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Gardening; Q & A.

Byline: Carolyn Spray

Q I have daffodils down either side of my driveway. On some of them the leaves have turned yellow but others look perfectly healthy. Why?

A It does seem strange for some to be all right and others to be yellowing so I think it must be a physical problem. If you put down a lot of salt over the winter, it may be the cause. As the rain leeches the salt through the soil, the yellowing may improve. Otherwise you might have to replant a few bulbs in the autumn.

Q My aunt loves flowering cherry trees but at her sheltered housing she only has a patio to grow plants on. Can you put them in containers?

A There are dwarf varieties of cherries, either upright or those with a beautiful weeping habit. Plant in a large container and use a slow-release fertilizer to keep them fed all season.

Q I would love to plant a magnolia. Where would it do best?

A Two beauties are Soulangeana, with tulip shaped flowers, and Stellata, with star-shaped blooms. Both do best in a place sheltered from the wind, in sun or partial shade, and a good soil.

Q My lawn has a lot of moss in it. How do I get rid of it and stop it coming back?

A You can buy liquid or granular moss killer specifically for lawns. After a week or so you will see the moss go black then you can rake it out of your lawn.

Damp, poor drainage and hungry grass all encourage moss so aerate your lawn for better drainage and keep the grass well fed so the moss can't take over.

Q I have a hydrangea bush but I am not sure if I should prune it.

A Cut back the stems that flowered last year down to just above the next side shoot and don't cut back stems that didn't flower last year as they should flower this year. Top dress with rose fertiliser to improve the flowering.
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Apr 13, 2008
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