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WTFu: Getting to know Khel Cayetano. Interview Sep 8, 2020 738
Kate: I was so proud doing sex scenes with Saoirse; Titanic star opens up on intimate role with Irish actress in new film. JIM GALLAGHER Aug 28, 2020 433
Screen Shots / Streaming Pride: LGBTQ films to watch on quarantine. Jun 28, 2020 996
Karua's take on lesbian film 'Rafiki' after online premiere. May 9, 2020 465
Moral Cop Mutua over the moon after court upholds ban on lesbian film 'Rafiki'. Apr 30, 2020 454
Want to Support LGBTQIA+ Rights, My Hollywood Friends? Start by Supporting Israel. Tishby, Noa Mar 9, 2020 168
LGBT+ artists boycott Israeli film festival. Mar 3, 2020 286
LGBT movie night. Feb 5, 2020 176
Jade Winters: Storyteller: Novelist, filmmaker, out proud black woman. Dec 22, 2019 295
Georgian police arrest more than 25 in clashes at gay movie premiere. Reuters News Service Nov 9, 2019 532
Consulate General Guangzhou coordinates LGBTI film festival. Machado, Colin; LeBlanc-Hadley, Jaime; Schmitt, Sam; Baskerville, Will Jul 1, 2019 250
Penning with pride. Dunks, Glenn May 1, 2019 878
Making meaningful gay films a 'personal crusade' for Intalan and Lana. Apr 29, 2019 591
Film board opposes viewing of gay film 'Rafiki' in court. Apr 3, 2019 425
Jennifer Laude docu on a roll. Oct 21, 2018 429
'Evening Shadows' wins top award at Chicago South Asian Film Festival. Sep 29, 2018 684
Kenya Court lifts ban on lesbian film 'Rafiki'. Sep 22, 2018 445
The Haunting of Jennifer Laude. Aug 9, 2018 768
PH LGBT film in Venezuela. Aug 8, 2018 232
McAleese in LGBT movie festival gong. Aug 7, 2018 111
DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS. You don't want to miss this film festival. Artavia, David Brief article Aug 1, 2018 285
Marketplace. Jun 22, 2018 268
'Si Chedeng at Si Apple' hits cinemas starting June 22. Jun 19, 2018 530
Docu on Filipino transwoman wins in Toronto LGBT fest. Jun 18, 2018 314
Jennifer Laude docu wins in Toronto LGBT fest. Jun 17, 2018 229
Filmmakers Boycott Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival over Pinkwashing. Jun 2, 2018 1340
OUTshine Film Festival Named a Top 100 Event in South Florida by BizBash. Apr 6, 2018 378
Beijing festival pulls award-winning gay film amid content squeeze. Mar 27, 2018 443
Women Who Dare: Disobedience is the must-see lesbian film of the year. Johns, Merryn Mar 22, 2018 1664
Paolo Ballesteros gets unlikely recognition for his LGBTQ films. Mar 9, 2018 370
Religious protests against gay films show divide in Romania. Feb 20, 2018 546
Debt of 'gay gratitude'. Jan 16, 2018 637
PH film wins in LGBT fest in Romania. Dec 8, 2017 353
Online Bullies Led To The Death Of August Ames, Says Brett Rossi. Dec 7, 2017 489
Turkish capital bans LGBT cinema, exhibitions. Nov 19, 2017 302
LGBT events banned in Turkish capital. Nov 19, 2017 184
German gay film festival banned in Turkish capital. Nov 16, 2017 250
PH films in int'l LGBT fests. Oct 20, 2017 496
Tallgrass Film Festival to feature Alaska Is a Drag, other LGBTQ Films. Reid, Ciara Oct 1, 2017 944
Gay lobby is too pervasive; Letters. Sep 30, 2017 395
Fort Lauderdale's 9th Annual OUTshine Film Festival Celebrates LGBTQ Film. Sep 21, 2017 257
Two PH films in HK LGBT fest. Sep 14, 2017 376
Anthropological and ethnographic elements in Indian parallel films: A study of homophobia in Indian society. Singh, Deler; Bhandari, Dipali Sharma; Kaur, Gurvinder; Sharma, Diksha Case study Sep 1, 2017 4988
LGBT film festival gets into the carnival spirit; ENTERTAINMENT I. Aug 26, 2017 710
Teen movie by Kansas City native featured in Out Here Now, KCs annual LGBT film festival. Reid, Ciara Interview Aug 1, 2017 685
Ricky makes LGBT debut. Jul 23, 2017 207
KC film festival premieres something like summer screen adaptation of Kansas City native's book. Jun 1, 2017 351
2 PH films in US LGBTQ fest. May 28, 2017 313
MiFo LGBT Film Festival Celebrates Its 19th Anniversary Season. Apr 13, 2017 254
Movies and movements: Nicole Conn's cinematic vision reflects a changing lesbian culture. Barker, Melanie Nov 1, 2016 567
Welsh capital welcomes the pride of LGBT; Cardiff's annual Iris Prize celebrates its 10th year with five days of international LGBT film-making. We found out more. Oct 8, 2016 541
14th annual Tallgrass Film Festival to feature four LGBT films. Reid, Ciara Oct 1, 2016 820
