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Game on giants in World War Glee; Your new technology update.

It's war in a worldwide video games battle worth more than pounds 10billion.

On one side there's electronic giant Sony with its runaway success, PlayStation, which is being churned out at the rate of 1.5million a month.

Then there is Nintendo and its 64-bit machine billed as the world's most advanced game console.

Stuck in the middle and getting squeezed out is Sega with its ageing Saturn machine, the first of the new "superconsoles".

For pounds 129 most people are taking Sony PlayStation which has had more than 850,000 sales in the UK.

There are more than 200 CD-based games available for it, costing between pounds 20 and pounds 40. These include best-selling titles like Tomb Raider, Micro Machines 3 and Alien Trilogy.

The Nintendo 64 is a whopping pounds 249 and there are only five cartridge games available in Britain, costing up to pounds 70 although they include the

breathtaking Super Mario 64, acclaimed the finest video game ever devised.

Nintendo are confident their superior technology will eventually win out and that they will overhaul sales of the PlayStation when more titles become available.

Bringing up the rear is the Sega Saturn, a 32-bit console like the PlayStation but inferior in terms of graphics. But it does have good games like Sega Rally, Manx TT and Fighting Vipers.

Here are five of the best games for each console:

PLAYSTATION: 1, Tomb Raider; 2, Tekken 2; 3, Resident Evil; 4, Crash Bandicoot; 5, WipeOut 2097.

NINTENDO 64: 1, Super Mario 64; 2, Pilotwings 64; 3, Star Wars: Shadows of The Empire; 4, FIFA 64; 5, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

SEGA SATURN: 1, Sega Rally; 2, Manx TT; 3, Virtua Fighter 2; 4, Dark Saviour; 5, Theme Park.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 27, 1997
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