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Gardening Q&A; flowers.

Byline: Carolyn Spray

Q Can you recommend a weeping cherry tree for a small fruit garden?

A Weeping cherries can be grown to any height but are usually 4-5ft and weep down from the top of the stem. The best double pink one is Prunus Kiku Shidare or Cheals weeping cherry. They can be pruned to shape if necessary.

Q I bought sweet peas with seven or eight plants in each pot and the roots intertwined. I planted them all together but a neighbour said to split them. What would you do?

A Normally multisown plants are teased carefully apart to separate the roots and planted 6in apart. However nature is wonderful and your plants will sort themselves out and fill the available space.

Q I want to garden organically but my plot is covered with perennial weeds such as coltsfoot and dock. How do I get rid of them?

A A systemic weedkiller such as glyphosate will eradicate most of the weeds and allow you to garden organically thereafter.

Q My pansies and violas look so good I'm reluctant to replace them with summer bedding. Will they flower all summer?

A Pansies do not like high summer temperatures. Better to get your summer bedding in now.

Q A fungus is ruining my lawn. It's like a black leaf with white edges. How do I get rid of it?

A This sounds like lichen which is controlled with lawn sand. The general lawn condition will also have to be improved with regular applications of fertiliser.

Q Can I transfer an aster from the pot it has outgrown to my garden?

A You should split up the old plant as smaller plants will flower better.

Q My magnolia produces buds every year but never flowers. Help.

A Its buds are probably leaf buds. Top dress with rose fertiliser each spring to help ripen the wood.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 18, 2008
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