Growing the grass roots: coming back from a slump in the 1990s, the 32-year-old National Gay and Lesbian Task Force aims to take the lead in aiding local organizing. In a time of "terrible trouble," NGLTF is in it for the long haul. Hernandez, Greg Jul 19, 2005 2142
"Fine" T-shirts make change. Huff-Hannon, Joseph Jun 21, 2005 353
NCLR earns its stripes: the 28-year-old National Center for Lesbian Rights and its executive director, Kate Kendell, are building nationwide respect for their work on key legal battles. Rostow, Ann Jun 7, 2005 1559
Poles, queers, and the pope: visiting Poland with his acclaimed queer play I Am My Own Wife, playwright Doug Wright is caught up in homophobic history with the death of John Paul II. Wright, Doug Jun 7, 2005 1405
Two steps back in Central America. Brief Article May 10, 2005 97
Growing pains at GLAAD: under departing executive director Joan Garry, GLAAD has grown into a powerful media watchdog group both respected and feared--with $7.3 million in revenues. Garry's successor faces rapidly changing media, high staff turnover, and calls to return to its grass roots. Graham, Chad Apr 26, 2005 2950
GLBLO puts human rights issues at top of its agenda. Leo, Lita Apr 4, 2005 402
Tough times at HRC: the Human Rights Campaign--the nation's most prominent gay rights group--is battling not only antigay forces but also activists questioning its size and strategy. Wildman, Sarah Mar 29, 2005 2825
Reggae's homophobia won't play. Brief Article Mar 15, 2005 117
Romanian airline accused of discriminating against gay people. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 121
No "pride" month. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 203
Who pushed for "gay" marriage in Canada? Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 219
A long road to recognition. Brief Article Oct 12, 2004 149
Transitions. Brief Article Jun 22, 2004 106
Gay rights groups call tissue eligibility rule unscientific, out-of-date. Brief Article May 30, 2004 314
How you can volunteer. Brief Article May 11, 2004 89
How you can volunteer. Brief Article Apr 27, 2004 111
What can you do? Caldwell, John Mar 30, 2004 368
Why the federal marriage amendment will fail; the battle over a federal amendment banning same-sex marriage may be waged in Congress this summer. But history suggests it isn't going to be easy to pass. Graham, Chad Mar 16, 2004 951
Transitions. Brief Article Feb 17, 2004 105
A champion retires: after nearly nine years of putting a human face on gay rights, Elizabeth Birch leaves HRC. Bull, Chris Jan 20, 2004 1038
Off center. Hendrick, Dan Brief Article Dec 23, 2003 102
Identity crisis: has the demise of the only national black gay advocacy organization in the United States created a troubling void or a promising frontier? Bull, Chris Dec 9, 2003 867
What gay couples know best. Lisotta, Christopher Brief Article Nov 25, 2003 161
An uncommon hardship. Brief Article Nov 25, 2003 143
Holiday gift guide: this year, make your holiday dollars count, whether by supporting gay and AIDS causes or simply by expressing your same-sex affection with the perfect gift. May we offer some suggestions? Nov 25, 2003 1979
Controversy over ads from Swedish homosexual pride group. Brief Article Jul 24, 2003 103
Streetwise and searching for clues: Philadelphia activists launch their own investigation into December's murder of transgendered performer Nizah Morris. (Behind the Headlines). Tkaczyk, Christopher Interview May 27, 2003 603
Foreman at the task force. (Activism). Tkaczyk, Christopher Brief Article May 13, 2003 237
The politics of promotion: Bush's latest candidate for three-star general faces strong opposition from gay activists--but some say the opposition has made him more sensitive to gay issues. Bull, Chris Apr 29, 2003 1037
Follow the leaders: NGLTF loses its seventh executive director in 11 years: so what's going wrong in Washington? (Community). Bull, Chris Apr 15, 2003 771
Black and out of the closet. (On the Web). Brief Article Mar 18, 2003 119
Taking to the streets: whether or not war is a traditional "gay issue," more and more gay people are taking an organized stand against the U.S.'s potential invasion of Iraq. (Activism). Howey, Noelle Mar 18, 2003 1088
War isn't a gay issue. (last word). Sullivan, Andrew Editorial Feb 18, 2003 667
The power of persuasion. (Business). Brief Article Feb 18, 2003 139
Lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered committee. (Committee Corner). Morin, Chris Jan 1, 2003 444
Protesters at bishops' meeting refused Communion, arrested. (Nation). Lefevere, Patricia Nov 22, 2002 1174
The organizers of San Diego. Brief Article Aug 19, 2002 173
Annual prizes awarded by Danish homosexual association. Brief Article Jul 2, 2002 156
SION: NO TO "GAY PRIDE". MAUPIN, MICHAEL Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 385
NEW STATUS FOR GAY COUPLES. Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 227
The Logic of Homophobia. EVANS, ARTHUR Jun 22, 2000 3630
The Stakes in the Gay Marriage Wars. MOHR, RICHARD D. Jun 22, 2000 1069
Who framed Oscar Wilde? YOUNG, IAN Jun 22, 2000 2655
My Gay Agenda. BOYD, RANDY Jun 22, 2000 2210
The "Ex-Gays": Anatomy of a Fraud. KHAN, SURINA Jun 22, 2000 3184
Pathology of the Ex-Gay Movement. PIETRZYK, MARK E. Jun 22, 2000 2146
No Slippery Slope. CORVINO, JOHN Jun 22, 2000 2556
Who knew that Kevin Spacey and Annette Bening's neighbors in American Beauty could encapsulate the contradictory state of gayness at the local megaplex? GRIFFIN, MARK Jun 22, 2000 291
NLGJA victimized in case of mistaken identity. Mostafa, Karim Jan 17, 2000 524
Coming out, coming home: Roy Aarons honored as he steps down as first president of National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association. Fitzgerald, Mark Apr 26, 1997 1049

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