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gay men to get 'turing' pardon. Sep 1, 2017 158
Being a Muslim gay man: A systematic review. Tamilchelvan, Sivashangeran; Rashid, Radzuwan Ab Report Sep 1, 2017 5627
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Embarks on Lavender Pen Tour. Aug 23, 2017 1274
Kuwait cracks down on gay massage parlours, deports 76 men. Aug 7, 2017 262
Kuwait deports 76 gay men in crackdown. Aug 7, 2017 262
Blood rules for gay men across Wales to be relaxed. Aug 2, 2017 508
Gay, fabulous, and drinking myself to death: it's time to stop confusing alcohol abuse with gay pride. Curry, Tyler Aug 1, 2017 852
'Gay men still stigmatised after 1967 legal landmark'. Jul 28, 2017 631
'Gay men were still stigmatised after the 1967 legal landmark'. Jul 28, 2017 650
Native Son Awards Returns Celebrating Black Gay Men. Jun 19, 2017 1375
Russian roulette: alarming reports indicate that Chechnya is detaining hundreds of gay men and some aren't making it out alive. Ring, Trudy; Reynolds, Daniel; Villarreal, Yezmin Jun 1, 2017 862
Gay Life After 40 Conference in Chicago August 10th-11th 2017. Conference news May 26, 2017 1014
Hornet Announces Launch of "Know Your Rights" Campaign in Response to Killing of Gay Men in Chechnya. May 9, 2017 704
CHORAL CHAMPS SWEEP THE BOARD; Success for gay singers at international competition. May 7, 2017 714
Hornet Releases Poll Finding French Gay Men Under 30 Are More Likely To Vote For Marine Le Pen. May 3, 2017 656
New York City Gay Men's Chorus Welcomes The London Gay Men's Chorus To Celebrate Anthems For A New Era In: I SEE FIRE. Apr 24, 2017 511
Gayer: The first swipe-style hook-up app for gay men. Apr 24, 2017 553
United States : Cardin Statement on Reported Anti-LGBT Campaign in Chechnya. Apr 18, 2017 196
Poland : ODIHR Director calls on Russian authorities to urgently investigate reports of shocking human rights violations against gay men in Chechnya. Apr 15, 2017 342
United Kingdom : HPV vaccine programme for gay men introduced. Apr 4, 2017 237
HIVGAYM: Analysing the migration choices of HIV-positive gay men in England and France. Apr 3, 2017 364
Let's stop shaming black men: fifty percent of black gay men may become HIV-positive in their lifetime, but the cause is not what you think. Anderson-Minshall, Jacob Apr 1, 2017 1630
Why you probably need an anal pap smear: this simple test can catch anal cancer and prevent HIV. Anderson-Minshall, Jacob Apr 1, 2017 388
Pharyngeal reservoir drives gonorrhea epidemic in gay men. Jancin, Bruce Feb 1, 2017 618
"Gay Male Dating is Only About Sex... Not Love... That's it?". Feb 1, 2017 918
Maria Giralt: Spain: problem solver. Kay, Sheryl Feb 1, 2017 394
We R Family: two big initiatives for 2017 from R Family Vacations. Johns, Merryn Feb 1, 2017 741
Did the Vatican ban gay priests or not? DeBernardo, Francis Jan 13, 2017 1167
LGBT advocates criticize Vatican document barring gay priests. McElwee, Joshua J. Dec 30, 2016 435
Unsatisfactory resolutions for jolly gender-bender. Dec 3, 2016 464
Gay Matchmaker Announces The Design For A Gay Monarchy And A Gay Royal Family. Nov 23, 2016 817
Hornet the Global Favorite App to Meet Guys, Expands Its Gay Social Offering with Gay Places and Events. Nov 11, 2016 735
Hunky String Quartet WELL-STRUNG To Headline New York City Gay Men's Chorus' Holiday Show, XMAS & CHILL. Nov 7, 2016 513
Health Care Providers' Implicit and Explicit Attitudes Toward Lesbian Women and Gay Men. Sabin, J.A.; Riskind, R.G.; Nosek, B.A. Nov 1, 2016 354
Plea for gay men in Ulster to get pardon. Oct 21, 2016 107
UK to pardon thousands of gay men convicted under defunct laws. Oct 20, 2016 505
Posthumous pardons for gay men convicted of abolished sex offences. Oct 20, 2016 340
New York City Gay Men's Chorus Celebrates The Greatest City In The World For Its 2016/17 Season. Oct 12, 2016 583
Murder accused 'knocked out gay men with drugs' HE DENIES FOUR KILLINGS AND SEVEN RAPES. Oct 6, 2016 609
In honor of LGBT history month: Gay Leather History. Christensen, Nolin Oct 1, 2016 1507
