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Gasper, Larry. Princes in waiting.

GASPER, Larry. Princes in waiting. Fitzhenry and Whiteside, Coteau. 251p. c2004. 1-55050-291-3. $16.95. JS

Gasper's book of short stories is all about guys and "guy-things," and it should appeal to the young male reader searching for answers or at least some examples of someone who's been down the road before. Boys and young men will see themselves clearly in the characters in this book--speeding down the highway, flirting with girls, and putting up with their female counterparts' shopping habits, for example, in order to be allowed a glimpse at that secret world they so desperately want to know. The stories may also intrigue female readers because not only will it let them see many of the types of guys they have already encountered but it will give them a peek into the mysterious workings of the male psyche--and a good, perceptive, true-to-life peek at that. Though these tales take place in Canada, readers everywhere should be able to relate. The stories are centered around one character and the multiple friends he deals with in his life--giving the book a coherence and continuity that makes it even more appealing. There is a reality and a grittiness here that make the stories come to life--from the sting of youth challenging its elders, to the testing of sexual boundaries, to dealing with the sometimes boring details of real life. Gasper handles it all skillfully and with language that makes the reader want more. This book can be highly recommended, especially as it will tempt young male readers to pick up a work of fiction and read. Joseph DeMarco, Libn., St. Joseph's Sch., Philadelphia, PA

J--Recommended for junior high school students. The contents are of particular interest to young adolescents and their teachers.

S--Recommended for senior high school students.
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Author:DeMarco, Joseph
Article Type:Young Adult Review
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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