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Gambrinus Importing changes its name.

Gambrinus Importing Co., which opened its doors in 1986 to import Corona Extra and other beers from Grupo Modelo, has changed its name to The Gambrinus Co.

"We changed our name for simplicity," said Carlos Alvarez, president of Gambrinus, "but we also changed it to reflect more accurately the greater mission of our company.

"The Gambrinus Company is more than just another import operation," Alvarez continued. "We are, first and foremost, a marketing and sales company."

Alvarez added that Gambrinus is the last independent importer of major beer brands in the country, noting that all others are owned by either a large corporation or a foreign brewer.

"We are different and we do more, in part because we're small, streamlined and independent," Alvarez explained. "When we have an idea that's going to help one of our brands, we don't have to submit it to a committee for approval. Our distributors are also independent, and as a result, we are decisive, we move fast and we get things done."
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Title Annotation:Gambrinus Importing Company Inc.; Gambrinus Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 26, 1992
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