Chinese gay activist challenges homosexuality 'disorder' textbooks. Sep 12, 2016 466
Ban on gay men giving blood is over. Sep 1, 2016 104
Abnormal anal cells that could lead to cancer common in gay men with HIV. Sep 1, 2016 1785
Safe sex alert after syphilis cases in gay men treble. Aug 5, 2016 219
Stand up and be funny. Katz, Evan Ross Aug 1, 2016 1449
One year after landmark court case, financial picture for LGBT people is mixed. Jul 7, 2016 1977
Gay chorus promotes Ukraine diversity. Jul 1, 2016 206
Gay men attacked after Pulse tribute; WORLD BULLETINS. Jun 30, 2016 116
Pardon gay men hit by 'blemish on history'. Jun 30, 2016 209
Cannabis Is the New Ferrari in Coaching Says Paul Angelo, the First Gay Coach to Officially Incorporate Cannabis Into His Practice. Jun 24, 2016 787
Orlando's Muslim community rallies to donate blood for Pulse victims. Jun 12, 2016 411
40% OF GAY MEN NEVER TESTED FOR HIV; Worrying trends in sex health report. Jun 11, 2016 436
GAY BLOOD BAN IS OVERTURNED; Campaigners' joy over new minister's law move. Jun 3, 2016 488
Zero feet away: how mobile apps can offer some piece of mind when it comes to HIV and hooking up. Garner, Alex Jun 1, 2016 713
Keeping the flame. Koon, David Interview Jun 1, 2016 2546
Cancer jab rolled out to gay men. May 29, 2016 104
Germany to quash historic convictions of gay men, pay compensation. May 11, 2016 278
New HIV predictions a call to action. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2016 236
Self-employment among same-sex and opposite-sex couples in Canada. Waite, Sean; Denier, Nicole May 1, 2016 13099
Tune in, TropOut: a new gay men's travel experience launches with a week in Thailand. Breen, Matthew Brief article Apr 1, 2016 298
The roles of family, friends, and romantic/sexual partners in the body image of sexual minority men. Bozard, R. Lewis, Jr.; Young, J. Scott Report Apr 1, 2016 8886
Behavioral strategies needed for HIV+ young gay men. Moon, Mary Ann Mar 1, 2016 448
Higher new anal HPV infection and duration in gay men with versus without HIV. Mar 1, 2016 1476
Two-drug pill before and after sex prevents HIV infection in gay men. Mar 1, 2016 1982
Hornet Invests in Gay Men's Health Through Partnership and Innovation. Feb 22, 2016 618
Lisa Kron, Award Winning Writer And Performer To Be Honored At Harmony, A Gala Benefiting The New York City Gay Men's Chorus And Youth Pride Chorus. Feb 18, 2016 541
Giving healthy gay men HIV drugs could 'help reverse epidemic' HEALTH NEWS. Feb 8, 2016 153
Culture, Health, & Sexuality. Annis, Ashley Hartman Jan 1, 2016 268
HPV vaccination to be offered to gay men. Dec 22, 2015 193
New jab to protect gay men. Dec 21, 2015 262
New protection for gay men in Wales to prevent cancers; Health Minister announces a vaccination programme. Dec 21, 2015 443
Gay Men's Chorus Of South Florida To Lead Collaboration For LGBT Arts Organizations. Dec 4, 2015 629
Could gay men make it past Canada's strict refugee rules? Nov 24, 2015 234
DNA tags differ in gay, straight men: epigenetic changes may reflect sexual preference, study finds. Saey, Tina Hesman Nov 14, 2015 574
KinksterMag.NYC a new gay men's online magazine launches as the latest project of BlackOutEndeavors LLC. Nov 10, 2015 675
Music man: meet Chris Verdugo, director of the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles. Arredondo, Cesar Oct 1, 2015 804
National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS awareness day--September 27, 2015. Sep 25, 2015 315
Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida Launching Nation-Wide Search for New Artistic Director. Aug 28, 2015 559
Americans Greatly Overestimate Percent Gay, Lesbian in U.S. Newport, Frank Survey May 21, 2015 1002
Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida Hires Atlanta Symphony's Mark Kent as Executive Director. Apr 24, 2015 510
My soul to take: a phenomenology of the struggle for an authentic gay spirituality. McGlasson, Terencio Daunte; Rubel, Deborah J. Report Apr 1, 2015 8174
Into Which the Breathing Descends. Hovendon, Gabrielle Short story Mar 22, 2015 6795
