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Gateway to the Dao-field; essays for the awakening educator.


Gateway to the Dao-field; essays for the awakening educator.

Cohen, Avraham.

Cambria Press


193 pages




Drawing on his doctoral work in education at the University of British Columbia, Cohen (counseling, City U. of Seattle-Vancouver, BC) reflects on human potential, particularly but not exclusively within educational environments. He contends that a centralizing curriculum and content must be replaced by a focus on care and nurturance, and subjective and inter-subjective understanding. The educator is of central importance to this paradigm shift, he says, and must be supported, encouraged, and cared for in order to create conditions that will allow exceptional educational experiences to emerge for themselves and their students. Among his topics are shifting power from the teacher to the students, deep democracy practice in a classroom as community, and the inner path and outer experience in classrooms.

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Date:May 1, 2009
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