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Garage trellis leads you to the entry garden.

The L-shaped plan of many houses puts the garage closest to the street to keep the driveway short, but it also makes the garage the most dominant visual feature on the property.

This familiar situation confronted Chris and Randy Battat when they bought their ranch-style house. To create a more gracious entry that would diminish the presence of the garage, landscape architect William Derringer of Atherton, California, added a 9- by 26-foot trellis stretching from the driveway into the entry garden. The trellis extends from the garage to lead guests along a new exposed-aggregate walkway to the front door.

Overhead, two 4-by-8s support 2-by-6s on edge; these are topped by 1-by-2s that parallel the garage door. Posts are 4-by-4s wrapped with 2-by-4s. A pair of low gates and a simple fence run underneath, creating a border and more intimacy for the entry garden. At night, low-voltage lights recessed between the 2-by-6 joists discreetly illuminate the walkway. A wisteria vine is being trained to cover the length of the structure. On the street side, pine trees and star jasmine make a low-maintenance garden that further screens the inner court.
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Date:Oct 1, 1990
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