Call for gay men to fill in sex survey. Mar 2, 2015 109
Easing blood donor guidelines for gay men. Lenhoff, Alan Feb 1, 2015 657
The Gay Men Project lands in Manila. Jan 9, 2015 812
Postmodernism. Broder, Michael Poem Jan 1, 2015 206
US FDA eases ban on blood donations from gay men. Dec 23, 2014 417
The road to equality: the struggle of gay men and lesbians to achieve equal rights before the law. Wilson, Kath Dec 22, 2014 5877
Modelos predictivos de actitud hacia homosexualidad en hombres heterosexuales. Moral de la Rubia, Jose; Valle de la O., Adrian Oct 1, 2014 7916
National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day--September 27, 2014. Sep 26, 2014 354
25 Young Gay Men. 25 Inspiring Stories. Sep 23, 2014 848
Auckland Gay Men Warned of Having Sex in Bushes of Public Park. Sep 16, 2014 385
Overview of a gay men's STI/HIV testing clinic in Ottawa: clinical operations and outcomes. O'Byrne, Patrick; MacPherson, Paul; Ember, Andrew; Grayson, Marie-Odile; Bourgault, Andree Report Sep 1, 2014 5283
Corrie Sean: Young gay men attack me for acting camp. Aug 21, 2014 315
New Zealand HIV Population on the Rise; Gay Men Urged to Use Condoms Often. Jul 16, 2014 403
Young onset parkinsonism secondary to HIV infection: a case report. Rama, Mishra R.; Srivastava, Riddhima; Somasekar, D.S.; Shanthi, Kumari B.; Reddy, Mahesh Jul 7, 2014 1444
LGBT Find Attractive, Rich People Over-Represented in The Media: 40% Of Heterosexual Americans Find Too Many Gay Men. Jun 23, 2014 1018
Fire Rass. Mohabir, Rajiv Poem Jun 22, 2014 223
Lesbians may soon be able to don 'father' mantle, gay men 'mothers'. May 11, 2014 139
Younger gay men say, "I do" to Obama and Marriage Equality. May 8, 2014 761
Una mirada historica y cultural del movimiento LGBTTTI mexicano. Rocha Osornio, Juan Carlos May 1, 2014 4602
Days Before Legal Marriage In The UK, Jack'd Survey Finds Younger UK Gay Men More Likely To Get Married Than Older Counterparts. Mar 27, 2014 904
Days Before Legal Marriage In The UK, Jack'd Survey Finds Younger UK Gay Men More Likely To Get Married Than Older Counterparts. Mar 27, 2014 900
The Apartment in San Miguel del Allende. Telushkin, Naomi Short story Mar 22, 2014 3226
Unprotected sex and internalized homophobia. Thomas, Francois; Mience, Marie Cozette; Masson, Joanic; Bernoussi, Amal Essay Mar 22, 2014 3882
Warning to gay men over rise in STIs. Mar 10, 2014 102
GiFi(TM), the Next-Generation Social App for Gay Men Now Available to Download on iPhone and Android. Feb 28, 2014 1015
GAY MEN HUNTED & BEATEN UP IN RUSSIA; Gangs put trophy videos online. Feb 5, 2014 223
Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA) Remembers Friends of Russian LGBT Family in Tribute Video, Footage From 1999. Feb 4, 2014 736
Gay men and their divas: hero worship is complicated when we feel betrayed by ladies we've claimed as our own. Musto, Michael Feb 1, 2014 1176
Government warns of global HIV epidemic. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 108
Updating ordinary coziness: finnish home makeovers as representations of self and family. Soronen, Anne Report Jan 1, 2014 6356
"Immaculate manhood": The City and the Pillar, Giovanni's Room, and the straight-acting gay man. Thomas, Harry Critical essay Dec 22, 2013 9341
Moral intuitions and attitudes toward gay men: can moral psychology add to our understanding of Homonegativity? Rosik, Christopher H.; Dinges, Laura J. Dec 22, 2013 7874
Gay men try to make straight men climax in Japanese TV show. Nov 18, 2013 110
Sexual practices and sex-seeking behaviours among East and Southeast Asian men who have sex with men in Toronto: implications for HIV prevention. Poon, Maurice Kwong-Lai; Wong, Josephine Pui-Hing; Sutdhibhasilp, Noulmook; Ho, Peter Trung-Thu; Won Report Sep 22, 2013 7527
National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day--September 27, 2012. Sep 20, 2013 288
Poking holes in L.A.'s new condom requirement: pornography, barebacking, and speech. Birkhold, Alexander S. Sep 1, 2013 2523
I bullied gay men, admits singer Ricky; SHOWBIZ. Aug 28, 2013 138
I bullied gay men, admits singer Ricky; SHOWBIZ. Aug 28, 2013 153
