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Gardening Q & A.

Byline: Carolyn Spray

QI wanted some Impatiens plugs but when I sowed them and covered with polythene, nothing came up. Can you help? A Covering plug trays with polythene is ideal for germination but hot weather can cook your seedlings. Grow in the shade or under fleece.

QI am looking for an evergreen climbing plant but don't want an ivy. What can you suggest? A Evergreen Clematis armandii flowers in the spring. Also worth considering are Hydrangea petiolaris and semi-evergreen honeysuckles.

Q My Pansy plants have been wonderful in tubs but suddenly they have all collapsed. Is this due to a disease? A If you look closely you will see hundreds of greenfly on your plants. Best to replant with summer bedding plants.

Put Pansies with bedding plants Q My cucumber plant has developed large brown spots on the leaves. What could be causing this? A Watering leaves with cold water on a sunny day can burn them. Only water the soil and it will recover.

Q Last year I lost my courgette plants to frost. When is the best time to plant them? A Courgette plants won't grow until the soil has warmed, so it is best to wait until June. Planting under cloches will allow earlier planting.

QI can't buy seed potatoes so can I just plant eating ones instead? A Eating potatoes would need to be cut into sections with some eyes on each section before planting.

Q When I transplant lettuce seedlings many of them die. Why is this? A If you cover seed leaves with soil, a disease called botrytis can develop. Ensure leaves are visible after planting.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jun 6, 2010
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