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Garlock Sealing Technologies.

The MULTI-SWELL, self-loading general service gasket creates its own load when it comes into contact with water, virtually eliminating the most common cause of gasket failure--insufficient load. The MULTI-SWELL gasket interacts with water swelling and creating load, thereby adapting easily to all types of flange designs, making the MULTI-SWELL gasket ideal for a broad range of applications, including water pumps, valves and cast iron flanges. The MULTI-SWELL gasket seals flanges in less than perfect condition, minimizing maintenance. Twice as soft as conventional gaskets, the MULTI-SWELL gasket cuts easily and conforms readily even to corroded or irregular flanges, ensuring tight seals with lower loads. Where vibration may cause bolt load loss, or where load loss occurs because of bolt relaxation, such as in pump and compressor applications, the self-loading gasket counters that loss, preventing leakage and weeping. Both environmentally and budget-friendly, MULTI-SWELL gaskets help reduce the expenses associated with vegetable fiber and cork gaskets. (800) 448-6688,

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Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Nov 1, 2007
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