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Gambrinus Importing unveils marketing plans aimed at 1991.

Gambrinus Importing unveils marketing plans aimed at 1991

Gambrinus Importing Co., Inc., held its fourth annual sales and marketing meeting November 7-11 in Mazatlan, Mexico. The meetings involved brewers, importers, and distributors, as they discussed 1991 plans for Corona Extra and Corona Light, as well as other established products and new brands.

"Winners" was the theme of the meeting, which honored people responsible for the success of the brands handled by the company. Receiving special praise were Gambrinus' distributor network's employees and management.

Instead of the usual speeches, information was delivered in the form of a talk show, "What's Brewing?" Members of Gambrinus management were guests of the show, discussing issues such as the comeback of the Corona brand and the success of Corona Light.

"Corona Extra is a great asset to us all, and Corona Light has experienced unprecedented growth," said Carlos Alvarez, Gambrinus president.

Gambrinus announced plans to introduce Coronitas, a seven-oz. presentation of Corona Extra, in the majority of markets during 1991.

The stabilization of the Corona brand has allowed the importer to focus more attention on other brands. "Growing the business is our priority," Alvarez said, "the kind of growth that can be achieved with new brands and our expanding product line."

New brands in the Gambrinus portfolio are Pacifico Clara - a beer from Mazatlan which will be introduced in Gambrinus markets in 1991 - and Redback, which was introduced in California in early November.

"We bring distributors brands that are right for the market," Gambrinus marketing director Ron Christesson stressed, "and we give them the support necessary to ensure each brand's success - point-of-sale, promotions, rebate programs, incentives, to name a few."

PHOTO : GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS - During its annual sales and marketing meeting held in Mazatlan, Mexico, the Gambrinus Importing Co. discussed strategies for its entire brandportfolio in 1991.
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Title Annotation:Gambrinus Importing Company Inc. meeting
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 17, 1990
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