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Effects of Different Dietary Lipid Levels on the Growth Performance, Body Composition and Digestive Enzymes of the Dog Conch, Laevistrombus canarium. Report Oct 2, 2021 4512
VENTILATION RATES IN FULGUR WHELKS. Deaton, Lewis E.; Dupuis, Grant; Shumway, Sandra E. Report Dec 1, 2020 2227
Short Communication - Occurrence of Larval Dicrocoelium dendriticum and Brachylaima sp. in Gastropod Intermediate Hosts from Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan. Kuchboev, Abdurakhim; Egamberdiev, Mehmonjon; Karimova, Rokhatoy; Amirov, Oybek; Asakawa, Mitsuhiko Report Apr 10, 2020 2326
Muscle scars in euomphaline gastropods from the Ordovician of Baltica/Lihaste kinnitusjaljed euomphaliinsetel tigudel Baltika Ordoviitsiumis. Peel, John S. Report Jun 1, 2019 8916
Legacy of Multiple Stressors: Responses of Gastropod Larvae and Juveniles to Ocean Acidification and Nutrition. Bogan, S.N.; Mcmahon, J.B.; Pechenik, J.A.; Pires, A. Report Jun 1, 2019 12007
GABA as a Neurotransmitter in Gastropod Molluscs. Miller, Mark W. Report Apr 1, 2019 8795
TECHNIQUES FOR ESTIMATING THE AGE AND GROWTH OF MOLLUSCS: GASTROPODA. Hollyman, Phil R.; Laptikhovsky, Vladimir V.; Richardson, Christopher A. Report Oct 1, 2018 7074
FACTORS AFFECTING GASTROPOD LARVAL DEVELOPMENT AND PERFORMANCE: A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW. Padilla, Dianna K.; Charifson, David; Liguori, Alyssa; Mccarty-Glenn, Mica; Rosa, Maria; Rugila, All Report Oct 1, 2018 12514
Comparative Oxygen Consumption of Gastropod Holobionts from Deep-Sea Hydrothermal Vents in the Indian Ocean. Sigwart, Julia D.; Chen, Chong Report Oct 1, 2018 8860
In silico Biological Activity of Steroids from the Marine Gastropods Telescopium telescopium Collected from South West Coast of India. Ragi, A.S.; Leena, P.P.; Prashob, K.J.P.; Nair, S.M. Report Jul 1, 2018 2937
Possible Mechanisms of Hatching from Egg Capsules in the Gastropods Crepipatella dilatata and Crepipatella peruviana, Species with Different Modes of Early Development. Andrade-Villagran, P.V.; Mardones-Toledo, D.A.; Paredes-Molina, F.J.; Salas-Yanquin, L.P.; Pechenik, Report Apr 1, 2018 10639
Growing Safe: Acute Size Escape from Desiccation in Juvenile Crepipatella peruviana (Mollusca: Gastropoda). Bashevkin, Samuel M.; Chaparro, Oscar R.; Mardones-Toledo, Daniela A.; Cubillos, Victor M.; Pechenik Report Oct 1, 2017 7764
Biodiversity of marine gastropods along the Uran coast, Navi Mumbai, west coast of India. Pawar, Prabhakar R.; Al-Tawaha, Abdel Rahman Mohammad Said Jun 1, 2017 5363
Use of Molecular Methods for the Rapid Mass Detection of Schistosoma mansoni (Platyhelminthes: Trematoda) in Biomphalaria spp. Caldeira, Roberta Lima; Jannotti-Passos, Liana Konovaloffi; Carvalho, Omar Dos Santos Report Jan 1, 2017 4216
Reproduction of Patella rustica (Mollusca, Gastropoda) in the gulf of Annaba (Algeria, Mediterranean South Western). Zegaoula, Bochra; Beldi, Hayet; Draredja, Brahim; Soltani, Noureddine Report Nov 1, 2016 3933
Trophic relationships between two gastropods and seaweeds in subtropical rocky reefs based on stable isotope analyses. Pinon-Gimate, Alejandra; Gomez-Valdez, Mercedes M.; Mazariegos-Villarreal, Alejandra; Serviere-Zarag Report Apr 1, 2016 6052
