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Gasoline pump control.

* precise pressure

* continous monitoring

Operating four refineries with a total capacity of 860,000 barrels a day, Motiva Enterprises LLC provides gasoline products to taker trucks, pipelines, railcars and marine vessels. The company strives to keep all four distribution resources at peak performance and within government regulations. In response to government mandates to eliminate the use of methyl tertiary butyl ether as an additive to gasoline, the company uses ethanol, injecting up to 10% ethanol by volume into the gasoline stream during truck loading. Such injection requires precise pressure control.

Motiva elected to use the Goulds Pumps PumpSmart microprocessor-based variable speed drive, which is programmed specifically for centrifugal pumps up to 700 hp. The control system continuously monitors and reacts to both pump conditions and systems for accurate control of process parameter demands. The pump reduces motor speeds, eliminating extra energy that is used to overcome the pressure drop of control valves. By keeping constant pressure on the header and injection system, ethanol is injected at a rate necessary to obtain the desired blend into each truck from the multiple-bay loading rack. Constant pressure control permits the pump to vary the speed to maintain a set pressure in the main header as the flow fluctuates with different numbers of trucks loading. At each location, the PumpSmart PS200 operates two Goulds 3996 in-line process pumps in multi-pump operation using constant slave mode and pressure control. The two pumps are piped in parallel with a pressure transmitter in the common discharge line.

John Booth, Motiva distribution technical manager comments, "Since the ethanol must operate at a higher pressure than the base gasoline, we expect to prevent any line shock problems."

Goulds Pumps, Seneca Falls, NY

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