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Games: TEKKEN 4 PlayStation2.

TEKKEN 4 PlayStation2

JAPANESE programmers are fast running out of excuses to enter scantily-clad martial artists into unarmed combat tournaments.

But that hasn't stopped Namco from producingTekken 4, which has the most tenuous plot since someone tried to give Tetris a storyline.

Heihachi the big bad guy is trying to develop a new life form. To do it he needs the Devil Gene possessed by the son he killed a few years earlier.

Heihachi sends his soldiers to capture Kazuya, who turns out to be undead and lays waste to his stunned army. In a final effort to lure his son, Heihachi organises The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, hoping that Kazuya is tempted to compete. When Kazuya and 22 other competitors turn up, it's game on.

Tekken 4 isn't going to win any Baftas for its storyline, and its gameplay won't get many plaudits either.

Sure, it comes with innumerable special moves and a 3D viewpoint that lets you move across, into and out of the game's interactive environments - but so does every other beat-'em-up on the market.

This does have a mission mode that lets you move your character through thuginfested streets, but your opponents are puny and boredom soon sets in.

Tekken 4 is a perfectly average fighting game, but it does nothing to develop the genre. 7/10
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Oct 5, 2002
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