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Game recovery.

The Rack Jack from Viking Solutions ($159.99; is sure to be a blessing if you make a habit of hunting by yourself. The idea is a portable, hand-winch-powered lifting device that picks up your heavy game for processing and transport. Featuring a solid-steel, three-piece frame, the Rack Jack mounts to a standard, 2-inch trailer hitch or sets up free standing with an optional accessory ground stand ($74.99). Setup takes less than two minutes, and the Rack Jack can lift up to 390 pounds.

Outdoor Edge has presented you with everything you need from the time you have your animal on the ground until the time the butchering process is finished. And the best part--it comes in the same kit. The Outfitter Set ($136.95; comes complete with a gut-hook skinner, a caping knife, a folding boning knife, an axe, a wood/bone saw, a ribcage spreader and a sharpener in a nylon roll-pack organizer with individual sheaths. Dimensions are 11.5x6.5x2 inches, and the total weight is 3.5 pounds.

There's no worse feeling for a bowhunter than knowing an arrow has marginally struck an animal. Now the focus is on recovery, and how and when that will take place. The answer to that question, thanks to the Game Vector Recovery System from Iron Mountain Products ($399.99;, is simple. A miniature transmitter is housed in a small, light, aerodynamic module called the HideRider. It easily attaches to your arrow, and upon impact attaches itself to the animal's hide. From there, you simply use the compact receiver to track and locate your game from up to two miles away. Battery life is 48-72 hours after the shot. The HideRider can be reused and weighs just 65 grains. Check local game laws, as Game Vector is not legal in all states.


Every bowhunter knows the real work begins after the shot is made. Summit Treestands knows it, too--that's why it has introduced the multi-use Game Cart ($99.99; to make things go just a little bit smoother after your trophy goes down. The product, which has a surface area of 60x19 inches, has the power to remove a big-game animal up to 350 pounds from the thickest, nastiest places in the woods. Powder coated to withstand the abuse it's bound to take, the Game Cart also has a solid steel axel, 16-inch diameter wheels and three utility straps to secure your game, firewood or other items that need to be moved.


The Baracuta Bone Saw from Havalon ($64.99; is exactly what you'll need to cut through the bones of any size game. With a superb combination of durability and sharpness, the Bone Saw has an overall length of 10', inches. Additionally, the tool weighs in at only three ounces, has a thick but light Zytel handle in shock green or blaze orange and includes two replacement blades. Other features include black rubber inserts for top-notch grip, ambidextrous thumb studs, a removable pocket clip and a nylon holster.


Few companies in the hunting industry can challenge your will power more than Hi Mountain Seasonings. The company's newest game-processing blends--Spicy Beer Bratwurst and Garlic Pepper Bratwurst ($20.99; --add to a lineup that now includes more than 40 bratwurst flavors. The former is a blend of garlic, mustard, salt and four selected peppers for the perfect blend of heat and flavor. The latter blends garlic, pepper and other seasonings to provide a top-notch German sausage. Each kit can be used to process up to 24 pounds of meat and includes seasoning, cure, casings and instructions.


Koala Buck ($3,500; takes cooling, storing and aging your game animals to a whole new level. Collapsible for easy storage, the mobile cooler can be erected in just five minutes and measures four feet square and six and a half feet tall. That adds up to 105 cubic feet of cooling space--an area large enough to easily hold four deer. The 110-volt, 15-amp unit can run off your camp generator, and the temperature can be adjusted from 34-40 degrees.

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