'Maximo' on Slate's list of top 75 LGBTQ films. Jun 26, 2016 504
Discovering the gay movie past: gay liberation comes clean in bathhouse farce The Ritz. Theater review Jun 1, 2016 587
KC's LGBT film festival returns to Westport. Jun 1, 2016 449
LGBT Movie Characters Not Racially Diverse: Study. May 2, 2016 410
COUNTY SEXFORD; Slaneysiders top porn site viewing Lesbian movies are most popular. Apr 30, 2016 534
Transgender Advocate, Producer and Filmmaker Veronica Robinson Features "Majesty Girls" at MiFo LGBT Film Festival. Apr 21, 2016 442
How we got here. Jun 29, 2015 535
Opinion is evolving fast on LGBT rights. Jun 29, 2015 336
Entertainment's false sense of reality. Scott, Greg Jun 29, 2015 431
Sports, entertainment provide role models. Mixner, David Jun 29, 2015 411
'Liberal' Hollywood: myth vs. reality: television fare has never been more inclusive, but the movie industry is stuck in a rut, both on-camera and behind the scenes. Gray, Tim Jun 29, 2015 801
Under Putin's watch, time marches backward. Barraclough, Leo Brief article Jun 29, 2015 107
Film industry shouldn't be so quick to pat itself on the back: the studios' frequent death sentence for gay characters has left it to the indies to depict healthy relationships. Debruge, Peter Jun 29, 2015 812
Televisions moment has been a long time coming: the medium's initial steps forward have until recently often been followed by a few paces backward. Lowry, Brian Jun 29, 2015 872
Premium cable delivers the goods: gay characters show depth, dimensionality on projects like 'The Normal Heart,' 'Angels in America'. Lowry, Brian Jun 29, 2015 410
Here come the grooms. Setoodeh, Ramin Aug 12, 2014 1833
The 'Unfriend' fever. Mar 7, 2014 342
The best of Frameline: this year's entries tackle sex work, South American romance, marriage equality and more. Wilkinson, Kathleen Oct 1, 2013 1012
Girls on film: at 30, Outfest is more than just a queer film festival. Schenden, Laurie K. Jul 1, 2012 1581
Gay pix get fresh life on fest circuit: distribs seek coin, get promo push to offset dwindling box office. Goldstein, Gregg Aug 29, 2011 1110
Lesbian film class debuts at WSU for the fall semester. Padilla, Kristina Aug 1, 2011 474
Tallgrass Film Festival brings the gay, serious and sweet. Bradshaw, Mark David Oct 1, 2010 816
The kids are [more than] all right: Annette Bening and Lisa Cholodenko discuss the breakout film. Smith, Kristin A. Sep 1, 2010 951
Do Ask, Do Tell: a behind-the-scenes look at A Marine Story by Laurie K. Schenden. Schenden, Laurie K. Jul 1, 2010 1188
Schulz-Cruz, Bernard. Imagenes gay en el cine mexicano: tres decadas de joterio 1970-1999. Martin, Juan Carlos May 1, 2010 930
Trouble with a capital T: filmmaker Courtney Trouble and the new queer porn scene. Selke, Lori Interview Jan 1, 2010 1385
Combating violence with creativity. Brief article Dec 1, 2009 288
Queer cinema in Japan. Hughes, Kimberly Nov 1, 2009 470
Film festival shines light on two-spirit culture. Phalen, Chris Brief article Jun 1, 2009 131
Q+A: Melanie Salazar Case. Shatto, Rachel Brief article Jun 1, 2009 307
Beyond desert hearts: 10 films to rent when you come out. Miner-swartz, Robin Jan 1, 2009 584
TV without the commercials: TV on DVD is a marvelous thing. It can save you from writers' strikes, computer viruses, rainy days and reruns. But with so many choices and so little time, you will need our handy guide to some lesbo-friendly DVD sets. Curke, Alice Jan 1, 2009 616
Filming coming communities: Ferzan Ozpetek's Le fate ignoranti. Caminati, Luca Critical essay Dec 22, 2008 4687
Girl trouble: the dearth of new lesbian films showing in theaters raises the question, what's happened to sapphic cinema? Marler, Regina Nov 4, 2008 1214
Mogul in the making: with two new films coming out in November, writer-director Shamim Serif is one lesbian filmmaker who is enjoying bang-up success. Marler, Regina Interview Nov 4, 2008 570
The horror, the fabulous horror: just in time for Halloween, Matthew Link takes us on a tour of our favorite "Queer Horror" movie locales, where gay sensibilities and the dark unknown campily converge ... Link, Matthew Sep 9, 2008 522
L.A. schools add queer cinema to curricula. Archer, Greg Jun 17, 2008 386
A Sapphic Scarlett Johansson: finally, Woody Allen does something we approve of. Voo, Jocelyn May 1, 2008 605
