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Gambrinus' sales gain in third quarter.

Gambrinus' sales gain in third quarter

The Gambrinus Importing Co. announced a 10-percent increase in sales of products from the Modelo Brewing Group during the third quarter, "with sales of Corona Extra leading the way."

The importer noted third-quarter figures revealed that year-to-date depletions of Modelo brands are up 250,000 cases, or five percent, against the corresponding period in 1990. According to a Gambrinus spokesperson, the increase is significant for the Gambrinus flagship brand, Corona Extra, as well as for Corona Light. Together with its seven-ounce sibling, the importer noted, Corona Extra posted an four-percent increase through nine months.

"The 10-percent sales growth is largely due to Gambrinus Importing Company's strategic decision to absorb the tax increase which doubled the Federal Excise Tax last January," said Ron Christesson, director of marketing. "We made a bold statement by absorbing the F.E.T. Plus, we employed an aggressive marketing strategy and sales promotion program. Then we introduced Coronita Extra, all of which made a significant impact on sales."

"We're especially pleased with these results," added Carlos Alvarez, Gambrinus' president, "considering that this upswing comes when other import beers increased in price and the entire import segment experienced an overall decline of 10 percent."
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Title Annotation:Gambrinus Importing Company Inc.'s 10-percent beer sales increase
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 9, 1991
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