Categorizing gender in queer Yangon. Gilbert, David Essay Jul 1, 2013 9326
Bent On. Simmonds, Kevin Poem Jun 22, 2013 130
Captivating Kate: Kate del Castillo shines as the beautiful and vicious leader among the gay men and trans women incarcerated in the prison thriller K-11. Brydum, Sunnivie Apr 1, 2013 683
How Queens Lose Their Looks. Tice, Bradford E. Poem Mar 22, 2013 311
Sea Link. Sanga, Jaina Short story Mar 22, 2013 5203
Why straight women and gay men are good friends. Feb 24, 2013 371
HIV Infections on Rise in UK as Gay Men Shun Safe Sex. Feb 16, 2013 425
Leather customs. Christensen, Nolin Jan 1, 2013 641
New Study Shows Structural Factors Play Major Role in Access to HIV Services for Gay Men Worldwide. Nov 29, 2012 1111
Gay Men HIV Levels at All-Time High with 1 in 20 Infected. Nov 29, 2012 560
Gay men and intimate partner violence in USA. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 347
LGBTQ community should take notice of National Family Caregivers Month. Reid, Ciara Nov 1, 2012 1255
Mama knows best. Column Nov 1, 2012 466
Cameroon: justice delayed for Jean-Claude Roger Mbede. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 175
Leather life. Christensen, Nolin Oct 1, 2012 793
National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day--September 27, 2012. Sep 21, 2012 356
Is Paris Hilton Homophobic? The Socialite Says Most Gay Men 'Probably Have Aids' And Will Die From The Disease. Sep 20, 2012 342
Grindr Mobilizes Gay Men Nationally With 2012 Election Movement to Advance GLBT Rights. Sep 6, 2012 966
Donors hope their scholarship makes gay students feel more welcome at WSU. Reprint Sep 1, 2012 548
Leather life. Christensen, Nolin Sep 1, 2012 1020
Mama knows best. Column Sep 1, 2012 257
Research on Gay Men and Transgender People You WON'T See at AIDS 2012. Jul 26, 2012 753
Links between psychosocial variables and body dissatisfaction in homosexual men: differential relations with the drive for muscularity and the drive for thinness. Hunt, Christopher John; Gonsalkorale, Karen; Nosek, Brian A. Report Jun 22, 2012 4967
New Mexico Gay Men's Chorus Announces June 22, 23 and 24 Spring 2012 Pride Concert Locations. Jun 20, 2012 247
Gay men quizzed on sexuality; RESEARCH. Apr 28, 2012 107
Sex hormones may play role in diabetes among HIV-positive gay men. Medical condition overview Apr 1, 2012 1871
Mama knows best. Column Apr 1, 2012 395
Babies without borders: many gay men are having biological children for less money and less hassle by seeking surrogacy in India. Gieseke, Winston Apr 1, 2012 475
Sexual Recovery Institute Founder Robert Weiss Creates Program for Gay Men Struggling with Intimacy and Sex Addiction. Mar 20, 2012 699
If memory serves; gay men, AIDS, and the promise of the queer past. Book review Feb 1, 2012 123
An empirical examination of factors affecting the incomes of gay men. Church, Robin Report Jan 1, 2012 4043
The importance of family for a Gay Hmong American man: complicating discourses of "coming out". Ngo, Bic Report Jan 1, 2012 7734
Older and wiser: 20 years of HIV prevention. Hodson, Matthew Report Dec 22, 2011 2496
HIV and STI testing among East and Southeast Asian men who have sex with men in Toronto. Poon, Maurice Kwong-Lai; Wong, Josephine Pui-Hing; Sutdhibhasilp, Noulmook; Ho, Peter Trung-Thu; Won Report Dec 22, 2011 6109
Men with a passion for singing; PREVIEW: South Wales Gay Men's Chorus, The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff. Dec 13, 2011 355
60 bisexual & gay men hit by HIV; HEALTH. Dec 2, 2011 117
HPV vaccine protected against anal neoplasia in gay men. Moon, Mary Ann Nov 15, 2011 758
Ban lifted on gay men donating blood. Nov 7, 2011 204
Global survey reveals gaps in HIV programming for men who have sex with men. Brief article Nov 1, 2011 345
Openly gay men less likely to get interview calls for job openings. Oct 4, 2011 242
Methamphetamine treatment issues and considerations among men who have sex with men. Goodrich, Kristopher M. Report Oct 1, 2011 6690
