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Gasification to wait for new tender.

Yet another tender for Macedonia's gasification has failed. Only one company submitted a bid in the call for bids announced by the caretaker government and by law it will have to be voided. Several tenders for gasification of Macedonia have so far failed. The fifth tender for gasification of the region of Skopje was halted in the stage of evaluation because the selected firm demanded more time.

There was only one bid also in the tender for building a distributive network in 63 municipalities in eastern, central and western Macedonia.

It has been planned to spend some 28 million euros for the gasification of central and eastern Macedonia and 23 million euros for the gasification of the western part of the country together with Pelagonija. The distributive grid was to be built though a public-private partnership. Before announcing new tenders, the Government will have to determine the model in which to carry out the project--either through a public-private partnership or solely through state funding.

Gasification is a priority of the new Government, too, which announced construction of gas pipelines to municipalities, access to the TAP project and getting connected with the transmissions systems of Bulgaria and Greece.

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Date:Jul 13, 2017
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