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Gas Bubblers Visually Confirm Inert Atmosphere.

Asynt's range of Gas Bubblers enables chemists to visibly confirm that their reaction system is being flushed with an inert gas, such as nitrogen. These bubbles provide a one-way valve through which nitrogen. evolved gases or solvent vapors from the inlet will bubble through the fluid before being vented to the atmosphere. The rate at which bubbles form in the gas bubbler fluid enables users to adjust the inlet flow of inert gas to an appropriate rate to ensure that a consistent inert atmosphere is maintained. A gas bubbler is a piece of laboratory glassware that comprises a glass bulb filled with a small amount of fluid, such as mineral or silicone oil. For use with reactions, the inlet to the bulb is connected to a ground glass joint, while the outlet is vented to the air. Asynt Ltd., +44 1638 781709

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Title Annotation:Product News
Publication:Laboratory Equipment
Date:Nov 1, 2014
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