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Gawler, Ian and Ruth (text): Meditation for Children.

** GAWLER, Ian and Ruth (text) Meditation for Children Vision Australia, 2009 1 x CD 51 mins $24.95 ISBN 9781864826036

This meditation CD has been put together by a husband and wife team, both of whom work with The Gawler Foundation. On it, they use their long experience of teaching meditation for health and wellbeing to support children in learning to use these techniques. They believe that meditation is a practical tool to assist them in managing the stress and changes that so many young people face as a part of their everyday life. It begins with a brief introduction directed to parents and/ or caregivers on how to use this material effectively, then moves on to three different meditations. The first uses visualisation of 'Finding Your Tree', the second provides a strong focus on Deep Relaxation and the third returns to visualisation in the 'Golden Light' meditation. Anyone who has practised Yoga will probably be familiar with the way these meditations are presented. They are easy to follow and accessible to anyone wishing to try meditation, not just children.

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