Shaving a shell: Effect of manipulated sculpture and feeding on shell growth and sculpture development in Nucella lamellosa (Muricidae: Ocenebrinae). Webster, Nicole B.; Palmer, A. Richard Report Feb 1, 2016 7235
Intraspecific scaling relationships between crawling speed and body size in a gastropod. Hemmert, Heather M.; Baltzley, Michael J. Report Feb 1, 2016 4404
Distribution and Zonation Patterns of Cerithideopsilla cingulata (Gmelin 1791) (Gastropoda: Potamididae) in Mangrove Stands at Sandspit Backwater, Karachi, Pakistan. Report Dec 31, 2015 3345
Physical and chemical interactions with conspecifics mediate sex change in a protandrous gastropod crepidula fornicata. Cahill, Abigail E.; Juman, Alia Rehana; Pellman-Isaacs, Aaron; Bruno, William T. Report Dec 1, 2015 4433
Role of the substrate in feeding and growth of the marine suspension-feeding gastropods Crepidula fornicata and Crepipatella peruviana. Pechenik, Jan A.; Diederich, Casey M.; Chaparro, Oscar R.; Cubillos, Victor M.; Mardones-Toledo, Dan Report Dec 1, 2015 6152
Taphonomic Processes of Some Intertidal Gastropod and Bivalve Shells from Northern Red Sea Coast, Egypt. Report Oct 31, 2015 4184
Density and fecundity of Pomaceacanaliculata (Lamarck, 1822) in selected areas of Mindanao, Philippines: implications on pest management strategies. Penaredondo, Myrtle Ayn E.; Responte, Mae A.; Ismael, I-za Fe Z.; Quinones, Lynde E.; Dacar, Maria R Report Aug 1, 2015 2858
Effect of Saltmarsh Cordgrass Spartina alterniflora Invasion Stage on Cerithidea cingulata (Caenogastropoda: Potamididae) Distribution: A Case Study from a Tidal Flat of Western Pacific Ocean China. Report Feb 28, 2015 3609
Paralytic shellfish toxins in the marine gastropods Zidona dufresnei and Adelomelon beckii from Argentina: toxicity and toxin profiles. Turner, Andrew D.; Tarnovius, Sophie; Goya, Alejandra B. Report Aug 1, 2014 9780
Comparative morphology of dorsanum miran and Bullia granulosa from Morocco (Mollusca: Caenogastropoda: Nassariidae). Simone, Luiz Ricardo L.; Pastorino, Guido Report Jun 1, 2014 6319
Predation impact of small drilling gastropods on the Japanese scallop Mizuhopecten yessoensis. Chiba, Susumu; Arai, Yuko Report Apr 1, 2014 6535
Richard ('Dick') Neil Kilburn (1942-2013): bibliography and listings of new taxa named by him and in his honour. Herbert, D.G.; Davis, L.S. Dec 1, 2013 17704
Morphological Observations on Haemo-Lymphocytes in Oncomelania hupensis (Gastropoda: Pomatiopsidae). Pengsakul, Theerakamol; Zhe Cheng; Suleiman, Yassir A.; Tawatsin, Apiwat; Thavara, Usavadee Report Oct 31, 2013 2855
Comparative ontogenetic changes in enzyme activity during embryonic development of calyptraeid gastropods. Collin, Rachel; Starr, Matthew J. Report Sep 1, 2013 5548
Abundance and distribution of large marine gastropods in nearshore seagrass beds along the gulf coast of Florida. Stephenson, Sarah P.; Sheridan, Nancy E.; Geiger, Stephen P.; Arnold, William S. Report Aug 1, 2013 6352
On the contribution of allometry to morphological variation in a freshwater gastropod Elimia livescens. Owen, Dustin A.S.; Settineri, Anna; Jacquemin, Stephen J.; Pyron, Mark Report Jul 16, 2013 1408
Substrate attributes determine gait in a terrestrial gastropod. McKee, Amberle; Voltzow, Janice; Pernet, Bruno Report Feb 1, 2013 7070
