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Gaunt and thin... fears for Pet Shop Boy Chris's health; NEW WORRIES OVER GAY POP STAR AFTER SHOWBIZ PARTY.

These are the pictures that have sparked new fears about the health of Pet Shop Boy Chris Lowe.

First he turned up at a showbiz party looking gaunt and frail...despite a glowing tan.

Then he appeared haggard when he and Neil Tennant performed the Pet Shop Boys' new single in Top Of The Pops on Friday.

Chris stayed seated as he played his keyboard and wore a long baggy jacket and had a cap pulled down over his face.

He barely moved throughout the song, A Red Letter Day, which is number 9 in the charts.

The latest scare comes two years after he was admitted to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington for a series of tests.

Chris was released from the hospital after receiving treatment for lung problems and enlarged lymph nodes.

A year before that his gay friend Peter Andreas died from AIDS after being treated at St Mary's.

Chris made his rare public appearance last week at a party in Piccadilly for the opening of the movie Romeo And Juliet.

He arrived with Neil Tennant and tried to hide from photographers.

One onlooker said: "To be honest nobody recognised Chris. They only took his picture because he showed up with Neil.

"His cheeks looked drawn and he appeared to have lost a lot of weight."

Chris sneaked off with a woman friend at 1am.

Peter Andreas died after a two-year battle against AIDS.

At the time he and Chris lived together in Fabden's Park, a luxury mansion in the Hertfordshire village of Cold Christmas. Before that the two Arsenal fans shared a flat together for five years near the soccer club's Highbury ground.

After Peter's death, Chris sold Fabden's Park to actor Nigel Hawthorne for pounds 1.4 million and went to live with his mum in his home town of Blackpool.

Chris, 37, and Neil have sold more than 24 million records since they hit the charts with West End Girls 12 years ago. The Pet Shop Boys, both multi-millionaires, rarely discuss their private lives but Chris is open about the fact that he is gay.

His friends and family have repeatedly denied there is anything wrong with his health.

His mother, who is still at the family's pounds 150,000 home in Lancashire, says: "As far as I know he is fine."
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Author:Kellaway, Rob
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 30, 1997
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