UK announces partial lifting of ban on allowing gay men to donate blood; will Canada, US be next? Oct 1, 2011 262
Hyacinth AIDS Foundation Awarded $1.6m Over 5 Years for HIV Prevention Efforts Targeted Towards Young Gay Men of Color. Sep 27, 2011 410
National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: focus on HIV testing--September 27, 2011. Sep 23, 2011 540
Poots Bans gaY Men fRoM giVing BLooD; GANGS. Sep 22, 2011 193
Getting out. Johnson, Alex Sep 16, 2011 727
GAY MEN CAN GIVE BLOOD.. IF THEY'RE CELIBATE FOR A YEAR; Lifetime ban to be lifted. Sep 9, 2011 241
Ban on gay men giving blood is set to be lifted. Sep 9, 2011 269
HIV rate rises among young MSM. Brief article Sep 1, 2011 131
Mr. Gay Kansas strip off returns in September. Parker, Kristi Brief article Sep 1, 2011 160
Straight Man Deemed 'Too Gay' to Donate Blood. Brief article Jul 18, 2011 301
Lesbians 'twice as likely as gay men to separate'. Jul 8, 2011 154
Continuing education quiz. Jul 1, 2011 420
Ovulating women can accurately spot straight or gay men. Jun 23, 2011 274
23 Quai de Voltaire. Platt, Donald Poem Jun 22, 2011 957
Celibate gay men 'could become bishops'. Jun 21, 2011 278
Why middle-class gay men in UK are fascinated with 'chav' culture. Jun 21, 2011 194
The Daily Hookup Introduces Curated Offers for Gay Men. Jun 20, 2011 558
Gay men 'seeking long-term romance online likelier to engage in safe sex'. May 24, 2011 259
Video: AHF Survey of Gay Men About HIV Prevention Pill Presented at UCLA Symposium. May 23, 2011 160
Oakland East Bay Gay Men's Chorus Performing at The Ellington. May 16, 2011 393
Gay men have higher prevalence of cancer: Study. Clinical report May 9, 2011 354
Power and responsibility. LeSage, Sheryl Editorial May 1, 2011 1002
Boston Gay Men's Chorus delivers a marvelous concert. Apr 4, 2011 457
Social work with lesbians and gay men. Brief article Apr 1, 2011 153
The international legal context governing intercountry adoptions by gay men and lesbians. Dambach, Mia Report Mar 22, 2011 7242
Feldman, Douglas A., ed.: AIDS, Culture, and Gay Men. Bonner, Donna Book review Mar 22, 2011 806
Sexual dysfuctions in homosexual men and women/Escinsel kadin ve erkeklerde cinsel islev bozukluklari. Hacioglu, Munevver; Cosut Cakmak, Aysen; Yildirim, Ejder Akgun Report Mar 1, 2011 5631
New York gives KC playwright first reading of new musical, Harmony, Kansas, about a gay men's chorus in rural Kansas. Brief article Mar 1, 2011 219
The Daily Hookup Launches First Social Buying Service for Gay Men. Feb 2, 2011 472
Sing With DC's Nationally Acclaimed Gay Men's Chorus at the Piano Bar of the Black Fox Lounge. Jan 22, 2011 424
100 Gay Men Receives Designation as 501(c)(3) Nonprofit. Jan 11, 2011 555
Many gay men in Canada still banned from donating organs despite mandatory referral law. Jan 1, 2011 233
Younger gay men willing to take sexual risks: Oz HIV study. Dec 12, 2010 302
The Ninety-Fifth Percentile. McManus, John (American writer) Short story Dec 1, 2010 7419
Evidence That Daily Antiretroviral Pill Reduces HIV Risk in Gay Men is a Major Breakthrough Says AVAC. Nov 23, 2010 1860
Bisexual partnerships among southern African MSM. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 208
Pre-cancerous cell changes "hidden" in anal warts of gay men, US. Abstract Nov 1, 2010 267
Roots. Atanasov, Nikolai Poem Nov 1, 2010 287
One in five gay men HIV positive. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 177
Gender-role's attitude, perceived similarity, and sexual prejudice against gay men. Falomir-Pichastor, Juan Manuel; Martinez, Carmen; Paterna, Consuelo Report Nov 1, 2010 5231
Now, guide that advises gay men on fatherhood. Oct 26, 2010 232
Transformative: trans-tolerance. Mott, Stephanie Column Oct 1, 2010 650
Nursery rhyme Rub-a-Dub Dub Three Men in a Tub based on gay men? Sep 30, 2010 143
National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - September 27, 2010. Sep 24, 2010 321
Prevalence and awareness of HIV infection among men who have sex with men - 21 cities, United States, 2008. Smith, A.; Miles, I.; Le, B.; Finlayson, T.; Oster, A.; DiNenno, E. Sep 24, 2010 4546