We asked a sampling of LGBT people in Los Angeles: "What film or TV show has most accurately portrayed gay life?". Buchanan, Kyle Brief article Feb 26, 2008 238
Five films you didn't know were gay. White, Dave List Feb 26, 2008 819
A camcorder revolution. Fitz, Heather Oct 1, 2007 716
"I ain't queer": love, masculinity and history in Brokeback Mountain. Boucher, Leigh; Pinto, Sarah Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 9628
Let the Gendercator be shown. White, Edward Sep 1, 2007 1920
Fantasies of Union: the Queer National Romance in My Beautiful Laundrette. Barron, Alexandra Critical essay Jun 1, 2007 8190
Year of the eccentric at Sundance '07. Esther, John May 1, 2007 863
Hot for teacher? Brief article Jan 1, 2007 122
A look back at Miami: the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival feels a lot like a very sexy, queer version of Cannes. No wonder lesbians love it. Gilchrist, Tracy E. Dec 1, 2006 1462
A lesbian movie extra. Brief article Oct 1, 2006 102
Introduction. Beard, Laura J.; Larmour, David H.J. Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 3213
"You know I ain't queer": Brokeback Mountain as the not-gay cowboy movie. Chamberlain, Kathleen; Somogyi, Victoria Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 8200
Retrograde storytelling or queer cinematic triumph? The (not so) groundbreaking qualities of the film Brokeback Mountain. Hart, Kylo-Patrick R. Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 4532
Conversing Brokeback Mountain's varied spaces and contested desires. Baugh, Scott L.; Gwinner, Donovan; Spurgeon, Sara L.; Weltzien, O. Alan Critical essay Sep 22, 2006 12222
Your favorite lesbian movies. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 329
Camp Outgoes inside. Mok, Frank Brief article Jul 4, 2006 263
ND allows Monologues. Cones, Bryan Brief article Jun 1, 2006 92
Not quitting Brokeback. Schneider, Richard, Jr. May 1, 2006 757
No ordinary love story. Mendelsohn, Daniel May 1, 2006 1026
Lost in adaptation. Draz, Christian May 1, 2006 1169
The hate crime. Gorton, Don May 1, 2006 600
Beyond the mountain. Ellenzweig, Allen May 1, 2006 1283
We see her true colors. Anderson-Minshall, Diane May 1, 2006 1266
Understanding the complexity of love in Brokeback Mountain: an analysis of the film and short story. Rose, Jane; Urschel, Joanne Mar 22, 2006 2191
They're bi shepherds, not gay cowboys: the misframing of Brokeback Mountain. Brod, Harry Mar 22, 2006 851
Downlow mountain? De/stigmatizing bisexuality through pitying and pejorative discourses in media. Pitt, Richard N., Jr. Mar 22, 2006 1800
'Brokeback' faces Latin culture test. de la Feunte, Anna Marie Mar 13, 2006 396
Quebec--Fr. Pierre Lariviere of Rouyn-Noranda has written a book entitled, Nous irons tous au Paradis (We'll all get to heaven). Brief article Mar 1, 2006 207
The magic mountain. Holleran, Andrew Essay Mar 1, 2006 3497
Coming to a theater soon--hopefully. Silverman, Amy Feb 1, 2006 373
Foucauldian muscles: celebrating the male body in Thom Fitzgerald's Beefcake. Padva, Gilad Dec 22, 2005 8562
The lavender reel mob. Mermelstein, David Nov 28, 2005 713
Patricia Clarkson. Steele, Bruce C. Interview Nov 8, 2005 374
Scary! In an era of "positive images" for gays and lesbians, can queer characters still get chopped up in horror movies? Abley, Sean Nov 8, 2005 1527
H'wood's coming out, but slowly. Bart, Peter Sep 26, 2005 619
Boys of Summer: the teen coming-out romance Summer Storm was hugely popular in Europe; now the film's director and star hope that success continues in this country. Goodridge, Mike Brief Article Sep 13, 2005 288
Global goodies. Goodridge, Mike Brief Article Sep 13, 2005 306
Montreal gets taste of others. Crossland, David Brief Article Sep 5, 2005 251
We love short shorts: this summer, lesbian filmmakers are kicking out their ya-yas in sexy short films where the action is hot and the stories hit home. Kort, Michele Aug 16, 2005 775
Filmmaker Quentin Lee. Kumala, Kevin Interview Jun 21, 2005 420
Message to mom: for her new lesbian romantic comedy, Saving Face, out filmmaker Alice Wu draws on her own life. Bolonik, Kera Jun 7, 2005 647
Here comes the new new queer cinema: the first wave of queer cinema slowed to a trickle years ago. Now a flood of smart, fun new movies is washing into theaters. Hensley, Dennis Cover Story Apr 26, 2005 3835

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