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Garden party bouquets.

Garden party table settings often call for bouquets with a fresh-from-the-garden look. The grass-covered vase bouquets pictured above and at right, reminiscent of flower-filled meadows, have a wild, informal look that brightens tables for daytime picnics and barbecues. Fill the vases with wildflowers or bunches of lavender. The living bouquet pictured below right grows in a 6-inch plastic pot nested in Spanish moss; white sweet alyssum spilling over its sides gives it a lacy look that dresses up tables for formal suppers outside.

Meadow vase

Pick grasses along roadsides, or buy them by the bunch at a florist. Press florist's clay around a glass jar (at least 4 inches in diameter); lay grasses a few at a time around the jar, lining up seed heads at the top and pressing stalks into the clay as you work. Secure with raffia ties; use scissors to trim stalk bottoms flush with jar. To keep jar from tipping over in a breeze, put pebbles or a heavy frog in the bottom before filling it with water and flowers.

Garden bouquet

Start with a preplanted pot of mixed annuals from the nursery. Or plant your own at least two weeks before the party: partially fill a 6- to 8-inch plastic pot with soil, set a blooming annual (pansies, bedding dahlias, and zinnias are colorful choices) from a 4-inch pot in the center, then space small-flowered annuals (sixpack-size) such as sweet alyssum around the edges. Water well. To keep the pot from soiling the tablecloth, slip it into a plastic bag. Then cloak the pot's sides with moss and secure moss with florist's wire.
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