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Garretson, Jerri. The secret of Whispering Spring.

Ravenstone Press (P.O. Box 1791, Manhattan, KS 66505-1791; 208p. c2002. 0-9659712-4-4. $6.99. J

When Cassie's family purchases an old stone mansion on the prairie in Kansas, it looks like a dream come true. Then Cassie sees a ghost, and a man stalking around the house. Her parents don't believe her and ignore threatening mail sent to Cassie; they see it as a prank. Cassie decides to solve the mystery on her own. The ghost is Annie, a girl who once lived in the house, who wants Cassie to find a letter her mother wrote to her and hid before she died. The mystery man, Jason Campbell, wants the letter too, because he believes it holds a clue to hidden treasure somewhere on the property. Only after her brother and a neighbor are kidnapped do Cassie's parents take her seriously. Annie and Cassie work together to find them and save them before they are hurt. The location of the treasure is the only mystery left to solve.

I like Cassie and her attitude toward her parents. Even though they don't believe her, she acts like a teenager with her head on her shoulders, and not like a pouting child. The ending is satisfying and all the loose ends are tied up nicely. The ghost story is not scary, but the stalking man is. Most junior high girls would like this book. Stacey Conrad, M.S. Reading Teacher, Palmyra, MO
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Author:Conrad, Stacey
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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