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Game's worth pots of gold.

Title: Rainbow Six 3

Format: PS2

Publisher: UBISOFT

Price: u35.99

Rainbow is the name of author Tom Clancy's fictional counterterrorist unit, an UN-based special operations agency. A four-man team that would strike fear into any hard-nosed terrorist.

Armed with your choice of the world's deadliest firearms, you'll neutralise the enemy and rescue any hostages, then leave without a trace.

As the commanding officer, it's your job to tell your men what to do. Have them watch your back at the touch of a button, or aim at an area and hit another button to get them to move to that position.

Levels consist of a whole lot of exploration and you soon find yourself getting absorbed into your assigned mission.

Stealth is the name of the game, you can't jump, and you can't sprint.

You can crouch and move while crouched, which is often the best course of action, and an onscreen map of your surroundings reveals the direction from which you're taking fire.

To aid your missions you get night and thermal vision and your means of attack are limited to the primary and secondary weapons you choose to bring with you.

In single player mode campaigns, you play Ding Chavez, becoming involved in various plots with your crack team, such as tackling some South American terrorists or becoming involved in some political espionage.

The difficulty varies, as some of the enemies are crack shots while some will run headlong into certain death.

But with your team you can perform some impressive feats of tactical expertise, as well as a few embarrassing blunders!

When ordered to hold position, the team will logically cover the area from every angle, or can enter rooms while watching one another's back. Then again, when it takes their fancy, they can simply throw grenades down at their feet.

Rainbow Six isn't just about shooting enemies, it's about commanding a team and executing a plan.

Using an intuitive, context-sensitive squad command system, you issue orders to up to three other computer-controlled teammates. You just look at something and press the X button. Then your team will do what's natural, like open a door and clear the next room or defuse a lethal bomb.

Rainbow Six 3 offers some tense shooting action and is overall an exciting first-person shooting experience.

The look: 9/10

The feel: 10/10

Overall: 9.5/10
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Date:Apr 9, 2004
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