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Gateway saves on space, taxes.


Want to know how to get rid of your surplus telecommunications equipment--those outgrown and sometimes obsolete PBXs or key systems--and received the benefits of potential tax and public-relations value for your company, as well as other benefits which will reflect on you as well as your association?

Give it to Gateway.

Northern Telecom's Tom Applebaum, whom I have known over the years through TCA, told me about it.

Tom is founder and chairman of the not-for-profit Information Services and Telecommunications Training Institute. He was telecomm manager for National Semiconductor and has worked for Western Union.

Tom reviewed many companies' policies and procedures in the disposal of surplus telecomm equipment.

He found often equipment is relegated to the storeroom or warehouse and forgotten--before junked to make room for more surplus.

This equipment can be converted to real value by his institute. It will benefit your company, your community, your professional organization, and, of course, you.

The institute solicits excess equipment from organizations nationwide.

Becomes Revenue

Through the nationwide support of manufacturers, distributors, and bonded remarketing companies, IT&TTI converts the donations to Gateway Project revenue.

Half of net revenue goes to a local community-based nonprofit organization or the local United Way in the name of the donor. Donations are dedicated to funding industry-specific entry-level training courses or projects and operations specific to the information industry.

In the case of major donations, the institute's staff will work with public- and executive-relations programs designated by the donor to ensure appropriate recognition.

A significant portion, 95%, of Gateway Project net revenue is distributed in the donors' names to qualified nonprofit professional organizations such as ICA, TCA, SETA, and CMA. This fund is directed to the support of qualified undergraduate scholarship programs administered by these organizations.

The remaining 25% of Gateway Project net proceeds are used to cover operating expenses and develop training programs for disadvantaged candidates. Courses will prepare these candidates for entry-level positions within the information/telecomm industry. Complete training programs (including classroom equipment) will be available through the institute's lending library, without charge, to other qualified nonprofit organizations nationwide.

Help ID-ing Excess

The institute's SAVE Program (Surplus Assets Valued by Education) assists you in identifying surplus/excess equipment, material, or services of potential corporate value. SAVE control sheets display the related donation value to corporate tax and community-service programs. SAVE simplifies the management analysis/approval process and speeds deployment of donations.

Implementation is simple. Companies interested are provided a supply of project control forms and stickers. Stickers attached to project documents indicate the project has been reviewed for excess/surplus equipment.

Placing SAVE stickers on equipment indicates it's dedicated as a donation. Attaching control forms to project documents shows the items have been identified as donation candidates.

The institute is supported by professional volunteers. They serve on the IS&T-TI advisory committees without pay.

I heartily support this effort and urge you to contact Tom Applebaum at IS&T-TI, P.O. Box 928, Morgan Hill, CA 95038 (408-779-0802).

I also strongly suggest that you consider encouraging this effort with a presentation at a monthly meeting of your association.

Roger Underwood has been involved in telecommunications for over 30 years--as a corporate telecomm manager, president of ICA, charter director of TCA, and liaison to the association and supplier communities. Contact him at 185 Front St., Suite 201, Danville, CA 94526 (415-831-1140).
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Title Annotation:not-for-profit Information Services and Telecommunications Training Institute's Gateway Project funds entry-level training from sales of donated telecommunications equipment
Author:Underwood, Roger
Publication:Communications News
Article Type:column
Date:Apr 1, 1990
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