NIH Statement on National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day From Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., NIAID Director, on September 27, 2010. Sep 20, 2010 126
White gay men 'still taking too many HIV risks'. Sep 7, 2010 177
When men go into hiding. Brief article Sep 1, 2010 340
Sexual partner selection varies by race among men who have sex with men. Hutchinson, R. Report Sep 1, 2010 987
Gay and bisexual men are largely receptive to HPV vaccination. Hollander, D. Report Sep 1, 2010 839
Circumcision would do little to prevent HIV in gay men: Study. Jul 29, 2010 284
Fabulis Announces Worldwide Availability of Location-Based Social Networking iPhone App for Gay Men & Friends. Jul 26, 2010 838
Men's health and well-being--who is missing? There are many ways primary health care professionals can ensure their care of men who sleep with men is culturally safe and appropriate. Neville, Stephen; Adams, Jeffery Jul 1, 2010 2088
World's Largest Conference on Health and Human Rights of Men Who Have Sex with Men to Address Worsening Global AIDS Crisis among Gay Men. Conference news Jul 1, 2010 993
Lawrence hate crime brings out ugliness in community attitudes. Parker, Kristi Editorial Jul 1, 2010 710
Bilateral brains of gay men 'better at remembering faces'. Jun 23, 2010 376
90pc of gay men in the Asia-Pacific region 'denied HIV care'- UN. May 20, 2010 334
Lesbians and Gay Men Show Broad Support for Health Care Reform. May 10, 2010 1249
Senators ask FDA to lift ban on gay men donating blood. Brief article May 1, 2010 141
Men's sexual orientation and health in Canada. Brennan, David J.; Ross, Lori E.; Dobinson, Cheryl; Veldhuizen, Scott; Steele, Leah S. Report May 1, 2010 3864
HIV serosorting as a harm reduction strategy, USA. Brief article May 1, 2010 197
Male circumcision and risk of HIV in Australian homosexual men. Brief article May 1, 2010 257
The brutal truth about changing life of gay men; THEATRE REVIEW Canary/ Playhouse. Theater review Apr 28, 2010 527
Gender role conflict as a mediator between social sensitivity and depression in a sample of gay men. Blashill, Aaron J.; Wal, Jillon S. Vander Report Mar 22, 2010 6001
Senator John Kerry introduces legislation to abolish ban on gay men donating blood. Mar 1, 2010 179
Showing your Bona Fides. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 278
Men's success in online cruising for male sexual partners. Tewksbury, Richard Report Jan 1, 2010 4737
Habit worth forming in aid of charity; Preview South Wales Gay Men's Chorus Swansea Grand Theatre & Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Dec 19, 2009 365
HIV-infected men who have sex with men: risky sex linked to early abuse. Hollander, D. Report Dec 1, 2009 979
Canadian Blood Services to accept gay men as donors of blood, bone marrow. Dec 1, 2009 328
HIV worry for bisexual & gay men; HEALTH. Dec 1, 2009 117
Blood, sex, and the FDA: despite recent policy changes in other countries and technological advances in screening for HIV in donated blood, the FDA stands firm: gay men pose far too great a risk to give blood. Will we ever be allowed to donate again? Thrasher, Steven W. Nov 1, 2009 2071
Beliefs associated with semen among young gay men in Canada. Author abstract Nov 1, 2009 243
Gay men like masculine faces, while straight men prefer feminine ones. Nov 1, 2009 340
Alexandra Burke only trusts gay men. Nov 1, 2009 167
Chopsticks don't make it culturally competent: addressing larger issues for HIV prevention among gay, bisexual, and queer Asian Pacific Islander men. Han, Chong-suk Report Nov 1, 2009 6547
Statement of Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases National Institutes of Health on National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day September 27, 2009. Sep 25, 2009 108
Le quebec libre: C.R.A.Z.Y. de Jean-Marc Vallee. Blanchard, Maxime Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 7285
Body dissatisfaction and eating disorders in a sample of gay and bisexual men. Siconolfi, Daniel; Halkitis, Perry N.; Allomong, Timothy W.; Burton, Charles L. Report Sep 22, 2009 4879
