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Garand advice.

I just read your article on reloading for the MIA rifle ("All That Brass," July/ August) and really enjoyed it. I do not reload and have a problem. I have a nice government Ml Garand rifle and would like to use it to hunt whitetails. I have been told using factory ammo with 150-grain bullets will bend the operating rod. Is there a safe factory ammo I can use in this rifle?

Robert S. Condron

Milan, TN

Hornady offers a Vintage Match line that includes a .30-06 load pushing a 168-grain ELD bullet at a cyclic rate and pressure designed specifically for the Garand. Although I don't typically suggest using match bullets on game, that particular bullet works very well on whitetails.

Further, unless you're running hundreds and hundreds of rounds of factory .30-06 hunting ammo through your Ml Garand, you're probably fine. However, don't use any of the enhanced-velocity ammo (Hornady Superformance, Remington Hyper Sonic Rifle or Federal High Energy). Those could damage your fine vintage battle rifle.--Joseph von Benedikt

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Title Annotation:Mail Room; reloading tips
Author:Condron, Robert S.
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Date:Sep 1, 2017
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