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Garage for living: there's room for storage, entertaining, and play.

Roy and Kathy Cerrito were determined to make the garage of their San Jose home accommodate gatherings for an expanding family (two sons, their wives, and four grandchildren) as well as cars. "We also wanted more storage and a place for the grandkids to play," Kathy says.


They put up drywall, installed proper lighting, and painted the walls and floor a light almond color. "The neutral backdrop makes it flexible. I can hold anything from a kid's birthday party to a nicer dinner there," she says. The Cerritos dropped the ceiling, allowing them to create attic storage for seasonal items and install can lights.

Designer Roberta Lasecke created distinct storage and utility zones. There is a prep kitchen and flower-arranging station along one wall, with a countertop, deep sink, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Tall cabinets for food storage and art supplies line the back wall. Art materials are on a low shelf so grandchildren can reach them easily. The third wall has a mix of cabinets for sports equipment, drawers for tools, and a countertop for projects.

DESIGN: Roberta Lasecke, California Closets, Campbell, CA ( or 408/378-2667)

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Designer Roberta Lasecke has the following tips for streamlining your garage.


* Keep the floor free of clutter and paint it. This makes the space easier to use and clean, and brighter.

* Hide what can't be moved. Water heaters and furnaces should be concealed by screens or closets but kept accessible.

* Match the item to the storage unit. Drawers are best for storing small things. Shorter or reinforced shelves are more practical for large, heavy items. Hang objects with sharp edges or that tend to get dirty--like garden tools or bikes--on the wall.

* Use adjustable shelves. Because stored items change, it's a bonus if you can increase or decrease shelf height to accommodate them. Deeper shelves--at least 24 inches--are generally better.

* Use dividers and containers. Keep cabinets and drawers neat with inserts. Cutlery trays can also be used for tools. Store loose items in clear plastic tubs.

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