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Gardening : These Plants Will Drive You Up The Garden Wall With Delight.

DON'Tbe rash with moneyonpaintand decorateyourwalls andfenceswith annual climbers. Ready-grown plants areavailablefrom garden centres and it'll costyoujustafew pounds to colour your garden from head to toe.

These plants can also be changedeveryyearto suitthelatestcolour trend. Ifyou'reintothis summer's shades of Barbie pink, grow Rhodochiton atrosanguineum.

It's got parachute- shaped flowers that cover theplantrightthrough from mid-summer to the first frosts.

More feelings for blue? Then Ipomoea or Morning Glory has to be the one for you. OK, it's a bindweed but one that has earned itselfsomerespectfrom gardeners.

Heavenly Blue has the bestiridescentflowers thatareagreatcolour match to a cloudless summer sky. Grow it on trellis so you see theeffect.

Or for a tropical touch, plant its friendly cousin Mina lobata. Thisbeautiful,exotic plantwilleasilyscalea 10ftwallinjustone season and produce masses of slender spikes that carry 12 flowers on each.

The blooms are 2in long and are crimson when open but change through orange and yellow to white as they age.

For some that like it hot, growamixtureof Eccremocarpus scaber whichproducesred- orangetubularflowers and Black-eyed Susan or Thunbergia alata.

It'simportantto get all of these plants off to a flying start. Keepthemsafeand snugindoorsuntilafter thefrosts- thenprovide sunshine,warmthand feedweeklywithhigh potash fertiliser. Oh, and finally...pop in a few sweet peas, simply forthefragranceif nothing else. Youcangetthese colourful crackers in the ground today. So what are you waiting for...
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Wild, Adrienne
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 23, 2000
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