Stable suppression of lactate dehydrogenase activity during anoxia in the foot muscle of littorina littorea and the potential role of acetylation as a novel posttranslational regulatory mechanism. Shahriari, Ali; Dawson, Neal J.; Bell, Ryan A. V.; Storey, Kenneth B. Report Jan 1, 2013 4765
Detection of bioactive compounds in the mucus nets of Dendropoma maxima, Sowerby 1825 (Prosobranch Gastropod Vermetidae, Mollusca). Kloppel, Anne; Brummer, Franz; Schwabe, Denise; Morlock, Gertrud Report Jan 1, 2013 5616
Holding on to a shifting substrate: plasticity of egg mass tethers and tethering forces in soft sediment for an intertidal gastropod. Castro, Diego A.; Podolsky, Robert D. Report Dec 1, 2012 9347
GC-MS analysis of Fatty acids (FAs) of Prosobranch Gastropod species Thais carinifera From Pakistan Coast (North Arabian Sea). Afsar, Nuzhat; Siddiqui, Ghazala; Rasheed, Munawwer; Ahmed, Viqar Uddin; Khan, Afsar Report Jun 30, 2012 3417
Observations on embryonic development of black-spot Jorunna, Jorunna funebris (Kelaart, 1859) (Gastropoda: Nudibranchia). Kasamesiri, Pattira; Meksumpun, Shettapong; Meksumpun, Charumas Report Apr 1, 2012 4332
Update of Records of Selected Prosobranch Gastropod Species Found Along the Coasts of Sindh and Balochistan, Pakistan. Afsar, Nuzhat; Siddiqui, Ghazala; Ayub, Zarrien Report Feb 29, 2012 3489
Comparative study of heavy metal (Cd, Fe, Mn, and Ni) concentrations in soft tissue of gastropod Thais mutabilis and sediments from intertidal zone of Bandar Abbas. Astani, M.; Vosoughi, A.R.; Salimi, L.; Ebrahimi, M. Report Jan 1, 2012 3413
A new species of Late Cretaceous (Campanian) cypraeid gastropod, Santa Ana Mountains, southern California and new records of California Cretaceous cypraeids. Groves, Lindsey T.; Filkorn, Harry F.; Alderson, John M. Report Dec 1, 2011 2755
Freshwater molluscs of the Eastern Congo: notes on taxonomy, biogeography and conservation. Schultheiss, Roland; Ndeo, Oscar Wembo; Malikwisha, Meni; Marek, Carina; Bossneck, Ulrich; Albrecht, Report Dec 1, 2011 7863
Spontaneous regeneration of the central nervous system in gastropods. Matsuo, Ryota; Ito, Etsuro Report Aug 1, 2011 4787
Morphology and histology of the central nervous system and ultrastructure of neurosecretory cells of female spotted babylon, Babylonia areolata. Thaweethamsewee, P.; Boonyoung, P.; Vongvatcharanon, U. Report Aug 1, 2011 3453
Diet and daily consumption rates of Rapana venosa (Valenciennes, 1846) (Gastropoda: Muricidae) from the Rio De La Plata (Argentina-Uruguay). Giberto, Diego A.; Schiariti, Agustin; Bremec, Claudia S. Report Aug 1, 2011 6696
Biostratigraphic studies of the Eocene succession on the basis of Pelecypods and Gastropods around Thano Bula Khan area, Sindh. Lashari, Rafiq Ahmed; Brohi, Imdad Ali; Brohi, Ali; Usmani, Parveen Akhter; Naz, Humaira Report Dec 31, 2010 217
Rubyspira, new genus and two new species of bone-eating deep-sea snails with ancient habits. Johnson, S.B.; Waren, A.; Lee, R.W.; Kano, Y.; Kaim, A.; Davis, A.; Strong, E.E.; Vrijenhoek, R.C. Report Oct 1, 2010 8310
Capture of particles by direct interception by cilia during feeding of a gastropod veliger. Romero, Melissa R.; Kelstrup, Hans C.P.; Strathmann, Richard R. Report Apr 1, 2010 6721