Upholding and expanding the normal family: future fatherhood through the eyes of gay male emerging adults. Rabun, Carl; Oswald, Ramona Faith Report Sep 22, 2009 8103
Homosexuality as a risk factor for eating disorder symptomatology in men. Boisvert, Jennifer A.; Harrell, W. Andrew Report Sep 22, 2009 6745
Change in the Lone Star State: two ugly incidents may belie a growing tolerance in Texas. Cho, Alexander Brief article Sep 1, 2009 160
Full circle. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 182
Houston, we have a problem. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 139
Bromosexual: can two straight men have sex with each other on camera? And if so, is it art? The new film Humpday explores the limits of male sexuality and what it means for two men to love each other. Bunn, Austin Aug 1, 2009 1761
Why homosexual men fail to access vital services despite being high HIV risk group. Jul 20, 2009 498
Alberta High School counsellors' knowledge of homosexuality and their attitudes toward gay males. Alderson, Kevin G.; Orzeck, Tricia L.; McEwen, Scott C. Report Jul 1, 2009 9387
Black gay men 'at increased HIV risk'. Jun 30, 2009 437
The sexual health of gay men in the post-AIDS era: feminist, post-structuralist and queer theory perspectives. Numer, Matthew S.; Gahagan, Jacqueline Report Jun 22, 2009 6489
GLBLO talks about legality of marriage for all at conference. Daher, Sadira Conference news Apr 6, 2009 260
Up in smoke: bumming cigarettes doesn't make you any less of a smoker. Quitting does. Spinelli, Frank Apr 1, 2009 461
The mysterious world of the muxes: amid Mexico's traditional culture of machismo, in the state of Oaxaca there exists a rare and unexpected sanctuary for muxes, men who live their lives as women. Photographer Ann Summa immersed herself in their culture and captured these stunning portraits of their lives. Keeps, David A. Apr 1, 2009 679
Black Gay Men Of The South. Mar 1, 2009 240
Plumbing the depths. Spinelli, Frank Brief article Mar 1, 2009 159
Positive thinking. Spinelli, Frank Brief article Feb 1, 2009 158
Gay apres: winter sports fanatic Scott Holman loves cold men, slippery slopes, and vacations filled with ups and downs. Holman, Scott Feb 1, 2009 753
The next condom conundrum: why use a rubber when you can just pop a pill? That's what HIV-negative guys across the country are asking themselves--and their doctors. As condom usage is down and HIV infection rates are up, could a prescription be the key to prevention? Weinstein, Steve Feb 1, 2009 1353
'Diva' Demi Moore treats gay men like handbags, says Madge's brother. Jan 6, 2009 256
Partners in romance: what's the secret behind Judith Gould, best-selling author of sweeping romance novels? She's actually a couple of gay men. Avery, Dan Dec 16, 2008 730
'Undesirable' gay men likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour. Dec 3, 2008 241
Arrest histories of high-risk gay and bisexual men in Miami: unexpected additional evidence for syndemic theory. Kurtz, Steven P. Report Dec 1, 2008 5987
A year of gay thinking: a flurry of personal appearances and professional obligations causes one man to hit his gay threshold. Mapa, Alec Column Nov 4, 2008 745
"Losing my chestnut": one gay man's wrangle with prostate cancer. Dowsett, Gary W. Essay Nov 1, 2008 4196
Anal cytology screening for lesions among HIV-positive patients. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 234
Does circumcision protect gay men against HIV? Brief article Nov 1, 2008 283
A big check, a big caveat: gay men living in homophobic countries are finally getting HIV treatment--but they can't thank their own governments for it. Garcia, Michelle Brief article Sep 9, 2008 285
People in your neighborhood: the gay characters we'll be watching on TV this season. Scholibo, Corey Sep 9, 2008 928
Hepatitis B immunization coverage low among men who have sex with men. Hollander, D. Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 953
Drug use, hygiene listed as MRSA risk factors in gay men. Evans, Jeff Sep 1, 2008 449
