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Gardco offers color window tint and reflectance meters.

The ColorQA from Gardco is a lightweight, hand-held device that measures color in red, green and blue percentage format. Users apply a sensor tip to any colored surface, press the read button and the LED will illuminate and send the reading to the display. Any subsequent sample readings are compared to this target color for a match.

The new ColorRT uses the same technology of the ColorQA, but with enhancements to allow measurements of transparent and non-transparent materials. The key function of ColorRT is its spring loaded cartridge chambering system. As the need for color standards arise, users can store the cartridges or measured color materials with notations for future color comparisons. Specially designed cartridges are available to fit almost any industry application.

More info: Gardco, (954) 946-9454, (800) 762-2478; Fax: (954) 946-9309; E-mail:; Web:
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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