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Games of Survival.

Games of Survival

Johnny Issaluk, author/games teacher

Inhabit Media Inc.

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9781927095218, $12.95,

"Games of Survival: Traditional Inuit Games for Elementary Students" (a photo illustrated Inuit survival games instruction manual) is an especially exciting Arctic Winter Games 'how to' guide for elementary students, demonstrated and explained by Games champion Johnny Issaluk, along with student demonstrators Johnassie Meeko, Isimaili Qayaq, Kassidy Klinger, Monica Meeko, and David Qayaq. A Foreword by Thomas Johnston, another Arctic Winter Games competitor, explains that these traditional Inuit survival games were developed prehistorically to help Inuit hunters develop strength, agility, and endurance so that they could hunt seal, caribou and walrus to feed their families and survive the harsh cold Arctic winters. Today Arctic Winter Games are held to help bring together Inuit athletes from Russia to Greenland. The games are divided into three types: agility games, strength games, and endurance games. Agility games helped to keep the body flexible and loose, surviving rough terrain. Some agility games are the one foot high kick, the Alaskan high kick, and the one arm reach. Strength games such as the arm pull, the back push, the hand pull, and the head pull helped to develop strength through pairs of competitors. The endurance games included the knuckle hop, running race, airplane, back push, and muskox push, and were to help increase and promote crucial survival health and abilities. Each game is demonstrated with an action color photograph of a performer or two or more against a white background. Coached by games champion Johnny Issaluk, the games are very inspiring, challenging, and convey a heritage treasury of cultural traditions as well as being fun, challenging, and healthy.

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Date:Jun 1, 2014
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