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Gather pennies for great Syrah; MAURICE FITZMAURICE DRINK.


Ireckon the 300 litres of oil I treated myself to the other day will be the last batch I get at a reasonable price.

The state of the pound doesn't bode well for the people who trade fuel and such like on the international markets. What little disposable income any of us have this weather never seems to stretch too far.

Domestic bliss is often shattered by, shall we say differences in opinion, over how long the hot water needs to be on for. This adds a certain import to exchange rates impacting on commodity prices. The only other issue that can prompt such angst is the Sky Planner getting down to the 10% mark.

Surely, though, oil will not be the only thing nudged up a few pennies if the current currency volatility continues.

I would start filling up the space in the Hoover cupboard with wine if I had any money. I don't, but after buying a loaf (rye sourdough of course) in Tesco the other day I couldn't resist going through those Westernstyle I went saloon doors they use to separate the sodas from the Sauvignon.

saloon -doors separate from the I strolled up and down, ruminating about what I fancied and trying to not to let the "reduced" signs influence me. I spied, mind you, that Corbieres I was on about last week is down to PS7.50 so that's worth considering if the purse strings are tight. But for what ever reason, my gaze fell upon the Finest Hawkes Bay Syrah. It's a Syrah as opposed to a Shiraz which suggests the makers want the label to exude delicacy and nuance as opposed the power and oomph of a Shiraz.

through style that soda Sauv Same grape, but a marketing ploy that stems from a desire to say northern Rhone as opposed to Barossa. This seems the right nomenclature given Hawkes Bay Syrah is, or at least wants to be seen as, more like its northern Rhone cousins than geographically closer Shiraz.

One local producer, Trinity Hill, told The Drinks Business they see themselves as being more akin to Pinot Noir with a delicate perfume etc. "A lot of people talk about Pinosity with regards to Hawke's Bay Syrah," winemaker Warren Gibson said. I'm not sure Pinosity is a word, but I might just start using it anyway.

This Finest number is only 12.5% so is a far cry from a Barossa blockbuster which would likely weigh in at 14%.

If it's toasty, give it 10 minutes in the fridge and enjoy!


That Finest Hawkes Bay is delicate yes, but has lovely perfumed, crunchy fruit as well as a floral touch and a hint of spice. PS10.

Matua Pinot Noir is a lovely NZ Pinot with lots of nice sweet fruit and a wee savoury touch. PS10 at Asda.

Clocktower Pinot is a chunky Pinot with a bit of spice. PS12 at Marks and Spencer.


While in Tesco, I spied a couple of really nice Sauv Blancs on offer, both at PS7.50. The Ned is a cracking producer and their SB certainly offers a lot of complexity at this kind of money. Graham Norton (yes, that guy) does a Sauv Bnack which always goes down well in our house.

If you're in Coleraine, get around to Fairley's for their Lawson's Dry Hills Marlborough Riesling. Beautiful and aromatic. A gorgeous wine. PS12.99.

I went through saloon-style doors that separate soda from the Sauv

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 3, 2019
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