Coloration and defense in the nudibranch gastropod Hypselodoris fontandraui. Haber, Markus; Cerfeda, Sonia; Carbone, Marianna; Calado, Goncalo; Gaspar, Helena; Neves, Ricardo; M Report Apr 1, 2010 5255
An experimental assessment of feeding rates of the muricid gastropod Nucella lamellosa and its effect on a cost-benefit analysis. Chattopadhyay, Devapriya; Baumiller, Tomasz K. Report Dec 1, 2009 5257
Hunchback-like protein is expressed in cleavage blastomeres, gastrula epithelium, and ciliary structures in gastropods. Dean, Derek; Himes, Christopher M.; Behrman, Emily; Savage, Robert M. Report Oct 1, 2009 6350
Gonadal cycle of Tegula eiseni (Jordan 1936) (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in Bahia Asuncion, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Velez-Arellano, Nurenskaya; Del Proo, Sergio Guzman; Ordonez, Esperanza Ortiz Report Aug 1, 2009 2555
Phenotypic plasticity and sexual dimorphism in size at post-juvenile metamorphosis: common-garden rearing of an intertidal gastropod with determinate growth. Irie, Takahiro; Morimoto, Naoko Oct 1, 2008 5752
Population assessment of the conch Strombus galeatus (gastropoda, strombidae) in Pacific Panama. Cipriani, Roberto; Guzman, Hector M.; Vega, Angel J.; Lopez, Melina Report Aug 1, 2008 6795
Reproduction of gastropods from vents on the East Pacific rise and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Tyler, Paul A.; Pendlebury, Sophie; Mills, Susan W.; Mullineaux, Lauren; Eckelbarger, Kevin J.; Bake Report Mar 1, 2008 7183
Novel embryogenesis in a nudibranch gastropod: segregation, expulsion, and abandonment of deeply pigmented egg cytoplasm. Page, Louise R. Report Dec 1, 2007 2472
Photosynthesis drives oxygen levels in macrophyte-associated gastropod egg masses. Woods, H. Arthur; Podolsky, Robert D. Aug 1, 2007 4164
Habitat associations in gastropod species at East Pacific Rise hydrothermal vents (9[degrees]50'N). Mills, Susan W.; Mullineaux, Lauren S.; Tyler, Paul A. Jun 1, 2007 5824
Molecular phylogenetic and embryological evidence that feeding larvae have been reacquired in a marine gastropod. Collin, Rachel; Chaparro, Oscar R.; Winkler, Federico; Veliz, David Apr 1, 2007 6927
Development of embryonic and larval cells containing serotonin, catecholamines, and FMRFamide-related peptides in the gastropod mollusc Phestilla sibogae. Croll, Roger P. Dec 1, 2006 7931
Growth and development of veined rapa whelk Rapana venosa veligers. Harding, Juliana M. Dec 1, 2006 4617
Reproductive patterns and their influence on the population genetics of sympatric species of the genus Crepidula (Gastropoda: Calyptraeidae). Chaparro, Oscar R. Aug 1, 2006 6604
The whelk dredge fishery of Delaware. Bruce, David Garcia Apr 1, 2006 8949
Bivalve contribution to shallow sandy bottom food web off mar del plata (Argentina): inference from stomach contents and stable isotope analysis. Iribarne, Oscar O. Apr 1, 2006 3279
Growth rate estimation of Hexaplex (Trunculariopsis) trunculus (gastropoda: muricidae) based on mark/recapture experiments in the Ria Formosa lagoon (Algarve coast, southern Portugal). Castro, Margarida Apr 1, 2006 6160
Piscivorous behavior of a temperate cone snail, Conus californicus. Stewart, Julia; Gilly, William F. Oct 1, 2005 4902
