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Gary Dodds 2.0?


Last time out, you heard the story of Shawn O'Connor, the 1st District Dam wannabe who was crying foul over the Carol Shea-Porter campaign's alleged plot to get people to think he was a domestic abuser--when in fact he was a victim of abuse.

Well, follow-up time: Turns out that SO is so ticked off about his alleged treatment by CSP's camp and the NH Dems that he threatened to file suit over his treatment. To which the NH Dems essentially said, "Go ahead and try to sue." And then they said SO approached them and asked to be paid to drop out of the 1st C.D. race.

To which SO replied that the payment accusation was B.S. And besides, the NH Dems' lawyer was the one who apparently implied that SO could be arrested on trumped-up charges if he didn't calm down.

And the best one: SO said that Manch senator Donna Soucy had spread a "ridiculous" rumor that SO was planning to release rats into the kitchen of the Dem landmark Puritan Backroom restaurant.

And to prove he didn't have an interest in placing vermin, SO said in a statement, that he didn't "know where one would purchase rats." After that, he took a gratuitious and nasty shot about the restaurant's "health code records."

Another episode in the ongoing state of political debate in NH and the US of A.

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