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Garden and skylight views from the big new bath.

There's an Oriental influence in the design of this bathroom in Napa, California.

Most noticeable are the wood-paneled doors with shoji screen grids; these doors separate the bath from the adjacent master bedroom. Instead of the traditional translucent paper insert, each of the three doors has a center panel of oak plywood set between teh gridwork. The middle door slides to the side to open the rooms to one another, expanding each visually. Normal entry to the bathroom is through a conventional door to the right of the tub.

The sliding doors open to a generous hydro-massage tub set in a tiled surround that's level with the bedroom floor; the rest of the bathroom is 12 inches lower.

Bathers can enjoy several views: a skylight framed in the opening above the tub is for stargazing; sliding glass doors (level with the surround) lead to an intimate garden and deck at one end of the tub.

Interior designer and owner Patricia Whitt and architect Mark Hajjar designed the bath.
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Date:Apr 1, 1984
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