A model for decoupling emigration from mortality in recapture surveys of slow-moving benthic marine gastropods. Glazer, Robert Aug 1, 2005 5298
Locomotory behavior and habitat selection in littoral gastropods on Caribbean limestone shores. Hicks, David W. Jan 1, 2005 9101
Effect of grazing by a herbivorous gastropod Homalopoma amussitatum, a competitor for food with post-larval abalone, on a community of benthic diatoms. Yamashita, Yoh Dec 15, 2004 4558
Developmental dimorphism: consequences for larval behavior and dispersal potential in a marine gastropod. Krug, Patrick J.; Zimmer, Richard K. Dec 1, 2004 9606
MAP kinase expression correlates with the posterior midline in early cleavage stage squid embryos. Crawford, Karen Oct 1, 2004 349
Gastropods and rostroconchs (Mollusca) from the Maxville Limestone (Upper Mississippian) in Ohio (1). Hoare, Richard D. Sep 1, 2004 4199
Heat-shock protein 70 (Hsp70) as a biochemical stress indicator: an experimental field test in two congeneric intertidal gastropods (genus: Tegula). Tomanek, Lars; Sanford, Eric Dec 1, 2003 5790
Columellar muscle of neogastropods: muscle attachment and the function of columellar folds. Price, Rebecca M. Dec 1, 2003 10542
Long-term culture of decapsulated gastropod embryos: a transplantation study. Kuang, Shihuan; Regnier, Marette; Goldberg, Jeffrey I. Dec 1, 2002 5798
Swimming behavior of the nudibranch Melibe leonina. Lawrence, K. A.; Watson, W. H., III Oct 1, 2002 5425
Predator-induced behavioral and morphological plasticity in the tropical marine gastropod Strombus gigas. Delgado, Gabriel A.; Glazer, Robert A.; Stewart, Nicola J. Aug 1, 2002 4949
Timing is everything: the effects of putative dopamine antagonists on metamorphosis vary with larval age and experimental suration in the prosobranch gastropod Crepidula fornicata. Pechenik, Jan A.; Li, Wei; Cochrane, David E. Apr 1, 2002 6302
Apical sensory organ in larvae of the patellogastropod Tectura scutum. Page, Louise R. Feb 1, 2002 7933
NO/cGMP signaling and HSP90 activity represses metamorphosis in the sea urchin lytechinus pictus. Bishop, Cory D.; Brandhorst, Bruce P. Dec 1, 2001 7304
Larval Muscle Contraction Fails to Produce Torsion in a Trochoidean Gastropod. HICKMAN, GARGLE S.; HADFIELD, MICHAEL G. Jun 1, 2001 2215
Multiple Paternity in Littorina obtusata (Gastropoda, Littorinidae) Revealed by Microsatellite Analyses. PATERSON, IAN G.; PARTRIDGE, VANESSA; BUCKLAND-NICKS, JOHN Jun 1, 2001 5294
Phylogeny of Hydrothermal-Vent--Endemic Gastropods Alviniconcha spp. from the Western Pacific Revealed by Mitochondrial DNA Sequences. KOJIMA, S.; SEGAWA, R.; FIJIWARA, Y.; FUJIKURA, K.; OHTA, S.; HASHIMOTO, J. Jun 1, 2001 4085
5-Hydroxytryptamine Stimulates Net [Ca.sup.2+] Flux in the Ventricular Muscle of a Mollusc (Busycon canaliculatum) During Cardioexcitation. DEVLIN, C. LEAH Jun 1, 2001 5082
Palaeoecology of a Northeast Indiana Wetland harboring remains of the pleistocene giant beaver (Castoroides ohioenis). Richards, Ronald L. Jan 1, 2001 8881
Catecholamines Modulate Metamorphosis in the Opisthobranch Gastropod Phestilla sibogae. PIRES, ANTHONY; CROLL, ROGER P.; HADFIELD, MICHAEL G. Jun 1, 2000 7920
Intracapsular feeding by embryos of the gastropod genus Littorina. Moran, A.L. Jun 1, 1999 7696