HIV: the forgotten election issue. Cahill, Sean Essay Sep 1, 2008 2646
The age of the silver fox: Anderson Cooper, George Clooney, Sean Connery. How a little gray hair makes men the object of lust and redefines how one 30-something thinks about growing old. Kennedy, Sean Aug 12, 2008 2550
Husbands: when Austin Bunn leaves behind his boyfriend of six years to move to Kentucky, he finds himself immersed in a culture of married men looking for gay sex. In this account of the past year of his life, Bunn searches for what compels these men to their indiscretions and discovers that the answers may lie in his own past. Bunn, Austin Aug 12, 2008 4427
Brain similarities in gay men and straight women. Bateman, Chris Aug 1, 2008 384
Red Gold. Mangum, Christopher Brief article Jul 15, 2008 101
Reversal of fortune: when Evan Fallenberg, a U.S.-born writer and translator living in Israel, split up with the mother of his children to live with the man in his life, he hadn't bargained on finding himself in a new role: wife. Fallenberg, Evan Jul 1, 2008 1404
Muscle dysmorphia, self-esteem, and loneliness among gay and bisexual men. Chaney, Michael P. Report Jun 22, 2008 6054
Bareback sex: a conflation of risk and masculinity. Holmes, Dave; O'Byrne, Patrick; Gastaldo, Denise; Lombardo, Anthony Report Jun 22, 2008 9051
Gay men now signing up; SIGN UP FOR SUDDERS: THE EXAMINER'S FIRST CLINIC. Jun 19, 2008 206
75 cases of HIV in gay men; HEALTH. Jun 13, 2008 100
Simultaneous use of multiple condoms in Cambodia. Report May 1, 2008 271
Toby Johnson's journey into the gay heart. Labelle, Michael Critical essay May 1, 2008 1118
Gonorrhea often goes undetected in gay men. Sullivan, Michele G. May 1, 2008 287
Despite testing, gonorrhea goes undetected in gay men. Sullivan, Michele G. May 1, 2008 365
Nip tuck: gay men are going under the knife in record numbers in search of pretty pecs and a six-pack stomach. McDonald, Patrick Range Apr 8, 2008 1442
Gays and violence. Henneman, Todd Brief article Apr 8, 2008 146
Support your local gay performer: gay men will turn out in droves to support our favorite female stars. But with gay entertainers, we're not interested. What's up with that? David, Jim Column Apr 8, 2008 660
City of West Hollywood to Sponsor the "Gay Men's Forum: The Body and Soul of the Community" on Saturday, April 19, 2008 at Plummer Park. Mar 24, 2008 285
Sense of belonging to the general and gay communities as predictors of depression among Australian gay men. McLaren, Suzanne; Jude, Belinda; McLachlan, Angus J. Mar 22, 2008 4332
Staph retreat: reports a "flesh-eating," drug-resistant bacterial infection spreading among gay men prompted a media frenzy, a gay backlash, and finally, an apology from the researchers behind the study. Tim Murphy sorts out what happened--and what you need to know about MRSA. Murphy, Tim Mar 11, 2008 1087
Gaydar lightning round. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 210
The man who would be senator: is out North Carolina Democrat Jim Neal too much of a long shot to unseat incumbent Elizabeth Dole? Noyes, Andrew Interview Jan 29, 2008 832
Severing diplomatic ties: Michael Guest, the former American ambassador to Romania, retired from the Foreign Service in November because of the State Department's unequal treatment of gay diplomats and their partners. In this exclusive Advocate sit-down, Andrew Noyes talks to Guest and his partner about what led to their decision--and why their union was more important than Guest's career. Noyes, Andrew Cover story Jan 29, 2008 3363
MRSA Spike Among Gay Men: 'Comprehensive Public Health Approach Needed,' Says AHF. Jan 15, 2008 862
'We played to 2,500 gay men which was quite a wild show'. Jan 8, 2008 350
GAY MEN AS BAD AT DRIVING AS WOMEN; University report claims. Jan 5, 2008 208
Pathologizing unsafe sex. Berrong, Richard M. Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 832
New Groundbreaking Survey Reveals the Purchasing Habits and Motivators of Gay Men in the USA. Sep 26, 2007 878

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