Reproduction-associated immunoreactive peptides in the nervous systems of prosobranch gastropods. Ram, Jeffrey L.; Gallardo, Carlos S.; Ram, Michal L.; Croll, Roger P. Dec 1, 1998 5858
Size-related obligate and facultative parasitism in the marine gastropod Trichotropis cancellata. Pernet, Bruno; Kohn, Alan J. Dec 1, 1998 5076
Egg-mass gel of Melanochlamys diomedea (Bergh) protects embryos from low salinity. Woods, H. Arthur; DeSilets, Robert L., Jr. Dec 1, 1997 6362
Symbiosis of the hydrothermal vent gastropod Ifremeria nautilei (Provannidae) with endobacteria - structural analyses and ecological considerations. Windoffer, R.; Giere, O. Dec 1, 1997 6958
Control of periphyton on Zostera marina by the Eastern mudsnail, Ilyanassa obsoleta (Say), in a shallow temperature estuary. Kinlan, Brian; Duffy, Elisabeth; Cebrian, Just; Hauxwell, Jennifer; Valiela, Ivan Oct 1, 1997 1064
Morphology and development of Odostomia columbiana dall and bartsch (pyramidellidae): implications for the evolution of gastropod development. Collin, Rachel; Wise, John B. Apr 1, 1997 5404
Interspecific variation in climbing by gastropods: implications for transmission of parelaphostrongylus tenuis. McCoy, Karen D.; Nudds, Thomas D. Apr 1, 1997 3510
Phylogenetic analysis of learning-related neuromodulation in molluscan mechanosensory neurons. Wright, William G.; Kirschman, David; Rozen, Danny; Maynard, Barbara Dec 1, 1996 9326
Evolutionary history of northern hemisphere Nucella (gastropoda, muricidae): molecular, morphological, ecological, and paleontological evidence. Collins, Timothy M.; Frazer, Kenneth; Palmer, A. Richard; Vermeij, Geerat J.; Brown, Wesley M. Dec 1, 1996 13106
Cleavage patterns and mesentoblast formation in the Gastropoda: an evolutionary perspective. Biggelaar, Jo A.M. van den; Haszprunar, G. Aug 1, 1996 11552
Contrasting the underlying patterns of active trends in morphologic evolution. Wagner, Peter J. Jun 1, 1996 10119
Shell microstructure of gastropods from Lake Tanganyika, Africa: adaptation, convergent evolution, and escalation. West, Kelly; Cohen, Andrew Apr 1, 1996 5602
Independent evolution of terrestriality in Atlantic truncatellid gastropods. Rosenberg, Gary Apr 1, 1996 7914
Behavioral responses of Concholepas concholepas (Bruguiere, 1789) larvae to natural and artificial settlement cues and microbial films. Rodriguez, Sebastian R.; Riquelme, Carlos; Campos, Eliseo O.; Chavez, Pamela; Brandan, Enrique; Ines Dec 1, 1995 5261
Functional significance of varices in the muricid gastropod Ceratostoma foliatum. Carefoot, Thomas H.; Donovan, Deborah A. Aug 1, 1995 5759
Hemoglobin in the symbiont-harboring gill of the marine gastropod Alviniconcha hessleri. Wittenberg, Jonathan B.; Stein, Jeffrey L. Feb 1, 1995 1336
Encapsulation of eggs by marine gastropods: effect of variation in capsule form on the vulnerability of embryos to predation. Rawlings, Timothy A. Aug 1, 1994 7229
Morphological differentiation and genetic cohesiveness over a microenvironmental gradient in the marine snail Littorina saxatilis. Johannesson, Kerstin; Johannesson, Bo; Rolan-Alvarez, Emilio Dec 1, 1993 8237
Distribution and inheritance of banding phenotypes in the gastropod, Otala lactea, from central Texas. Pierce, Benjamin A.; Fraze, Russell K. Aug 1, 1991 2843

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